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  1. ridinframe added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Trading model collection for non model items
    I'm just wondering what everyone thinks about someone trading all of their models/ supplies for non model items.. Musical instruments, wood working tools.. Things like that?
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  2. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    I really like those blazers.. I'm feeling like maybe grabbing one of those body's and not using the s10 body..
  3. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    We'll I didn't really use primer and the tailgate area. I ran out, so what you see there is a dusting of flat white and flat black spray paint.
  4. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    Got alittle more done on this never ending project haha... Thanks to pharoah for hooking me up with a chevy tailgate that I molded into the rear of the truck. I hope to have the front suspension done today and maybe be alittle closer to paint.

  5. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    Thanks everyone. I have a busy few days coming up so I don't know how much I'll get to work on the truck but it's coming along great! Hopefully I'll have paint on it sooner then later
  6. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    Started building the scratch built firewall with tubs for the front tires, I have a little more work to do to that.. Also started on the upper and lower control arm, since this kit didn't come with them. I think it might of been 4 wheel drive?

  7. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    I've thought about that if I decide to do that I can always use the piece I've made as a templet.. I'm trying to find a tailgate with the embossed Chevrolet or gmc in it so I can mold it into this kit some where..
  8. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    Got another coat on primer on it after a guide coat and wet sand.. Should have some paint on it this weekend.. I cut the bed floor so I can open it too display the chassis.. I also got one door panel/ door card made I just need to make the other..

  9. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    Not much for updates.. I got the body wet sanded and another coat of primer on it I hope to have it painted this weekend. As for any other updates, I'm building door panels or door cards depending what side of the world your reading this from I hope to start working more on the interior this weekend sometime between coats of paint..
  10. ridinframe added a post in a topic Gmc syclone?   

    Thanks guy for all the nice comments.. Beautiful job on your gmc Jonathan
  11. ridinframe added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Gmc syclone?
    I've been working on this project for a year or two now it started life as a gmc syclone but has turned into this crazy project... Body dropped, chopped top and I laid the A pillar back to keep a nice shape to the side windows, custom phantom grille, scratch built front bumper, shaved everything, door handles windshield whipers, gas door, tail lights, tailgate.. I added a sunroof, custom cut the hood and molded the rest of the hood into the body.. As for the chassis, it's sorta stock besides the back half which is custom tubed with a scratch build independent rear axle.. I just got back into this project after a few month brake from model building.. I hope to have it done in the next few months...

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  12. ridinframe added a post in a topic Need some help with 3d printing/ modeling?   

    I've asked him but he hasn't replied.
  13. ridinframe added a topic in General   

    Need some help with 3d printing/ modeling?
    I'm in need of some 3d printing assistance? I've been working on a 63 ford econoline van that's gonna be a replica of a van called vango. I started with a 60s dodge a100 van and I've made my way to the front end where I'm having some trouble scaling everything and making it all work.. I saw someone working on a 1:18 scale 3d printed ford econoline truck. I was wondering if anyone knows who that might be or can someone point me in a direction so I can get the front end of a ford econoline modeled and printed in 1:24 scale.
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  14. ridinframe added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Engraving parts?
    I'm currently working on a project that I'm getting very detailed with. I've been into lowriders for 20+ years and the new trend is engraving.. I'm trying to figure out a way to "engrave" a few parts ,control arms, rear axle, etc.. Just wondering if anyone has an idea of how I can get that look?

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  15. ridinframe added a post in a topic 1963 ford econoline vango..   

    It's FAR from done. I had hoped to have primer on it but, due to snow and more snow I haven't had a chance to get to the store so I tossed a paint on it I had just to see where I stood. I still have to put tail light buckets in and figure out the highlights, the driver side needs the wheel wells... If I named everything I still have to do you'd still be reading a year from now. Chassis on the other hand is coming together I'll get photos of that up soon... That's all I have to show for now