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  1. Nice work with opening up the front grill. It makes all the difference.
  2. I’m loving this build. Fantastic fabrication skills. This going to be one awesome Impala!
  3. The level of detail is staggering. I could look at those pictures all day long. Very impressive. Well done Lars.
  4. Amazing scratch building skills. I never imagined wax molds or silicone tyres before - ingenious! What scale is this?
  5. Looks good, and a great way to use up a donor kit. I remember having a Caymen blue Ford Mondeo company car mid 90s. Lovely colour! Any of those wheel/tyre combos would work well on the ZR1.
  6. I didn’t think this one would interest me till I saw the detail shots released by Tamiya. The Senna is not my first choice of subject matter, but no doubt this will be superbly engineered and go together like a dream. For that reason, I’m in!
  7. Very nice indeed. It’s not a car I’d ever heard of. Great to see something new.
  8. Great to see you back at it Martin. What a project! This style of 33/34 Rod has been on my to-do list for 25+ years, but never got round to it. That IFS looks great. It looks very similar to a white metal one from a company called R&D (I think). Not sure if they’re still around? Your project looks great. I’ll be watching for sure.
  9. I’ve never really looked at these Hella kits. I’m surprised by the level of detail and good proportions in this scale. You’ve done a great job on both. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Great work so far. This my favourite type of build - something that represents a modified car as you my see in a 1:1 world. The kind of mods an everyday guy would do in a home workshop. It gives you free license to not worry too much about factory original colours. I guess in the 1:1 world most would use an LS engine, but the ZR1’s engine does looks the business! looking forward to seeing this one come together.
  11. Oh no! What a shame about the clear coat. Does brake fluid remove the filler used for fixing the sink marks as well?
  12. This is coming along nicely. I didn’t know Tamiya had added extra to the re-issue. I’m going to have to pick one of these up now.
  13. Lovely paint job. It looks so glossy. I see you used a Stella Artois can as a paint stand. Do you recommend drinking the contents before or after painting? 😁
  14. What a fantastic job so far! I’ve contemplated building this kit several times, but keep putting it back on the shelf due to all the shortcomings of the kit. It’s great to see someone tackle all these issues. This is coming together beautifully.
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