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  1. And some more progress I made the truck bed and it has been painted. Still needs more detailing.. So does the rest of the car. But it is coming along nicely. Added some gunk to the inside, still needs some paint Testfitting:
  2. Just read everything in this thread.. this is no mere modelwork, this is art! Just awesome!
  3. Some more progress I've been working on the truck bed. I've used some wood and T shaped styrene between the wood. I washed the wood with revell leather brown and after that i sanded it to make it look more worn out. The styrene has been painted aluminum.
  4. Thank you Rob! Thanks Johann, that is a great compliment! I am inventing as i go and take with me what i see over here. Nice to hear that my techniques (a combination of what i have seen here) give you food for thought.
  5. Did a little work today on the chassis of the car. Planning on working on the engine tomorrow and finishing up the chassis. Thanks for watching.
  6. And.. it's on its wheels! Still working on wheatering the front and engine hood, also on the chassis. Will upload some more photos when i have time. In the meanwhile, take a look at this:
  7. Thank you, i am happy with it too! Here are some new progress photos, finished the interior and did the weathering for the rest of the ford. I will post some photos of the interior soon. Thanks for watching.
  8. a little bit of progress.. I added some detail to the rust and dull coated the rest with some revell rust and a sponge. I darkened the rustmarks with some revell leatherbrown. Thanks for watching.
  9. Thanks Tom, Maskol is a kind of liquid putty, you can brush it on or use a sponge. I have some rust solution which i am trying out now. Mayby i'll use that Will try the baking soda though. Thanks for the tip! Cheers
  10. Hello everybody, After watching all those great models and tutorials on this forum, i wanted to try spraypainting instead of painting. So i bought a can of tamiya TS-1 red brown as a base colour and the tamiya TS-6 matt black as top colour. Furthermore i used maskol to create the effect of rust. This is the first time i worked with aerosol cans and maskol. But i am very happy with the result till now! Feedback and comments are very much welcome! The engine is painted by hand with revell lightblue and aluminium: And the body: I will update as i am going along, thanks for watching.
  11. Thanks Wagoneer! Thank you Dr. Cranky! Comming from you.. thanks! I will post the finished model in that thread, thanks for mentioning. Building up the rear I will take some new pics this weekend of the finished model!
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