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  1. carl63_99 added a topic in Under Glass   

    69 Corvair mildly customized
    I do not get the time to build anymore.  I could spend a lot more time making things perfect, or I could just enjoy it and build something I like.  Even keeping it simple,  I think this Corvair took me over a year.  Enough of that, let me tell you what I did.  The chrome headlights were drilled out and replaced with clear ones.  I smoothed the door handles. I used my favorite trick, railroad fencing screen for the hood vents.  Inside the engine bay I upgraded to 12 volt system, six single barrel carbs, custom built the air filters, spark plug wires, power lines and battery cables. Exhaust manifolds are cut down Viper V-10 units.  Paint is some nail polish, got that so long ago i simply don't remember where.

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  2. carl63_99 added a post in a topic How about them Cowboys, cars that is......   

    I admire your grandson's work!  That will turn out to be an interesting model.  I do question an adult doing that to a $30K 1:1 car in the name of spectator sports.
  3. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Monster Energy Trophy Truck   

    Looks interesting.  Shouldn't this be in the truck section though?
  4. carl63_99 added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

    I've got several pics of my California Street Vette, picking one is a challenge!

  5. carl63_99 added a post in a topic General Lee   

    Looks really nice, especially the slight weathering. Hope this thread doesn't get banned for the flag on the roof!
  6. carl63_99 added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Corvair.   

    Looks good! Makes me want to finish mine!
  7. carl63_99 added a post in a topic 1:12 Entex Lamborghini Countach completed finally!   

    That looks sweeeeeeet! I built large scale, did that Otaki Countach back in the 80's. They're neat, great to detail, but take up so much room so fast!
  8. carl63_99 added a post in a topic AMT 1969 Corvair   

    Looking forward to watching this build. I don't have time to work on my models these days, but here's mine in progress. I've got six single-barrel carb setup, redone belt and pulley's and late Camaro rims set up in addition to drilled out headlights and shaved handles. Mild custom.


  9. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Post you flame paint jobs!   

    Not a great pic, from my cell phone. This Mustang started as just a practice session in using flame templates, but came out so good I had to build the car around it.

  10. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Airfix Maserati Boomerang   

    WOW! Very nice work on a subject you don't see every day! Think about driving that around Texas on a hot August afternoon!
  11. carl63_99 added a post in a topic ’73 Camaro   

    Looks nice. What is that yellow rear sway bar going to mount to?
  12. carl63_99 added a post in a topic 1969 SuperBee   

    Love the subject, nice clean work! Only one question, is that thread for spark plug wires? If you can't find a hobby shop that has some, try old electronics, ie a mouse. The wire inside the cord is just about right for 7mm spark plug wire, very flexible, and the outer part can be heater hoses.

    Again, great work!

  13. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Chevy Nova "Beverly Hills Cop" Revell 1/25   

    Nice build! My first car was a beat-up POS yellow Nova, always loved those cars. For fun, you should bend the antenna back, though.
  14. carl63_99 added a post in a topic Here's a bunch of MPC kits that really turned me off   

    I think some of those kits are very good in their base-kit form. this is my 1969 Jeepster, essentially the same kit as that jeep, just with safari parts instead of the go-fast stuff.

  15. carl63_99 added a post in a topic van window ideas?   

    How about the "M" Mopar logo on each side?