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  1. This is one I missed. Simply stunning. Fantastic job Dann.
  2. Great job. Fantastic painting techniques.
  3. The casting quality of this Alpha kit looks really good. I’m looking forward to seeing this come together.
  4. This is looking great. The red is beautiful.
  5. Loving this build. The 68 is one of my all time favourite cars. The side marker lights are just genius and the yellow is striking. Keep up the good work.
  6. A very impressive kit, and you’re doing a great job on it.
  7. I love it. Insane!
  8. Superb job. It takes skill to get paint finish like that.
  9. Great to see a build of this era. The 90s is when I first got into street rods. I used to think smoothed our bodies and billet parts was the way it would always be, and that traditional rods were dead for ever! How times change. Back then, to find a copy of Street Rodder in the UK was not easy. When I did, I’d go straight to the modellers corner. Thanks for sharing this build. It captures the era perfectly.
  10. Revell have made a wonderful kit here, and you’ve done an exceptional job on it. I enjoyed watching the WIP of this. The finished model really captures the look and feel of the 1:1 car. It’s like you took a real car and shrunk it down to 1/24. Well done! Especially on that choice of colour.
  11. Looks fantastic. That stainless steel body looks very realistic.
  12. Great to see this back on the bench. Good work so far.
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