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  1. Simply stunning! Just the right amount of weathering too.
  2. I followed your build thread. A lot of work went into this, and it all paid off in the end. It's stunning!
  3. Both are beautiful builds. The Lauder 312T is my favourite - looks like you did the full detail treatment on that one.
  4. Stunning build. Thanks for listing all the 'ingredients '!
  5. What a cool idea with the engraving. Love it!
  6. Nice work. Those Corvette seats will look a thousand times better.
  7. That is sitting just perfect now Geoff. You're nearly there now. I love this part of a build - when you can almost see the finished article in sight.
  8. I really like what you've done here. The aggressive stance looks great.
  9. Good work Steve. The Anglia is iconic in the UK. I passed a 1:1 one on the motorway yesterday, and thought it looks great except the rear is too narrow. Your idea of fitting 37 rear fenders is brilliant. They look so right on the Anglia. I think the headlight down low look cool too. Thanks for sharing your WIP.
  10. Great fabrication work. I love this build.
  11. beeRS


    Paint is simply amazing!
  12. The semi gloss clear coat suits the carbon body perfectly. Good job!
  13. Fantastic scratch building and attention to detail.
  14. Great work. There's nothing better than having the 1:1 article parked outside for reference.
  15. Fantastic work . Fantastic colour. Fantastic photography. We all learn so much from your builds. Thanks for sharing your techniques Alex.
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