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  1. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 09 Challenger and Diablo trade for parts   

    It is, both are still available
  2. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 09 Challenger and Diablo trade for parts   

    Gah, I'm an idiot sometimes! haha I don't know why but if I take pictures on my phone and upload them here they turn upside down.
  3. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Trading Post   

    09 Challenger and Diablo trade for parts
    Looking to trade these two kits for parts or kits that have a lot of good parts box stuff in them. Interested mostly in motors, wheels and tires (especially wider street and slicks) but would consider just about any trade as I will most likely not get around to building these.

    Both kits have been started but are complete. The challenger only has some body paint on the body that would need sanded. The Diablo has a few chrome pieces stripped (the ones that needed to be) and the interior was painted tan but could be stripped easily.

    PM me with what you have to trade and preferably some pictures.

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  4. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 300ZX - Suckerpunch   

    My first car was an '84 300ZX 5 speed, non turbo. That car was an absolute tank. I have a very healthy respect for Nissan, as far as imports go they are my favorite.

    As far as me being a Ford fan, yes I love Ford, hell my boat has a 302 in it. Although the new F150 and Mustangs are a bit on the ugly side. Oddly, my daily driver is an '07 Tahoe... Mainly because the Expedition has always been a bit lacking in almost every way in my opinion. The only thing it has over the Tahoe is independent rear suspension.

    And yes, there may be no point in putting a big HP V8 in a 300ZX because I'm sure you could get the same 540 HP out of that twin turbo 3 liter... But the twin turbo 3 liter just doesn't have the cool factor that a supercharged V8 has.
  5. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 300ZX - Suckerpunch   

    I agree! I don't have any wheels/tires to do that with though. I have a fair amount of spare parts and cars laying around but almost no wheels and tires. Not sure how that happens. Those R34 wheels were the best thing I had cause the stock wheels just weren't going to cut it, they are pretty ugly!
  6. FordGuy1984 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    300ZX - Suckerpunch
    Started this build on another site and thought I would share with you guys too.

    Basic concept is to cram a huge motor in a fairly small and lightweight car. The motor I had that fit the best without being too big was a supercharged 5.4L out of an 08/09 Shelby GT500KR.

    The wheels are from a Skyline R34 kit I had.

    First order of business was to make some space for the tranny. Then I went on to taking the motor apart, stripping the paint and giving it a fresher, more custom built look. Then I went on the building the roll cage.

    Now the plan is to finish building the chassis and interior and then getting the body put on and making a small cowl hood so the motor will fit under it. I wont be doing any mods to the body other than the hood. I'm thinking I will paint the body satin black and do the wheels in a bronze(ish) color. After all, I want it to look like a slightly hopped up tuner car but to pack a heavy punch!

    That's a scratch built cage from junk I had in the parts box. I was going to do a full 8 point cage but as you can see, there isn't much room between the seat and the door panel so I may just leave it how it is or I may do some tinkering with it.

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  7. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Cowl hood
    Pretty simply, I need a cowl hood, or just the cowl rather, I don't care what the hood came off of just as long as the cowl looks good to me. I have lots of bits and pieces I could trade or maybe paypal. Figured I would try here before I went to evilBay.
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  8. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Gemballa Mirage GT Transkit
    I have been looking for one of these for awhile now. It was made by Geronimo Works for the Tamiya Carrera GT. If anyone has one that they don't need or would be willing to part with we can work something out, or if you happen to know where I can get one I would very much appreciate the info! I used to see these on eBay from time to time but I haven't seen one on there in some time.
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  9. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Tamiya Mercedes CLK-GTR   

    Very nice work. Hopefully I can get started on one of mine soon. It looks great and I am glad the decals worked out for you.
  10. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic RETRO REVIEW- AMT '69 Lincoln Continental Annual   

    I didn't know this kit existed. Saw this post and decided I needed one and I was shocked to see how much they go for... Ouch!
  11. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Carrera GT   

    It is actually pretty easy to do. I installed the glass into the cover and then put a couple small dabs of CA glue on the mesh (think of the center of the cover and put one dab of glue on the center side near the cockpit and one near the rear of the car, hope that makes sense) and then after that dried I put a few more dabs of glue working my way to the other side of the mesh, forming it to the contour of the glass as I went. I used the mesh on that piece from the Studio 27 kit, it was pre cut is why I used it but it would not keep the form of the glass on its own. I'm not sure if the mesh you are using will form or not. If it does then I would just lay it over the glass and take a round handled paint brush and roll it across the mesh pushing downward in order to get it to reshape to the contour of the glass. Hope that makes sense. Also, after I did all that I made some templates out of tape and got some old cigarette packs, used the foil out of them and glued them with window glue to the under side of that cover. The 1:1 car does not have heat shielding there but since I wanted to display it with the cover open I wanted a cleaner look to the underside of it.
  12. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Carrera GT   

    Not any issue with it necessarily. I'm assuming you are talking about it not ring closed all the way in the photos. It was a snug fit without any paint and my paint ended up a little thicker than I anticipated. It will close all the way if I push it down but then it's nerve racking to get it open again without scratching the paint. No biggie as I have it in a display case with the cover propped open anyways. I would suggest that if you are going to build one to do some sanding on the body where the cover sits in to allow a little more clearance if you want the cover to open and close easier.
  13. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Carrera GT   

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I wanted to build a show winner but didn't quite hit that mark but it is still my best work to date.

    Joe, I used parts from both of the PE kits. The Scale Motorsports kit had a lot more parts in it and most. Each kit had parts that the other one didn't have. If you only want to buy one kit I would suggest the SMS kit but it was about 45 bucks compared to the Studio 27 that was 15.

    I have had my eye on the Gembella Mirage GT transfer kit for this kit so maybe I will be building another one.
  14. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Carrera GT
    Finished this one a few months ago. It is painted with Tamiya TS-17, interior is MM leather and chrome silver and the floor mats are flocked.. Scratch built the rear suspension and sway bar linkages (this is the only time I have seen one of these with sway bar linkages but I am sure someone else has taken the time to do it). Add ons include a Studio 27 PE set, Scale Motorsports PE set and a lot of carbon fiber decals.
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  15. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic I'm very confused here   

    haha I have no idea how that happened...