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  1. CSMO added a post in a topic AMT '55 Chevy Cameo gas station shop truck.   

    No clear coat. Small and medium camel hair watercolor brushes.
    Adios, Larry.
  2. CSMO added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    AMT '55 Chevy Cameo gas station shop truck.
    My seventh 1/25 build.
    Built OOB with rubber bed-liner from .005 painted plastic sheet..
    Decals by Gofer decals.
    Truck is brush-painted with Testors square-bottle #1124 Green.
    Adios, Larry.

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  3. CSMO added a post in a topic AMT '55 Chevy Cameo pickup windshield problem   

    I painted the gasket on the glass with a Black Sharpie. I tacked it where it touched with Formula 506 Canopy Glue and used the same stuff to fill all of the gaps when the tacks dried. I wiped the excess off with a damp Q-Tip. I'm pretty satisfied. Adios, Larry.
  4. CSMO added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    AMT '55 Chevy Cameo pickup windshield problem
    The kit windshield id about 3/32" too small around its perimeter to fit in the body shell. I can't get enough points of contact to even get a dry-fit without it falling through. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody have a suggestion for dealing with this problem? I am an airplane modeler with limited experience building cars and trucks.
    Adios, Larry.
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  5. CSMO added a post in a topic An invitation to TigerCon 2013. Columbia, Missouri on November 9th.   

    Show and contest in 38 days. We hope to see some of you folks here. Adios, Larry.
  6. CSMO added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    An invitation to TigerCon 2013. Columbia, Missouri on November 9th.
    Tiger Con 2013 will be held at Hickman High School, just three blocks from Interstate-70 on the 9th of November.

    Show contact info:

    TigerCon 2013 Registation: www.CMSM-IPMS.org
    c/o Scott Adams
    3004 badger Ct.
    Columbia, MO 65202

    Thanks for looking. Adios, Larry.

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  7. CSMO added a post in a topic 1930'S RAILROAD TUGBOAT   

    Hi, Mark. Can you share a little backstory as to how and why a railroad would operate a tugboat. Yoe have made a beautiful model of something unique. Adios, Larry.
  8. CSMO added a topic in All the Rest   

    Matchbox 1/76 M19 Diamond transporter and Rodgers trailer
    This is my first ever attempt at weathering a model. The truck and trailer are painted faded Olive Drab to show a well-used vehicle. The Airfix M4 Sherman was painted a darker shad to indicate a vehicle fresh from overhaul. The mud, dried mud, dirt , and dust was Walmart acrylic craft paint thinned with alcohol and applied in varying thickness with several brushes. The M19 is bed-loaded with supplies for the unit receiving the refurbished tank. I had a lot of fun with this project.

    Adios, Larry.
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  9. CSMO added a post in a topic Daddy   

    Road rage back in the day. He could have run a funeral parlor(hence the coffin). Another fine build. Adios, Larry.
  10. CSMO added a post in a topic Drag Hag   

    This momma and brat have got faces only a mother could love. Cool build with great workmanship. Thanks for posting. Adios, Larry.
  11. CSMO added a post in a topic Lindberg 1/32 1976 Ford Granada   

    Thanks for posting this. I owned an '80 Granada ESS two-door coupe. It was one of the last of the original body-style Granadas. It was Silver-Gray Metallic with a matching Vinyl landau top. It had the basket weave 15" wheels a Burgundy interior. In my opinion it was one of the best looking cars that I ever owned. I kept it for 5 years and traded it in on an '86 Ford Mustang 5.0 ragtop(mid-life crisis upon turning 40). Well done on your build. Adios, Larry.
  12. CSMO added a topic in All the Rest   

    Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink by Revell
    I built one of these in '67 or '68 for my little brother. I bought this one from e-Bay for a stress relief project. It is built old-school with tube glue. I brush-painted it with whatever enamel paints that were lying around on the bench at the time. I like him. He is my modeling mascot now, as he sits where he can watch me butcher plastic at my bench. Adios, Larry.

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  13. CSMO added a topic in Under Glass   

    AMT 1/25th '36 Ford coupe.

    This is my third and latest 1/25th build. It is the AMT '36 Ford coupe that was built from an e-Bay glue-bomb. It is the 25th anniversary(1981) release of the 1966 kit. I brush-painted it Humbrol(U.K.) Gloss Lime Green. Interior is Primer White and acrylic yellow craft paint. The engine is the stock flat-head. It is OOB except the rear tires came from the "40 Ford Tudor sedan and the window glass is cut from a sheet of clear packaging material, as the kit glass was unusable. I am a 1/72 airplane builder and I don't own an airbrush. I had to prime the whole model with Plastikote White rattle-can primer after stripping off the original crappy paint.

    Adios, Larry.
    Here is the '36 with its stable-mates, the AMT '40 Tudor and the AMT '32 Vicky. All are brush-painted and built 98% OOB.

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  14. CSMO added a post in a topic 29 Ford.   

    Well done, sir! Your color scheme would look right at home on a Rolls Royce, Daimler, Bugatti, Packard or a Dusenberg. Adios, Larry.
  15. CSMO added a post in a topic New old guy   

    Hi, Scott. Welcome from a fellow Missourian. I take it from your handle that you are from Chicago. When I was a teenager, used to hear the ads for the U.S. 30 Dragstrip on WLS radio, at nights on my old AM radio. ("Sunday! Be There!"). Welcome. Adios, Larry.