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  1. What is the most cost effective product to use to simulate flocking ? Being on Social Security Disability Income I need to save a penny here or there anywhere I can ha ha. Is there another product like maybe glitter or something else along those lines that may be cheaper then persay the actual "Flocking"? Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. Can anyone tell me what it takes to keep a Paasche H series airbrush from clogging about ten seconds into spraying ? Im shooting Vallejo Model Air paint. Ive the past two attempts even tried thinning the paint a tiny little bit with rubbing alcohol hoping to cure the problem but the same happened. Ill take the bottom fed cup off, take the tip and needle off, clean both, put it back on, start spraying again and it works like it should for about ten seconds and then back to the same clogging. I clean the needle tip with a qtip or rag, nothing. Starting to get very frustrating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hoping Donn Yost will chime in here as this is his brush of choice I believe. Also with the different 1, 3, and 5 tips. Do you need a different needle for each or does the needle that comes with the kit work for all three tips ? Ive only ever used the 3 tip because thats what was on the airbrush when I received it and couldnt seem to figure out how to get either of the other two tips on. Thanks in advance. (So frustrated Im about to send my Badger Patriot 105 back to Badger, get it fixed and go back to using that one ).
  3. Michaels around my area here in Pennsylvania only carry the small 1/4 oz bottles of Testors in a decent variety of colors. They carry the Testors Acrylic and Enamel eight or nine bottle sets and ocasionally a set of Military colors but thats it paint wise. Maybe now and then a small selection of Testors Spray Lacquers. That's it paint wise though. Small selection of kits, Monogram, AMT and Revell, both cars and planes. AC Moore is hit and miss normally with the miss. I was OK with the selection Hobby Lobby had last visit. At least they carry some of the Vallejo paints. My area for Mom and Pop hobby stores is HORRIBLE. The one I have which is a 45 minute drive or so is aweful price wise. I couldn't even tell you where the closest acceptable mom and pop hobby store is to me. That's why I just stick to either www.scalehobbyist.com or www.redfroghobbies.com they seem to be the two cheapest online hobby stores I've found.
  4. Will never ever watch another Lemans Series race again in my life. Any series that continues to run a race after the said race has a accident that involves a death to a competitor should immediately postpone or even cancel the remaining portion of the race. With the fatality in this years 24 hours of Lemans, they continued to finish the race. When the competitor was fatally injured in my opinion the remainder of the race should have been Cancelled. So the Lemans Series lost a fan over that with me. Just my honest opinion but how I feel.
  5. The last Hobby Lobby I was in carried a small variety of Vallejo Model Color paints in the individual bottles. No sets unfortunately.
  6. Is the proper gauge for spark plug wires for 1:24 1:25 scale autos 30 Gauge wire ?
  7. Its actually "Football" not Soccer. Is fine with the change. Now one doesn't have to purchase the additional Sports package on Directv just to get the FSC Football channel however Ill continue to do so to get FSC + for the Fox Football News. Six of one half a dozen of the others. Some channel is going to cover anything your looking to obtain you just have to be willing to spend the great and almighty buck to receive that station should your package not carry that channel. Like the saying always goes, you get what you pay for.
  8. Finding one of Docs videos by accident is what got me into this hobby and doing my own channel on youtube . Doc is one of my main inspirations to the reasoning I even got into this hobby. I will forever owe Dr. Cranky a huge thank you for ever even inspiring me to want to get into this great hobby.
  9. Where can a person get a bottle of solvaset that doesn't have a hobby shop within a hour of his house ? Im interested in getting a bottle of this as Im told its better then Microsol but cant find anywhere online that has it. Any recommendations ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey guys. Im interested in picking up some additional paint sets to add to my arsenal. Ill be doing more Aircraft and Armor Vehicles starting today and on. Im looking for a paint set or two that will have more universal paint color selections that will enable me to be able to paint BOTH Aircraft and Armor Vehicles. Does anyone know of any Vallejo Model Air paint sets that will have the color selections that are more universal to accompany the painting of both Aircraft and Armor Vehicles ? Look forward to your suggestions asap. Thanks in advance guys.
  11. Hey guys. Seeing Im beginning Aircraft and Armor Vehicles today and on, I need to pick up a Matte and Flat clear cote. Which manufacturers do you recommend for Matte and Flat Clear cotes ? Ill be painting all the models with Vallejo Model Air paint line. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as Ill be placing a order tomorrow. Thanks in advance and look forward to your suggestions asap. Thanks guys.
  12. 1:24 or 1:25 not sure without looking at the kit box. Thanks for that info Silver Foxx. Would it be easier to maybe mask the red line and paint it with the airbrush ?
  13. The Kinser Bass Pro Shops kit is a new kit. The Quaker State, Superman, Coors Lite, Valvolene are older kits. I believe this kit was just released within the last year or two. Super super job on this kit.
  14. Very sharp build my friend. It would take me 12 hours to prep and paint ha ha. Super super job.
  15. Very sharp and pristine build my friend. Wow!!! Was the body just polished and spit shined or did you paint it ? If so what white did you use to pain this body. That white Is absolutely beautiful.
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