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  1. Brilliant concept - combining these two kits. I love the Singer stuff, so I'll be watching with interest.
  2. Very nice indeed. The ride height looks perfect to me.
  3. Absolutely stunning. I think Hasagawa really got the proportions of the XJS dead right. The ride height is perfectly correct too.
  4. beeRS

    Porsche 928

    The Revell 928 was amongst the first models I ever built. Mine was moulded silver and I left it unpainted too. You've done a much better job than I did. Better with those wheels too.
  5. Well done of finishing another fine Tamiya. Your model collection and displays are truely enviable.
  6. You have a magic touch with foil work. This is coming together beatifully.
  7. Welcome back to the hobby. That's a great kit to get back into it with. Good work so far. Brush paint, and rattle can for the body is the way I've built many, many models, and as you're showing, you can get really good results.
  8. Very nice. It looks nearly finished. The one kit of this I did have, had such a good metalic blue plastic finish, that it could have been built without painting.
  9. It just keeps getting more adventurous! This is really imaginative work. Its like a transformer.
  10. I got sidetracked with work (why do we have to go to work!), so the 2002 has been a little ignored lately. However, I'm determined to get this one finished, so small steps forward... Body has been polished with Novus 2, then Novus 1. I'm going to do a final polish/wax at the last stage after everything is assembled. I couldn't resist a quick mock-up to check the stance. Its good that the ride height is correct (according to my reference pics), straight from the box. All four wheels sit squarely too - I don't always get this straight out of the box, but with the likes of Tamiya and Hasagawa you don't have to worry too much. Underside is complete. I might try a little weathering here. Interestingly, the joint in the transmission shaft that I took the time to fill/sand and re-paint gets covered up with the rear suspension sub-frame, so I needn't have bothered! Interior is completed. It doesn't show well enough in these pics, but you might just be able to see the scratch built arm rests front and rear, and the silver door trim strips. I'm trying two different masking methods here. On the front screen, I've masked using Tamiya tape. On the rear, I've used bare metal foil as masking. I want to see which gives me the most crisp edge. We'll see... Thanks for watching. Comments, tips and criticisms are always welcome.
  11. Thanks! You got to finish yours. I'd love to see one in peal white. Thanks Alex. Yes - I do like a lot of Hasegawa stuff. Its great to see they kitted a classic like this BMW, rather than go for the newer super-car stuff. Hopefully more subjects like this will appear. Thanks. Its not 100% saved, but good enough for this project. I can see where the flaws are, but it doesn't show so much in the photos. Thanks Dann.
  12. Beautiful job on the polishing the body. Masking and spraying the black trim is probably my least favourite job.
  13. This is coming along beautifully. I love the Gulf colours.
  14. Nice work on the chassis and interior. Its surprising that Hasegawa skimped on detail of the transmission, when the V12 is so good. I've never seen tyres deteriorate so badly.
  15. This is an impressive kit, and you've made a good start. The carbon fibre work is very nice. What brand of decal are you using?
  16. This is not a kit I've ever seen before. I'd be so tempted to modify/detail it, but I appreciate that this has to be box-stock. Good work so far. That yellow looks flawless straight out of the airbrush. Just curious - why do you decant the Tamiya paint? Is the colour not available from the new Lacquer range in jars?
  17. That is gorgeous. Love the candy paint job.
  18. Nice clean build. Looks gorgeous.
  19. Amazing way to build, and a beautiful job on the Delage. I hope this represents the future of our hobby. It opens the door to creating so many more subjects in scale. Is this scanning technology capable of scanning a 1:1 car?
  20. This is a rare kit to find now. You done a great job, and those wheels really suit it.
  21. Good roof chop. The lines flow very well. Clever paint too.
  22. Tres Bon! This looks really impressive. The blue suits the Citroen shape very well. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of these built.
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