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  1. Now it's an official Seven project! I really like the details in these small parts.
  2. Spotted sort of a unicorn on the road this afternoon, a bone stock second gen Mazda RX7 (FC) Turbo II that looked like it did when it was new. There wasn't even any oil smoke or apex seals coming from the tail pipes.
  3. Power is back on. The trucks rolled in to out neck of the woods just after 10am, and had power back on a little before 6pm.
  4. The biggest issue with Spectrum getting their stuff fixed is lack of gasoline. I shot this Wednesday afternoon at the Shell station at CR 486 and CR 491 in Lecanto. And this wasn't the longest line in the county.
  5. We made it through unscathed. One broken limb, and a couple shingles blown off. Power went out at 11pm, and is still out. Running on generator power for now. On the plus side, some have already had power restored today, and Crystal River didn't get the expected storm surge.
  6. I just realized there's something missing. Where's the big ruler? Still enjoy seeing these Seven projects come together!
  7. The heavy(ier) rains have started here (I'm just a few miles south of Crazy Jim), and were now just waiting for the storm to get up here. Jim wasn't kidding about the roads, US19 and US41 were bumper to bumper and sometimes a parking lot for the past three days. There's no gas here, and won't be til after the storm has passed. Got my generator running yesterday after cleaning six years of varnish out of the carburetor, and I have a good amount of fuel on hand. Flooding won't be an issue here, but it will be for Homossassa, Ozello, and Crystal River west of US19. There's a mandatory evacuation for everything west of US19, 1.5mi east of US19, and anyone in a mobile home. As of 6pm, the county commission and sheriff dept issued a curfew til 6am. Gonna be a long night.
  8. The rockers are wrong too. Revell added a molding similar to an SVO, but without the "spat" before the rear wheel arch.
  9. Yes, the roof is too low. There is a resin body with a corrected roof, and there was a whole thread on how it was done (fantastic work, btw). I built mine using the kit body shell. I thinned the ledges that the glass sits on to almost nothing, and I sanded away the frosted edges, and polished back to clear. I used a black sharpie to go around the edge of the glass, and with the remaining ledges painted black along the with the window trim on the body, it does help "lift" the roof a little bit.
  10. Turning a NASCAR T-Bird into that? Very cool, very nice work!
  11. If this were one of Jalopnik's "Nice Price or Crack Pipe" features, I'd vote CP, all day long.
  12. Because 'Murica! Nice job on that old kit!
  13. Those are really nice! Can you give a short rundown on the kits?
  14. I built an insert from some leftover resin stacks, and attached them to the underside of the body. Since its still a curbside, it enough to suggest there's an engine under there.
  15. I stripped mine and painted them silver. Its been at least a dozen years since I built it, and they are holding up really well.
  16. All US spec S30 cars had the SOHC engines (L24, L26, L28). The 2.0L DOHC was from the Skyline 2000GTR, and the JDM Z432 was the only version of the S30 that got that engine. Full disclosure: had a '75.5 280Z back in my two legged days, which had the fuel injected L28. Very fun car!
  17. Does the kit have an engine?
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