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  1. The kit I need them for a 1:25 scale
  2. Looking for a set of headers from any nascar or “ stock car” kit
  3. I’m in search of either of these sheets..
  4. Wheels came in today.. gonna paint them an off white, they should look nice with weathered paint on the van..
  5. I knew they were great for vinyl cutting for stickers or cutting stencils but I’ve come to realized that it’s a “tool” with endless possibilities.. I take a blue print or side and top views of what I want, figure out the 1:1 scale measurements and scale those down to 1:25 scale in an app on my phone and click make it. It won’t cut completely through the plastic but it will score it so the piece can be popped out with little clean up… I’m building a chassis now for this kit and we’ll see where that takes me..
  6. Added a little more trim/body lines to the side and tossed in a bomber seat I made years ago and put wheel tubs in the back.. thinking of going with a weathered paint job with bigger style wheels
  7. Started adding the outside details.. just have to figure out a chassis and motor wise what I’m going to do.
  8. Floor and start of the dash is in.. this thing has been so much fun, everything is going together like a puzzle.
  9. This is just coming together so easy. Back floor is in and the beginnings of the front are starting..
  10. Oh yeah just some curves but mostly a lot of straight angles.
  11. So it all started with me seeing a mail truck and using a cricut cutting machine to cut the side outline into some plastic sheet.. once done I realized it was gonna be pretty difficult with what I had but while looking through photos of mail trucks I came across pictures of the studebaker zip van and thought they looked pretty cool.. back to the cricut machine and I cut the outline to the zip van out.. this one’s gonna be ALOT more fun to build and less of a headache.. Anyone wondering I use for sale signs and plastic sheets and just stack it if I need thicker pieces.. it’s hard to get styrene sheets where I live and a forsale sign is a dollar.. lol
  12. Soo the mail truck was.. turning into a lot of work and while looking through mail truck photos one van kept coming up.. a Studebaker zip van.. so off to the cricut to cut new sheets and this one seems like it’s gonna be more fun then headache to build..
  13. You’re right! It wasn’t fun and I ended up messing up a couple sheets so I ended up going a different direction..
  14. While cruising around my local store I came acrossed a hot wheel mail truck and instantly thought, if I put plastic sheet in a cricut machine and cutout the blueprint of a mail truck I could build it… so I found the measurements and scaled them to 1/25 and here I am so far.. there’s LOTS of work to do but it’s kinda going in a cool direction.. not sure if it’s gonna be slammed or maybe turned into a drag car?
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