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  1. dmk added a post in a topic Let's see some police cars   

    Thanks!  That was a fun kit to build. 
    The NC Troopers only used those cars for a few years but I always thought they looked sleek in that scheme. 
  2. dmk added a post in a topic Let's see some police cars   

    Nice patrol cars guys! Here's my only cop car:
    NC State Highway Patrol Impala flat top using the Revell SnapTite kit.  Decals were for a Crown Vic.  The antennas, hidden lights and the radar were scratch built. The laptop computer came in the kit.  
    Most of these in NC SHP service had aluminum wheels, but I finally found a reference pic of a flat top with steelies and hub caps, so that allowed me to use the kit wheels..

  3. dmk added a post in a topic Let's see some police cars   

    That is cool.  I see Daisy getting away in the background.  
    Poor old Rosco.   Boss Hog isn't going to be happy.
  4. dmk added a post in a topic Ford C-600 Series Truck Reference Pics & Info   

    Nice! I love that Cobra carrier.
  5. dmk added a post in a topic Ford C-600 Series Truck Reference Pics & Info   

    I just built one. It didn't go together bad at all.  You have to be careful and test fit, but I didn't have to modify anything. The instructions are a little vague though.
  6. dmk added a post in a topic Round2 Website.   

    Wow, the new site is horrible!  It's arguably prettier, but pretty useless as a resource.
    I can't believe they took all the instruction sheets offline.  I just sent Round2 an email expressing my disappointment and telling them that I'd probably buy more Revell kits now since they have the instructions online for my review before purchase.
  7. dmk added a post in a topic Revell customer service vs. Round 2's   

    Revell's awesome. Round 2 is good. Both are better than Academy. I had a 747/shuttle kit where the fuselage was short shot and a huge chunk of it was missing. I sent them the UPC off the box, the form with a description of the part, the number on the sprue and the kit#. After like a month, I got a box from them that was way too small. They sent the wrong part.
  8. dmk added a post in a topic MPC 1/25 3 Axle Gravel Trailer   

    I notice that the instructions have a section showing how to cut the body, attach some alternate parts and fit it to a truck chassis/cab for a standard "straight job" dump truck. However, at the top it says that this section is for "nostalgia purposes only".

    Does anyone have any idea why they say that? It seems to me that all the parts are in the box to do this.

    I was thinking that it might make a cool dump truck on the MPC Mack DM 600.
  9. dmk added a post in a topic Chevy Stepside Pickups. Bed compatibility?   

    If I could find a '72 GMC stepside, I'd just build that out of the box. I like the grill of the GMCs better than the Chevys.
  10. dmk added a post in a topic What grit do you sand primer to before applying color coats?   

    What do you seal it with?
  11. dmk added a post in a topic OK, I concede on the "Blower" issue.   

    Are we talking about the Revell 30/31 coupe?

    The blower is easy. There are a ton of kits with nice blower that you can rob from.

    The real trick is period correct (1950s/1960s era) suspension parts, manual transmission, rear end and brake parts.
  12. dmk added a post in a topic Chevy Stepside Pickups. Bed compatibility?   

    Thanks guys!

    Sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Not sure how that happened.
  13. dmk added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    Chevy Stepside Pickups. Bed compatibility?
    I have the AMT Chevy 1972 fleetside and I'd like to make it a stepside.

    Would the bed from the Revell Chevy 1965 Stepside be correct or did GM changes the beds by then?

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  14. dmk added a post in a topic What's "Traditional" ?   

    I like this term better than 'traditional'.

    Here's why. If you look at the kits that are available, they reflect the periods from which the kits were designed. (Revell Dueces with 1980/1990s Airbag suspension and Ford 302 for example, vs the earlier period AMT 1925 'T' twin kit) .

    What if you want to build a car as it might have been put together in the 40's, 50's, 60's or 70's? Those would be four fairly different cars with different techniques and parts.

    So you need to be able to have a discussion about what kit to start with and what kits to rob parts from.

    'Traditional' is too broad a term, means different things to different people, and covers too wide a period to be useful.

    If you want to represent a car built today, it's all moot. You can use any parts or techniques that strike your fancy.
  15. dmk added a post in a topic What if Monogram had done 1/25?   

    I always loved that kit. I actually have the white one in my stash right now.

    I don't care about 1/24 vs 1/25 if it's a good kit and right subject.