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  1. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic THE 70 Chevelle   

    Body 1
    Chassis 2
    Chassis 4
    IRS 1
  2. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic THE 70 Chevelle   

    I purchased the AMT kit first at a local hobby store. Got it home, opened it up and threw it all back in the box after cutting the motor off the trees. Other than the motor that is pretty much a garbage kit. So then I ordered the Revell kit on eBay, it is the 'Donks' version which was fine with me since it included all the original parts from the 'Streetburner 3 n 1'
    Not sure why the pics didn't load the first time, I'll try loading them again.
    Also, I'm not gonna lie to you guys... I forgot that Gran Turismo Sport is being released in a few days so this will probably be a slow build considering I have been waiting almost two years for it! 

  3. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Ls or lsx based sbc   

    The stuff on clearly scale looks nice. I ordered from him about a month ago. Be prepared to wait about six weeks to get what you ordered.
  4. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic THE 70 Chevelle   

  5. FordGuy1984 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    THE 70 Chevelle
    I will be building this one as a highly modified Grand Tourer Rest-Mod featuring independent rear suspension, custom front suspension, a ProCharged LS3 with a custom engine bay and custom interior.
    I started by filling all of the random unused holes on the chassis and cutting out the section of the trunk floor above the axle (seemed easier to cut that piece out and replace it rather than trying to cut out the control arms and fill the other random holes).
    I found the independent rear suspension setup in the parts box, I think it came from a Supra kit. Still debating on the front suspension if I should go with a typical coil over setup or maybe the front end out of a Shelby Cobra.
    So far with the body I have shaved all the marker lights, door handles and badging. 
    I'm waiting to get the engine, intercooler and seats that I ordered from clearly scale before I get too wild modifying the front of the chassis and engine bay. 
    Body 1
    Chassis 2
    Chassis 4
    IRS 1
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  6. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Free to whoever could use these   

    I have one if you need it. I cut the vents out of it though.
  7. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Looking for newer LS motor   

    Ok, I just found an 04 Z06 on eBay for 5.50 plus 10 dollars shipping. I hate paying shipping! We'll see if I win the bid or not though.
    If not I'll try the SSR. Looks like people are a little more proud of those though.
    I thought about buying one of the new Camaro kits from Hobby Lobby but they are wanting like 29 bucks for one. Hate to pay that much just to kitbash it.
  8. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for newer LS motor
    Title says it. Would settle for something else that might be cool in a 70 Chevelle resto-mod.
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  9. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Wanted - Painter/Decaler   

    I might be interested. What kind of die cast models are we talking about here and what kind of paint/decals are you asking for?
  10. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Chevy LS motor wanted
    Looking for a newer LS motor or something that might be neat in a 70 Chevelle resto-mod. 
    Here are a few things I have to trade. I have more stuff laying around also so just ask...

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  11. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic Porsche Carrera Gt - Tamiya 1/24   

    I've built a few of these with all the carbon fiber, and PE parts sets. The last one I did, I used both the ScaleMotorsport and the Studio27 PE sets. This kit build a great model and you're doing it justice so far!
  12. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 1938 Custom Ford Van   

    That's the only reason I have this one, got it off the hobby lobby clearance rack for 8 bucks. Hard to pass on that.
  13. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 1938 Custom Ford Van   

    They aren't bad kits. I built the roadster version of it several years ago. There are some improvements to be made but overall not bad. Better than most of the 'cheaper' kits.
  14. FordGuy1984 added a post in a topic 1938 Custom Ford Van   

    Yeah, I didn't have a clamp big enough to keep it in place and it moved before the glue dried. I'll try and fix that one of these days.
  15. FordGuy1984 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1938 Custom Ford Van
    Sorry, I know the lighting could be better.
    Built this one box stock. Stripped all the chrome (not really a fan of chrome) other than the wheels. Interior is a light almond, most everything else is classic white and green metal flake, fitting for a hot rod I think.

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