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  1. That looks so great in that blue. I see lots painted bright colours, but this makes a nice change. I built this in orange, but you have done a much better job than me.
  2. I love MFH stuff. Good work so far. What scale is this?
  3. The Beemax kit looks awesome. Thanks for sharing pics. Great work so far. Keep us posted.
  4. Great progress so far. Great idea with using different sheens of black on the interior. Its always good to see modeling techniques from other categories crossing over. I can't be sure, but from the photo I would have to agree that the steering wheel angle doesn't look quite right. Keep us posted of the progress.
  5. David, you done a fine job on what is a tricky resin bodyshell. Its a lot of work to get these to look as good as an injection moulded plastic part. I think you still would have had your work cut out if you opted for the Airtrax one from Finland. I suspect many of us have built models of our first 1:1 cars. I loved reading about your tuned 105E - reminds my 1500 Mk1 Cortina. Is the resin manufacturer of your model the same ones who make a narrow body Escort mk2?
  6. Fantastic work on this. What is the material you are using to sculpt the rear end?
  7. Fantastic work on this. What is the material you are using to sculpt the rear end?
  8. That paint job looks absolutely fantastic. Can't see any problems with the finish of the flocking.
  9. I've never seen one of these done as a street version. This looks superb. I would love a 1:1 one.
  10. This is utterly jaw dropping. I don't know much about 3d printing, but this must be the future of modeling? Is the finish on the engine shown as it comes from the printer, or has it had some clean up? The 3d prints I've seen before all have rough (stepped) surfaces. Any plans for a 1/8 scale one?
  11. Very nice work. Im surprised how low it looks straight out the box. Tamiya Silver really suits too.
  12. Love the subtle westhering. Is this box stock? If so, that Revell kit is really nice.
  13. Very nice indeed, and the quad carbs really set the engine apart. What colour and brand of paint is that gold? The metallic looks to be perfectly in scale.
  14. Thanks for sharing this one Geoff. Its been a while since I saw something that I REALLY want to put on my must-have list.
  15. Good start. I love that you are correcting the roofline. This is what has put me off this, otherwise very nice, kit. Good luck - will be watching.
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