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  1. 79 Camaro Z28

    Nice clean build. Tail lights are switched, making them upside down.
  2. Aoshima Aventador SV

    I like how it's looking. Currently working on the LP700-4 Roadster. I didn't like the way all the vents looked on the front and rear, so I am replacing them with railroad modeling screen that I get from my LHS. Following this while I work on mine. My progress is slow so I tend to not do build threads much.
  3. Tamiya Porsche Carrera GT

    Too bad, as nice and the paint and polish look, you can see the mold line going right down the fender peaks over the whole length of the car.
  4. Tamiya Porsche Carrera GT

    So you didn't paint the body, you just polished it?
  5. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    JUST found this. I had a factory stock '77 Cutlass. Have to think about getting this and converting it over...
  6. Fully detailed Pagani Huayra...update

    As I just picked one up last week at the San Antonio show, will have to watch this thread closely, learn from your mistakes! ;-)
  7. 1968 camaro the golden gorilla

    Nice, but isn't that a 1969 Camaro?
  8. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    Digging through my archives, found this one.
  9. Monster Miata MX-5.0L

    I remember when the Monster Miata came out, 1:1 scale. They smoked the tires like crazy. It'll be interesting to watch this build.
  10. Revell Ferrari California

    Very nice build. Paint looks so smooth.
  11. Looks nice, good color; and it's not red! Idea for plate, think about it, "RRRR EE"
  12. Revell LaFerrari

    At 99% complete, I present my LaFerrari from Revell. Throughout the build the paint gave me trouble, tearing off in sheets once prompted a respray; then spots which left me a bunch of touchup. I used decanted auto paint, as I have several times before, not sure what went wrong. The model went together nicely on multiple test fits, from bare plastic, to a test a few hours before the final assembly and all went fine. Final assembly did NOT go easy though. I still have a few places that need to be tacked down. On the plus side, I love using railroad screen, stuff looks much better than the clear pieces and decals provided. I bare-metal foiled the "Ferrari" scripts on the intake, but you can barely see them with the engine tucked under there. But, hey, I now have all the Ferrari supercars from the 288 GTO through this one. With my builds I usually set them aside a few weeks, then go back and fix all those things that a clear mind can see. Enjoy!
  13. Post pics of your fave paint jobs!

    I won a Lincoln Mint '69 Daytona in a raffle at the San Antonio Modelfiesta. No interest in building a diecast, but the 5-spokes and white-letter tires were awesome. So, I decided it was time to update the shoes on my '69 Super Bee. After that, I opted to upgrade the exhaust with polished aluminum and give it a nice waxing. Still looks nice for being painted 20 years ago.
  14. I was asked to build a model of the Plymouth Savoy that famed Texas Representative and Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn drove in the late 50's. I had a great time with this 1/32nd scale diecast rebuild. I had to strip the car, cut the doors down to make it look like a two-door, hand-fab a v-8 from putty and repaint it in nail polish. I put it in a nice display case as a finishing touch. It was really great working with the Historical Commission. Even though they weren't model builders, they really appreciated the amount of work that went into this replica. The pics are the real 1:1 car, the signature models diecast I used to build the car, the interior after repaint and BMF and a couple views of the finished car.
  15. Revell '83 Hurst/Olds Cutlass

    Nice to see that with everyone wanting that kit, someone got one finished. My paint job went bad, so mine is back in bare plastic. Good work!