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  1. heroncustom added a post in a topic Are your models collecting dust?   

    i build to build not to worry about it after once its built it goes on a shelf and sits there. i also dont build to win awards tho.. after about a a year i'll dust them all off to pretty them up. never had any issues with damage to the paint either.

    you could waste more time trying to protect and keep them dust free then you could building and IMHO thats just silly.......plus sometimes when i do that yearly dusting i may decided to tear down and rebuild. my hobby allowance doesn't always allow me to have a stash of unbuilts...
  2. heroncustom added a post in a topic Paint Booths & Safe Ventilation?   

    My 2 cents worth...iv been using the same bathroom exhaust fan in my homemade booth for over 4 years now with no issues whatsoever iv sprayed acyrlis enamels laquars thinners u name it through this thing and nothing. Its 120cfm I got for 30$ at the depot. Vented out the window it sucks like a mother.
    Unless your a super newb and spray and entire can in one pass you should be fine. Just a note the fan I'm using is an all plastic unit (other then the motor itself)
  3. heroncustom added a post in a topic Scratch Building an Aussie Ford Falcon **New update,24/6/17**   

    Howdy Iv read this thread about a dozen times now and never replied. Its not that im not blown away, because i am, i just couldn't decided what to say. so here it is!

    OMFG this is amazing! your work is beyond belief!!!

    And hopefully to boost you a little more, i would just like you to know that because of this thread and your skills, i decided i no longer wanted to wait for one of the big company's to kit my actual 1:1, 2011 dodge caliber, so i embarked on the quest of building it from scratch using your build as inspiration motivation and a lil teaching! and so far im doing pretty good if i do say so. So a big thank you to you and your skills! Keep up the good work!

    Happy New Year!!
  4. heroncustom added a post in a topic Black and Gold   

    love the dash and seatbelts. the xhassis detail is beautiful too keep it up!
  5. heroncustom added a post in a topic Lowrider Roof Pattern tutorial   



    how long do u wait between colors/layers?
    how long did the roof in the tutorial take u from start to finish?
    and thirdly are you outta your mind!??!!?! lol thats skill if i ever saw it, but BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH it looks tedious lol
  6. heroncustom added a post in a topic Blending rubber and aluminum   

    randx0 amd i think the same i guess. i was gonna say mold and cast that way u wont have to worry about a special glue.
  7. heroncustom added a post in a topic cutting and splicing roofs/panels help needed   

    PLEASE!!!!! lol
  8. heroncustom added a post in a topic '30 Model A (Santa's helper)   

    remindes me of what the postman drives in the kids classic movie "santa clause is coming to town" very nice work!
  9. heroncustom added a post in a topic Li'l Un-Red Express   

    looks good did u have to modify the nastruck chassis? im trying to build one of these that missing alot of parts and yhat looks good what u got there. will u be using the suspension from the nastruck as well?
  10. heroncustom added a post in a topic Can we see some scratchbuilt things?   

    oh man i just built a fire bottle for the first time and then i came on here and feel "under dressed" as theyd say lol going back to retry!! lol btw whats a penny? lol jkjk where i live we just phased out out pennys, no longer in circulation but now i have a good use for all the ones ibhave left!!
  11. heroncustom added a post in a topic great item for wiring   

    Dollar store hear i come thanks for the tip!!!
  12. heroncustom added a post in a topic Airbrush Amateur Questions   

    can u possibly post a pic of these canning jars. if their the jars im thinking would they not be to big and awkward? but iv never found a good storing option and if these work and are small enougb problem solved!!
  13. heroncustom added a post in a topic '68 Charger R/T 2'n1 WIP   

    hah looking good but i guess great minds think in color eh! i bought one of these last week and already painted it the feiry red! i shant post mine as to not take away from yours but how funny is the worls sometimes! looking forward to yours (honestly put mine away yesterday) maybe youll end up giving me some ideas lol keep us updated!!
  14. heroncustom added a post in a topic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Ready picture page 2)   

    wow just wow u did a fantastic job im kinda jelous my daughters fav turtle is raph!! keep it up! and merry christmas!
  15. heroncustom added a post in a topic building the cars from cars   

    my daughter and i lOVE these. and since u always startes with a base kit i shall leave on a line from the mater tall tales(tokyo drift epi)