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  1. krow113 added a post in a topic Flintstone 1/25 Jade Grenada motorycle.. Done !   

    She is a tough one , just came up on your work. If I'd been sooner , I could have helped a little , first by warning you off the kit!
     It has a very nice panhead engine as all three of this manufacturers offerings. It is a struggle and m/c knowledge helps. I like choppers and bobbers so this one, heavy with body parts , looks slow sitting still!
     Dump the c/a and go with 5 minute epoxy. I added numerous parts that are not in the kit , bars,grips foot controls , springs and some chrome vinyl to help out. I also trimmed off the boattail fenders on the bottom for a smoother look, s/s tube replaced the w/m exhaust as well, cables and a hand clutch/shifter makes it a little more believable.
    I'm afraid I hafta say it looks real good in green:

    Worth the effort for an interesting m/c.
  2. krow113 added a post in a topic Anzac 1915   

    Nicely done.
  3. krow113 added a post in a topic Revell 1/48 B-17G   

    No just like all model contests the room was full of 45 and up types who can barely see.
    B-17 looks great!
  4. krow113 added a post in a topic Revell 1/48 B-17G   

    Clear plastic and paint no financial investment.  . Funny at the contest standing baclkand watching the doubletakes as peeps thought it was actually spinning!

  5. krow113 added a post in a topic Revell 1/48 B-17G   

    Prop blur alternative:

  6. krow113 added a post in a topic Revell 1964: 1/8 Scale Triumph Custom Show Bike : "Outsided" finished pictures 12/23/15   

    Wicked. And that's a tough kit too.
  7. krow113 added a post in a topic Revell 1964: 1/8 Triumph Custom Show Bike on the Workbench 11/20/15 : "Outside" finished pictures 12/23/15   

    No worries John. The kit suffers from some detail quirks. I love all these old kits though, we wouldn't have as many cool subjects without them. I cant remember any real probs , the forks are completely weird , but you will solve that prolly the same way I did, replicating the sheet metal covers done by the first customizers. I have over 500 pix of my piece , lemme know if ya need help, I'll be perched , watching.

    Reviewing my pix , I can offer one tip. The rear wheel is a 'sprung huib' , lacking in some detail. To deal with the hub centerline ,a section of an old Humbrol tin works splendidly. The front hub seam can be dealt with using easily available aluminum tubing.
    Good Luck!

  8. krow113 added a post in a topic Revell 1964: 1/8 Triumph Custom Show Bike on the Workbench 11/20/15 : "Outside" finished pictures 12/23/15   

    Fun kit to get through. I used HOK Ultra Mini flake to good effect on my example.

  9. krow113 added a post in a topic Don Granata`s KNUCKLEHEAD DRAG BIKE : On the Work Bench 9/30/15   

  10. krow113 added a post in a topic Resin Casting, First Attempt.   

    Always taking a chance putting silicone and plastic together when painting will be done. Not something I would recommend.
    You could use Parafilm between the two ,stretched tight over the emblems. Or a mould release agent , usually sprayed on. Try the film and press clay on the emblems, then use the clay form to cast your emblems. Many ways to get to the desired result.
    Yaya there is no pressing need to fully equip a casting scenario , 'push moulds' as described here will work for the single sided window cranks desired.
    I found that after some simple casting excursions I wanted more!
  11. krow113 added a post in a topic Resin Casting, First Attempt.   

    If ya look at the top of the pressure cooker , you will see a DeVilbis air valve. I found that after vacuuming the poured resin, I can open that and air rushing in creates the pressure needed to push resin into the mould. A benefit I found out by accident!
    Vacuum is a cool 'condition' , you would be surprised how much air will come out of a glass of water!
  12. krow113 added a post in a topic Resin Casting, First Attempt.   

    Parts are looking good!
    If you get more into the casting thing try and find a vacuum pump if possible.
    I used one from my neon manufacturing days to make this for our IPMS club's use. That and an old pressure cooker work great for small runs:

    This opens up the opportunity to upgrade the whole works , as it will allow the vacuuming of air from the mould silicone prior to pouring , the resin prior to pouring and the final pour in the mould as well. The window allows viewing the de-guassing of all the materials involved.
  13. krow113 added a post in a topic What non-auto model did you get today?   

    With the D/U set as well:

  14. krow113 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Motorcycle Category
    How would I lobby to see if a motorcycle category can be created on this forum?
    I would argue that some of the best bikes on the net are lumped in a "all the rest" category on this forum.
    I would also argue there is no forum I can find that I would like to put my m/c stuff on. The work here is excellent , I think that contributing is something I would like to do, just not in "all the rest".

    Hope this does not sound too pompous , its just that most m/c model forums are dominated by the sport bike genre and like in real life they dont get along with HD guys! Other forums have guys posing their dollys with the bikes and I dont play with dolls , I play with models.

    If this is possible I would immediately put my hillclimber build on the new category.
    This is an XR 750 based hillclimber but you get the idea:

    Thanks to the mods and forum members for their consideration on this matter.

    My contributions to this forum lately:
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  15. krow113 added a post in a topic Can we see some scratchbuilt things?   

    Later to this place.