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  1. carl63_99 added a post in a topic General Lee   

    Looks really nice, especially the slight weathering. Hope this thread doesn't get banned for the flag on the roof!
  2. carl63_99 added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Corvair.   

    Looks good! Makes me want to finish mine!
  3. carl63_99 added a post in a topic 1:12 Entex Lamborghini Countach completed finally!   

    That looks sweeeeeeet! I built large scale, did that Otaki Countach back in the 80's. They're neat, great to detail, but take up so much room so fast!
  4. carl63_99 added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Corvair   

    Looking forward to watching this build. I don't have time to work on my models these days, but here's mine in progress. I've got six single-barrel carb setup, redone belt and pulley's and late Camaro rims set up in addition to drilled out headlights and shaved handles. Mild custom.


  5. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Post you flame paint jobs!   

    Not a great pic, from my cell phone. This Mustang started as just a practice session in using flame templates, but came out so good I had to build the car around it.

  6. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Airfix Maserati Boomerang   

    WOW! Very nice work on a subject you don't see every day! Think about driving that around Texas on a hot August afternoon!
  7. carl63_99 added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    Looks nice. What is that yellow rear sway bar going to mount to?
  8. carl63_99 added a post in a topic 1969 SuperBee   

    Love the subject, nice clean work! Only one question, is that thread for spark plug wires? If you can't find a hobby shop that has some, try old electronics, ie a mouse. The wire inside the cord is just about right for 7mm spark plug wire, very flexible, and the outer part can be heater hoses.

    Again, great work!

  9. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Chevy Nova "Beverly Hills Cop" Revell 1/25   

    Nice build! My first car was a beat-up POS yellow Nova, always loved those cars. For fun, you should bend the antenna back, though.
  10. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Here's a bunch of MPC kits that really turned me off   

    I think some of those kits are very good in their base-kit form. this is my 1969 Jeepster, essentially the same kit as that jeep, just with safari parts instead of the go-fast stuff.

  11. carl63_99 added a post in a topic van window ideas?   

    How about the "M" Mopar logo on each side?
  12. carl63_99 added a post in a topic 2nd WIP - 71 Daytona - Completed   

    Nice subject, looking forward to seeing how this comes out. I built the 71 superbird from the old MPC body and the AMT 71 Charger chassis and engine. Cutting out the inner fenders from the Charger allowed me to fully detail the engine on the kit bash. I don't remember where I got the 5 slots from.

  13. carl63_99 added a post in a topic 2012 Nissan GTR R35 w/engine   

    Nice work! Mine is the Tamiya kit, which I chose not to add any PE stuff or CF decals. Not liking the colors available from the factory, I picked this Lexus color. I'll look forward to following this thread.


  14. carl63_99 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Nissan GT-R
    Completed this Tamiya kit just in time for the Austin Show, which is next weekend. Again, automotive paints, Lexus blue for the body, metallic black for the bottom trim, same black mixed with silver for the rims. Box stock aside from front grills using aluminum screen.

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  15. carl63_99 added a post in a topic ---> MPC's 1971 Road Runner   

    I also built the original 71 MPC kit, using the new 72 Charger chassis. They went together very smootly and made for a very nice kit. Honestly, I wouldn't buy a repop of any old kit. I'd buy the parts or original issue when they come up and kitbash them with something new to make a more detailed product.