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  1. daveparker added a post in a topic '67 Mecury Comet Cyclone GT   

    Thank you Doobie!
  2. daveparker added a post in a topic '67 Mecury Comet Cyclone GT   

    Still working on the Comet, almost finished really, but just last night I shot some clear on the body and I wanted to share the results. I have never used clear before, honestly this is my first try! I really like how it turned out, I think this car is going to look pretty good when I am finished, take a look!

    Haley by daveparker, on Flickr
  3. daveparker added a post in a topic THE TESLA CHARGE(R) (1968 Dodge Charger by Revell)   

    I know you have seen this already DC, I wanted to share with others here. This is the same kit, mine was a bomber I got on ebay. The engine was assembled but unpainted as well as the chassis. I froze it all and then broke it all back down and started over. Anyway, turned out ok, it's a great kit for sure!

  4. daveparker added a post in a topic '57 300C   

    I had to re-position the engine in the frame, it was crooked, and then I had to file down the exhaust manifolds to get them to fit. They are now painted and installed and the frame is attached to the floor pan. I also got the glass installed as well. Here are a couple of photos. I have a drive shaft that I created out of tubing that is ready to install and I have a set of wheels and tires that I finally decided on that are ready to install also. Hopefully I can get that done tonight and begin final assembly. This is my entry for the Autism Awareness Model Car Contest that is going on over on YouTube. I'm not normally a contest guy but I wanted to show my support for my friend J.C. Cline and other families touched by Autism.

    Here is the underside of the beast. Yes the floor pan is yellow and the frame is burgundy red. I can't explain the color choices, sorry! lol

    Another shot of the body. I removed the door handles and all the badging including the long side trim the extends all the way nack into the wing portion of the rear panels. I like a clean body and I can't stand BMF a problem I think I will need to overcome someday. (or so I'm told!)

    Thanks for looking and stuff, I'll post more pics as I get it up on wheels and get some chrome installed ect. Take care. -dp
  5. daveparker added a post in a topic '57 300C   

    Thanks guys! I'll get some more pics up later today. I am making some great progress on this dude and feeling pretty confident. I really appreciate the welcome and the comments, more later, promise!
  6. daveparker added a post in a topic Pro Touring 70 1/2 Camaro *First post here*   

    Awesome work man, those coil overs are sweet, it all looks really great, but I love the coilovers!
  7. daveparker added a post in a topic '57 300C   

    Ruben, my buddy from Lodi! Thanks man, it's finally coming together I think. I have a few hurdles to clear but I think I will make it in time for the contest thing. I have been lurking and reading here as well, so many talented builders and great cars, I really like this forum a lot so I had to just jump in and get involved. I heard there is some sort of model show in Stockton this weekend, is that the car show\swap thing at the fairgrounds? Have you heard of this?
  8. daveparker added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '57 300C
    My other work in progress is this '57 300C. I had this crazy idea that it would be cool to give it a modern muscle twist since I had this Viper motor lying around. Anyway I am just getting to the fitment stage of this build after spending a lot of time on body work and paint. The engine just squeezes in there and the only thing left is finishing a down pipe from the V10 headers to the 300C exhaust, well there's more I am sure! Also, I got a Photobucket so hopefully my posts will work better. Thanks for looking!

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  9. daveparker added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '67 Mecury Comet Cyclone GT
    I'm kinda new here and pretty new and modeling for that matter, but I thought I would just go ahead and share what's on my bench. I'm building this AMT '67 Comet Cyclone GT. I painted it satin midnight blue and it's been lowered a bit. Hope you like it, I would like to post more as I go, still finding my way around this forum, take care. -dp

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  10. daveparker added a post in a topic Building the Revell 1950 Oldsmobile - We're Finished! 10/30/12   

    Honestly, I'm color blind! I was really asking cause I wasn't sure. Such a cool color though, I just can't put a name to it...
  11. daveparker added a post in a topic Building the Revell 1950 Oldsmobile - We're Finished! 10/30/12   

    Thought you might enjoy this photo of a friend taken in 1956 of his '50 Olds. I really love the color of this car, would you say this is the sea green?

  12. daveparker added a post in a topic Building the Revell 1950 Oldsmobile - We're Finished! 10/30/12   

    I am enjoying this so much, the '50 Olds was such a cool car, this kit is high on my todo list, thanks for sharing, great work!
  13. daveparker added a post in a topic 67 Comet stoplight to stoplight car.   

    Enjoying this build! I am working on a '67 Cyclone GT at the moment myself, I should post some pics for fun, love that engine, good luck!
  14. daveparker added a post in a topic A Big Welcome to Dave Parker   

    Wow, crazy small world! Nice to know ya Mike, look forward to your posts for sure, thanks!
  15. daveparker added a post in a topic 62 Pontiac Catalina Mild Custom Finished   


    Pretty new here on MCM and I am just looking at this post which I am really interested in as I just got this kit. Anyway, just really wanted to thank you for sharing your work, it looks really nice man, I am blown away. Engines are my fav as well and I love what you did with this 421, really great stuff man! -dp