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  1. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Free to whoever could use these   

    I have one if you need it. I cut the vents out of it though.
  2. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Looking for newer LS motor   

    Ok, I just found an 04 Z06 on eBay for 5.50 plus 10 dollars shipping. I hate paying shipping! We'll see if I win the bid or not though.
    If not I'll try the SSR. Looks like people are a little more proud of those though.
    I thought about buying one of the new Camaro kits from Hobby Lobby but they are wanting like 29 bucks for one. Hate to pay that much just to kitbash it.
  3. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for newer LS motor
    Title says it. Would settle for something else that might be cool in a 70 Chevelle resto-mod.
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  4. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Wanted - Painter/Decaler   

    I might be interested. What kind of die cast models are we talking about here and what kind of paint/decals are you asking for?
  5. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Chevy LS motor wanted
    Looking for a newer LS motor or something that might be neat in a 70 Chevelle resto-mod. 
    Here are a few things I have to trade. I have more stuff laying around also so just ask...

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  6. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Porsche Carrera Gt - Tamiya 1/24   

    I've built a few of these with all the carbon fiber, and PE parts sets. The last one I did, I used both the ScaleMotorsport and the Studio27 PE sets. This kit build a great model and you're doing it justice so far!
  7. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 1938 Custom Ford Van   

    That's the only reason I have this one, got it off the hobby lobby clearance rack for 8 bucks. Hard to pass on that.
  8. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 1938 Custom Ford Van   

    They aren't bad kits. I built the roadster version of it several years ago. There are some improvements to be made but overall not bad. Better than most of the 'cheaper' kits.
  9. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 1938 Custom Ford Van   

    Yeah, I didn't have a clamp big enough to keep it in place and it moved before the glue dried. I'll try and fix that one of these days.
  10. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1938 Custom Ford Van
    Sorry, I know the lighting could be better.
    Built this one box stock. Stripped all the chrome (not really a fan of chrome) other than the wheels. Interior is a light almond, most everything else is classic white and green metal flake, fitting for a hot rod I think.

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  11. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Lindberg '37 Ford convertible custom?   

    Interesting, the different kits come with different decals. I did the Lindberg kit and it didn't come with those flying 8 decals, also mine did not come with the foil for the chrome strip that is molded on the the back of the body. My only complaints about the kit was the headlights and tail lights. I would have liked to see the tail lights as a separate piece from the body and a better thought out headlight lenses instead of just making it one piece out of clear plastic. Other than that its a great kit.
  12. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Just got in a new kit!!   

    Man, that thing is cool! It's not full detail though, is it?
  13. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 2012 Mustang GT - My Car   

    Ok, took me a while due to moving my modeling station to a different room and some home improvement projects and just life stuff. But I have managed to get the interior done. 
    Here is a shot of the dash, notice the air vent to the left of the steering wheel has an nGauge tuner mounted in it. I just took an image from google, shrunk it down and glued it in. The dash is from the 2014 mustang kit because its like the dash in my car (non touch screen). 
    Here are the door panels with added seat belts.
       door panel
    Engine bay minus the firewall.
       engine bay
    And a couple shots of the completed interior with it flocked.
  14. FordGuy1984 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    2012 Mustang GT - My Car
    Hey guys, I decided to build a model of my car, its a 2012 Mustang GT which makes it a little bit of a paint since they made a model of the 2010 Mustang and of the 2014. The 2010 is the same body as my car but it has a 4.6L, the Coyote 5.0 came out in 2011 so I had to buy both of the kits to make my car. 
    Here are a couple of pictures of my car, don't mind it being dirty.

    Notable things I have done so far, had to cut out the rear wheel wells so that the wheels I am using would fit and I had to cut out some of the chassis to fit the differential with it being lowered (my 1/1 car isn't lowered yet but I have all the parts, just waiting for cooler weather). 

    I made a rear seat delete and had to do some filling in the middle of the package tray, I guess the 2010 had two small humps in the package tray but my car just has one large hump. 

    Started making the window louvers today, daunting task but hopefully they turn out okay. 

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  15. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Mustang Cobra Wheels   

    I guess I'll have to get that kit too. We are up to three different kits being parts bashed for one model! haha