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  1. beeRS added a post in a topic 68 Mustang Shelby GT-500 - 1/25 - AMT   

    Looks great in yellow/black.
  2. beeRS added a post in a topic 2015 Ford Mustang Revell SnapTite Kit   

    Great looking Mustang
  3. beeRS added a post in a topic Lamborghini miura   

    Very nice! I love the Miura.
  4. beeRS added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Kit source for a Chrysler 440 TNT engine?
    Can anyone recommend a kit source for a good Chrysler 1/25 scale 440 TNT engine. Preferably with a 727 auto.

    I need it for a 1969 Chrysler 300 resin kit that I've just bought.
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  5. beeRS added a post in a topic My 1956 Chrysler 300 Mild Custom(very mild)   

    What a beautiful Chrysler. You've done a stunning job there Eric.
  6. beeRS added a post in a topic 49 Merc   

    Wow - that's nice. Love the flames.
  7. beeRS added a post in a topic Cobra   

    Lovely Cobra Ken!

    Did you glue the roof down or is it removable?
  8. beeRS added a post in a topic My 32 Ford five window   

    Wow - That is one beautiful 32. I love it.
  9. beeRS added a post in a topic Some Italian exotics...   

    Great looking models and photography there Matt. What kit is the 250 SWB from?

    Thanks for sharing you photography set up. You don't say what your camera spec/lenses are? Just curious, as I have recently bought a new camera and I'm looking for the right type of lens for this kind of work.
  10. beeRS added a post in a topic 69 Nova SS   

    Awesome Nova. I especially love that interior.
  11. beeRS added a post in a topic 37 ford   

    An amazing job there Bruce. It could not have been easy to carry out a Roadster conversion on a '37, but you've done a fine job on it. The proportions look just right with the added rake and the big Pegasus wheels. Well done!
  12. beeRS added a post in a topic Decal Storage   

    I have always used seal bags for decals too as I think they kinda go 'off' after years of storage. I like the photo album idea purely for the ease of flicking through, but I wonder if there is a way of having them air sealed at the same time?

    I found with some of my decals that are 10+ years old they just won't come off the backing sheet - even when left soaking for ages. Is this what happens to them when they get old - or is this just my bad luck?
  13. beeRS added a post in a topic MPC [sorta] '69 GTO   

    A lovely build there Steve. It looks great.

    Just out of curiosity - why did you build a Judge from the MPC kit and not from a Monogram kit? Is it so that you can have it in 1/25 instead of Monogram's 1/24? I've always wanted one of these in 1/25 but I never though of doing this!
  14. beeRS added a post in a topic UPDATED 8/23 - 1968 Hemi Dart - Some Suspension Work   

    I love those Alclad coated parts. I definitely learned a few things reading this thread. Thanks for sharing your tips Cameron, and good luck with this project.
  15. beeRS added a post in a topic 56 NOMAD   

    Love this James. Great colour choice and a perfect slammed stance!

    How did you do the wheels? I see you say Revel Cali wheels, but you also say a set of Pegasus Supremes?