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  1. beeRS

    67 GTX

    This is beautiful. Very well done. Just out of curiosity, is this built with the hood permanantly glued in the up position? I've been thinking of doing that with some of my builds.
  2. Good weathering - very realistic. The addition of the B posts sets this '67 appart.
  3. This build is simply awesome! I'm loving the scratch building and the level of engineering being displayed. Truely inspirational.
  4. Two Panteras on the go at once! Is this one going to get the full detail treatment too, or just curbside?
  5. Thanks John. Sometimes, I feel my ambitions outweigh my abilities - so nothing gets finished! Thanks Martin. After removing the exhaust on this one, I vowed that if I ever come across another kit with moulded in exhausts, its going to be built curbside. The engine mounts were inspired by doing 1:1 stuff on cars. After building models for years with their over-simplified engine mounts, I realised that real engine mounts don't look anything like the kit ones! Thanks Craig. I know I did get some mock up shots done, before I mothballed this project. I got the exact wheel/tyre combo I liked and the stance was perfect. I've got to go find them in my disorganised photo files. Watch this space! Thanks Tom, I agree that some of the photo etched wipers look too flat, but then I've seen others that require folding and look amazing when painted. I've never tried bending photo etched parts and I believe there's a special tool to do this. On the other hand, the Thunderbolts wipers is a good idea. The exhaust system will represent a 'DIY build' as you might find on a 1:1 modified car. I like looking at Summit Racing's website and dreaming about all the after-market stuff I would fit if I were building a real '65 in my garage. Thanks Peter. Thanks Monty. Don't assume I'll be finished before you. This model is already nearly 7 years in the build! I was not aware of the headlamp rings, till I saw your post in another thread. I think AMT put them there to help locate the positioning of the lenses in the correct place, but they do look wrong. I'll be taking your advice and drilling them out. I'd also like to add some good looking 'bowls' behind the lenses, as I always think they make the finished headlamp look so much better.
  6. This is looking awesome! Black and gold really suits it.
  7. This is looking lovely in blue. Glad to hear your paint issue polished out in the end.
  8. The floor with exhaust removed is still a work in progress at this stage. There are a lot of scratches that will be ironed out later. A coat of primer helps to show them. A lot of different engine choices were considered. In the end its going to be the 428 from Revell's 70 Boss Mustang - at least the block will be. I like the idea of using a 1/24 scale engine in a 1/25 scale body. It just makes the engine look like a monster motor. The firewall detail is just roughed out at this stage. A lot more work need to go into this part. I hope folks like where this is going. Please let me know your thoughts.
  9. Here are some more pictures... Door handles are being removed, to be added back later after the body is painted. Because this is going to be a street racer, the trim and badges have been removed too. One of my pet hates with models is moulded in wipers. I've seen other builders make such a good job painting/foiling them, but when I do it, it always look wrong! I'll probably add some PE wipers, or separate kit ones from the parts box later. The kits grille and bumper are one-piece in the kit, but the 1:1 Galaxie has a separate body panel in-between them. I've separates the grille and bumper at the front, and and added the panel in at the front and the rear. I've also added a lip around the inside of the trunk opening.
  10. OMG. The tool bag is just a model by itself! The detail is truly amazing. I'm loving watching this come together.
  11. This has come together really well. I like the black/beige combo. Nice tip with the use of measuring tape for the straps. Finally, someone found a good use for a cracker gift! I need some Pininfarina badges too. I'm surprised no one offers these in the after market.
  12. beeRS

    '40 Ford Bobber

    This is so cool. I love it!
  13. Another lovely 1/43 from you. I've always fancied a 928 myself. Just a small observation about the headlights. I think they laid back when closed - like a Lamborghini Miura.
  14. Just beautiful! A lovely clean build, and the paintjob is perfect.
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