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  1. Fantastic build and video. Thanks for sharing. The 288 GTO is literally my favourite Ferrari. The EM version of this kit is probably my favourite model kit too.
  2. Just spotted your Cobra again on the MFH homepage.
  3. Well done on the award. Well deserved for such a stunning Cobra.
  4. Good start Martin. I always thought the Audis in I Robot were cool. Great idea with using ping pong balls. I never would have thought of that.
  5. An absolutely stunning job! In my opinion this is Tamiya at its very best. And you’ve really done the kit justice. I thought your DS21 was beautiful, but this is even better. Thanks for sharing your building techniques and paint details - very helpful.
  6. Nice work on smoothing out the body Martin. These old AMTs take some work, but I bet you’ll turn this in to a cracker. Nice work on the interior too. is this to be the first of a series of Gotham cars?
  7. Loving this fantastic build. These MFH kits are something else.
  8. Very clean build, and those intake stacks are the cherry on the cake. Great photography too.
  9. Such a cool custom. The Champagne Gold really suits the smooth shape.
  10. How good to see a GTO in this colour. A beautiful build.
  11. Lovely colour. Your Miura is coming along nicely. I usually start the polishing process at 3000 grit, but this can vary depending upon the paint finish your starting with.
  12. Fantastic work Jim. I like what you’ve done with the hood hinges and extra detail. I’ve never seen the full detail version of this kit, and it’s a treat to see it coming together. Chezoom is an icon of customising history. I remember when I first saw it in a copy of Hot Rod (not easy to find in the UK), in the early 90s. I was just blown away. looking forward to seeing this come together.
  13. Never knew this kit existed. Look forward to seeing your progress. What are you doing with the 2016 Camaro - just for display?
  14. Outstanding. Without doubt the best build of this kit I’ve seen. Love the attention to detail. Great photography too.
  15. Lovely looking Ferrari. Ive never seen a Revell Ferrari kit done so well. Grigio looks good.
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