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  1. Very nice start Dann. If your Pagani was anything to go by, then this is sure to be another stunner. I'll be watching with interest. Are you going to do carbon decals on this one?
  2. Very nice! I don't think I have ever seen an F body built so well. I really like the part filled screen wash tank.
  3. Very nice Vette! Taillights look fine to me.
  4. Lovely job. I think the blue really suits it. Good job on recycling the old parts from your road version. I wish I knew people who were just about to throw old kits out - especially when its a nice Tamiya one like this! Good concept about the hi-po road car. Not that far fetched, as I'm sure Audi built road homologation ones for the short wheel-base group B cars.
  5. beeRS

    1958 Edsel Pacer

    Oustanding clean build. Really good to see BMF chrome applied so well. That's not easy.
  6. beeRS


    Just checked it out. Yes - the AMT hardtop is very different. I was one of those Escort boy-racers at Thurrock. My friends didn't really understand the American cars scene, but I loved them, even back then.
  7. Looks stunning in black!
  8. Very nice. Good to see one thats not the usual silver.
  9. beeRS


    Wow - I remeber Gladys. I had that issue of Street Machine at a time when I was still an impressionable teenager. I'd buy the mag on release day and read every inch from cover to cover. I once saw Gladys pass my Escort on the M25 as we were both going to the Lakeside car meet. Would have been around 1990. Shame to see what has become of it now. You done a great job on this, and the conversion must have been a lot of work. Would it have been easier to start with the AMT kit? IIRC it has the correct side trim.
  10. beeRS

    Ferrari FXX-K

    All three are stunning.
  11. Great use of weathering techniques. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Very nice! Gold and black always looks good, but even better on this 911.
  13. This came out stunning. The colour really suits the Jag shape. This is a wonderful kit - I must get round to building one some day. I can only dream it turns out as nice as yours.
  14. This is STUNNING! The more I look, the more I see. Great work on every level. How did you do those stripes? Is it paint or decal?
  15. Very nice clean build.
  16. Well done. Looks fantastic. Great photography too.
  17. Wow Chris. I love MFH kits. You've made a good start there. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I'll be following.
  18. That paintwork looks truly amazing. Is that Innocent Mica from Zero paints?
  19. I'm loving this paint job!
  20. Sunfire Red looks ace, as does that foilwork. This going to be real special!
  21. So far, so good! I've resisted the temptation to cut the hood open and install Fujimi's BMW straight 6 (yes - I really did think about that), and the temptation to over detail. Just sticking to basics, I've made some good progress. The body was shot straight from a Tamiya TS9 can. This is the first time I have ever used Tamiya sprays and I am very impressed. I've done the entire floor pan the same as the body, but sprayed the final coat from a distance of about 2 feet, to give a slight textured finish. After the paint was left to cure for a few days, I proceeded with 3200 grade, 6000 grade, and 8000 grade Micro polishing cloths. Then, at the final stage I broke through the top coat and tiny flecks of grey primer began to show on the roof. Oh joy! So, another coat of TS-9 went on. This was only a thin coat, and surprisingly this came out super smooth. Maybe the fine sanding prior to the top coat just meant the paint flowed to a great finish. Maybe it was just because we had such an unusually warm day here in the UK. At any rate, I'm not going to bother with the polishing cloths this time, and will just polish with a compound. Fuel tank is masked off and airbrushed in Zero paint's 'Steel'. The area around the engine should really be a gap. This is just one of those shortcomings you have to deal with when it comes to a 'curbide' sometimes. What this really calls for is Vanta-black. If anyone ever introduces this paint to the model world it would be great. If you don't know what Vant-black is, just google it. It's the closest thing in the real world to Wile E Coyote painting a tunnel on the side of a rock. I don't have Vanta-black, so this is Tamiya's flat black laquer. One more round of masking and the sump is airbrushed in the same 'Steel' as the fuel tank.
  22. Well done Alex. This looks superb - as I have now come to expect from you!
  23. As BA said to Hannibal "He's on the JAZZ again!" Wow - this is a wild one Martin. The older I get the tamer, my projects become, but it seems yours just get wilder. Good luck with this one. I'll enjoy watching this plan come together.
  24. Hi Martin! Yes - I think a darker primer would work well. The Zero paints primer is a very light grey. Starting again will give me the chance to maybe use a different colour altogether. Now I only have the white and red decal options left, so gold may not work. I'm thinking of saving the gold on my '65 Galaxie project now. Thanks! Nice idea with the masking tape. I'm going to remember that one for the future.
  25. Paint looks perfect!
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