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  1. KiethBlackLion added a post in a topic 2013 Virginia Shoot-Out Region 2 in Roanoke, Va   

    Just received notice that the dates for the 2013 Region 2 Shoot-Out has changed. It will no longer be held on the weekend of October 4th; it has been moved to the weekend of October 18th. This is due to another convention that the civic center had scheduled.
  2. KiethBlackLion added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    2013 Virginia Shoot-Out Region 2 in Roanoke, Va
    I appologize if this has been posted before, but incase it hasn't, the Roanoke Valley Chapter of IPMS will be hosting the 2013 Virginia Shoot-Out Regions at the Roanoke Civic Center on October 4th and 5th. The Region 2 Shoot-Out will be held in the Civic Center's "Special Events Center"; that means an additional 22,000 sq ft compared to the yearly MDA Car Show Contests (held in May) and the yearly Virginia Shoot-Outs (held around July).

    As a member of the Roanoke Valley IPMS I'd like to extend an invitation for all modelers to come to the Region 2 next year. The yearly shoot-outs are wonderful and the regional should be even better. Also, if there are any vendors on here that are interested in setting up shop at the regional, please message me and I will put you into contact with the appropriate RVIPMS member. We're hoping to have a great turnout next year, so get your models ready!
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  3. KiethBlackLion added a post in a topic I want to see your U.S.S Enterprises NCC-1701A   

    I've got an Enterprise at home (I'm at work right now) but I'm not sure if it's the Refit from the original movie or if it's the "A". Infact, the model is in pieces, it belonged to my mother and she kept it boxed up and it eventually broke apart. I have it on my restore list. I will post pics either tonight or tomorrow and hopefully some of you may be able to identify which Enterprise it is as well as which kit it came from.

    I also have the space station K-7, a romulan war bird and a klingon bird of prey that belonged to my mother that I am working to restore as well. Thankfully, polar lights has reissued these kits so it's a bit easier to fix them.

  4. KiethBlackLion added a post in a topic Greetings from a new member   

    Thanks. Properly, it is spelled "Keith", but "Kieth" is more unique and thus sets me apart from others
  5. KiethBlackLion added a topic in General   

    Greetings from a new member
    Hello everyone, my real name is Joshua but I go by KiethBlackLion ("KBL" for short) online. I'm fairly new to the modeling world and came to this site thanks to my father-in-law (some of you may know him as MaddTrucker on here). I'm mostly a Gundam modeler with some other sci-fi thrown in (mostly Star Wars with some Star Trek). I recently joined the Roanoke Valley Chapter of the Internation Plastic Modelers Society, which I created a nice display for their Titanic themed model contest back in July. I'm a bit of a history nut and I have a passion for writing.

    I joined this site in hopes of gaining more knowledge of modeling and learning a few tips and tricks that may convert over to some of my other craft hobbies as well. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all.
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