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  1. Before or after the tunnel?
  2. Built back in 1997, took a bit of work to get the hood/nose right. But made a really nice looking model.
  3. We should have done /reddit style and had a banana for size comparison! ha! Nice work!
  4. Finished with intake update, interior refresh and a few other things that needed attention. Yes, the blower is from a modern Hemi, but it still looks good. Molotow Chrome paint was used on the blower ribs to highlight them. WIP pics show the updates to the interior, which included XJ-220 seats, '69 charger door handles and arm rests, as well as the center console. I would have gone pistol grip shifter, but as Murphy's law would have it, only AFTER I reinstalled the interior did I find it! New exhaust and some touch up on the bottom. I also ground out the taillights and added parts bin pieces to make them look more three-dimensional, as well as yellow turn signals and all three lights being actual lights. Now I can only hope I don't see something else I like and tear it apart again next year! WIP
  5. Really nice work! I built the Corvette about 20 years ago. The Vette is almost exactly like the parts count for the 25th scale one, but some parts are photo-etch. Great little builds!
  6. Al Bundy would be proud! Nice work!
  7. She's sitting on her roof now, waiting for glue to take on new exhaust tips. Tomorrow, Under Glass, and I HOPE for the last time! Thanks all!
  8. I picked this one up last year and built it. Nice body, but the tires simply do not go with it. Would have been nice to have an engine too. Very basic kit.
  9. My California Street Vette, completed in 2000 and my 1969 Super Bee, first finished in 1997 and now getting interior and engine updates.
  10. Bills72sj, that is a super nice looking job! Now that I'm looking, I may have to pull the bumble bee stripe and redo it. Back to Ebay!
  11. if you are working on this now, shouldn't it be in WIP, not Under glass?
  12. Ordinarily, I wouldn't either. But this car has become my "Project X". I've changed wheels and tires more than a few times and after the last change I decided it was time to break it apart and do some needed fixed and updates. 24 years sitting on the shelf, although it sounds benign, actually does wear down a model car!
  13. Okay, forgot to take any pics of the interior before tearing it apart. Picture too shiny black on the seats and doors and really poor detail on the door cards. Suffice to say, new seats and color make the interior much nicer.
  14. I have been working on this project, just not as much free time as I'd like. I cut up the door cards from the '69 Charger and used the armrest/door handles and map pockets. Seats come from an XJ220 and I opened the shoulder area vents to run seat belts through. I'll mask off the floor to keep it black and go with a peanut butter color for most of the interior. I was not happy with the bumpers or taillights, so I got new ones. I opened up the taillights and put lenses in from my scrap bin.
  15. That's what it's supposed to look like. Think the cheap belts and handbags girls can get at the store. It will look different based on the base color. I used gloss black, but silver would give an interesting effect also.
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