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  1. That is an awesome start to a very cool project. I had no idea Force ever raced a Vette.
  2. This is so amazing. All I can say is as a modeler " I am not worthy"
  3. I love it Tom. Reminds me of the vechicle Barney would have driven in Mayberry I love it Tom. Reminds me of the vechicle Barney would have driven in Mayberry
  4. I have thought this too but then my creative juices kick in and I realize knitting just isn't my thing. Thanks for sharing Ray and Justin
  5. I love the ranchero police vechicle. Thanks for sharing Tom. It would be fun to see it completed.
  6. Man do I ever appreciate this Forum. Awesome people, Awesome encouragement, awesome ideas, Thanks again to all who read this post and to those that took the time to reply.
  7. Art this is such an awesome project. I love Midgets. Did your brother go the Chilli bowl this year? I know his car appears to be set up for pavement, but I thought I would ask.
  8. I really like where you are going with this. Excellent start.
  9. Dan I am going Don Garlits museum next week. Do you have the photos you need? If not I am happy to take photos of any details you need.
  10. Thanks for all the encouragement and the helpful tips. Thanks again Bill Jason sadly it is runs in the decal. Bob I like you I continue to remind myself that is fun. Actually it is fun to plan and then attempt to execute. LOL
  11. Here is a couple pictures of my most recent project. I was really pleased with the progress. The paint looked good the decals looked good. Then I clear coated and the model was reuined. In a split second all the work I put into it down the the drain. One side looks great one side looks like a horror movie. Slixx recommend Testors clear coat and not Tamyia I used Testors but applied it too heavy. The hobby is humbling and it keeps my pride in check. Thankfully there are some absolutely amazingly generous people on this forum and one of them is sending a new set. So it is into the brake fluid the body goes. Learning is an up hill battle.
  12. Awesome idea. Was the tonue molded as pert of the body or is it removable? I will be following this build.
  13. Outstanding. Excellent choice of color combinations. Love the wheels on the coupe.
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