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  1. Ive recently jumped into the world of DE shaving and all things badger brush, soaps/creams, and razors/blades
  2. After seeing a couple of these builds pop up, I thought Id grab one and see how it worked out. I flocked the floor mats gray, and got the door panels painted a gloss gray. It was weird, when I tried to paint the door panels the gloss gray, there were certain areas that the paint would 'run away' from, on both pieces. This plastic also seems thicker. Whenever I try to file/sand something, it seems to chew through my material and paper. I decided to scrap the metal axle and kit wheels for something a little different I have since made sure the bed rails, hood inserts, and such fit, which everything does very well. The pictures make look a little unlevel, its only because part of my mat is warped
  3. splitter looks good. Im liking how that car is coming together
  4. grabbed the snap together raptor, a new scriber, deck brown, and a can of tamiya brilliant blue
  5. Couple of MM metalizers, 3 brushes, some tamiya clear yellow, and pack of tamiya PE saws
  6. I lived with a buddy in rockdale, across from west park for a few months Welcome
  7. i vote for stuffing the gt40 wheels and tires underneath that thing
  8. I really like the Copen. I think the decals take away from the retro-ish look of it. All of these look like great little cars with details well highlighted by you
  9. Crossed something off my bucket list.my wife, son, and I drove to Astoria Oregon today and went to the 'goonies' house. Ever since I could remember I wanted to go. It's a beautiful area with great food and beer. Really nice older downtown area with shops and such
  10. It's already been said, but I have to; amazing weathering and detail. Great job
  11. Got to hear a strong healthy heartbeat and overall good check up of our daughter (due June 29th)
  12. I went into a HobbyTown USA and they usually have a mark down table of kits to the likes or cars/bikes/military There was a Hasegawa Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex for about $22 after the 50% was taken off. I figure I dont care much for that particular car, but for the wheels/tires and to use everything else as more of a parts kit, didnt seem that bad to me. The edges had been retaped so I figured I was good. Drove the 40 minutes home, sit down and open it up...there is no body. There was actually no body for the car in the box. So somehow, someone bought the kit, returned it without the body (terrible idea to accept it, whoever the heck was working the counter that day), and then marked it down without any sort of a notification. I was irate. I called and told them about it and they said I could just return it. I told them I drove 40 minutes there and then 40 minutes back only to have it exchanged? After dealing with the manager, I told him Id give him a couple of bucks, just to have it as the parts it was, which he agreed and refunded me the rest as well as discounted another kit that wasnt on sale All in all it worked out, frustrating none-the-less. Moral of the story, read all description if purchasing online, and if purchasing an open kit in person, CHECK THE CONTENTS
  13. sure wish I wasnt deploying. Id love to be there. Seems Im leaving right as everything is about to start happening. Best of luck to those that go, and hope it turns out to be a great event
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