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  1. I'm thinking that at best, parts packs are living in the past and would have a one run and done production run. Revell probably sees that it's better to spend money to develop new products that will have return on investment in other future products that can have more production runs. Past or future... The future is going to come out ahead. Same with an expensive retooling for the 1972 Road Runner for MPC.
  2. Do the Airfix kits have decent wheels and tires? I'm thinking donor kit for something else. The Airfix kits sound like the kind of kit that my grandkids are into. That makes them interesting and worthwhile.
  3. Careful - test first. Different brands of toothpaste have different abrasives. Some are fine, some are not. Some toothpastes have a coarse abrasive and will "fog" plastic with a lot of fine scratches. I tired that trick in my youger days and ended up getting a plastic polish to take out the toothpaste scratches.
  4. I can go with that, those are good ranges. It's going to vary by manufacturer. Freghtliner FLT, FLA, FLB COE sizes were... Day cab - 48" (basically one customer, that hauled large empty tanks), 51", 63" (most Common, see AMT single drive kit) COE sleeper cab - 75" (very small bunk, especially with options like breaking in well exhaust, for short BOC), 81" (rare), 86"( most common, see AMT dual drive kit), 96" double bunk (most common double bunk) sand 104" COE's were the most common configuration when the size and weight laws applied to the overall length of the tractor and trailer combination. Conventional became the combination of choice when the length laws were changed to apply to just the length of the trailer in 1982.
  5. looks like fun - what a blast imagine... charging a rat rod at a Tesla super charger station, That would be cool!
  6. thank you for posting the video - very interesting - I have a couple of AMX odds and ends - now I know what to do with them
  7. Thanks Tom, It was great meeting you and your wife yesterday. Everything in the trade looks good. Ritzville was a good place to meet - interesting old town. I walked the main street and read the historical plaques on the buildnings. That black Chevy lacks a navigation system (I didn't order it on purpose) and it is known for getting lost - it makes roadtrips more interesting. It happened again yesterday on the way home. All around a good trip.
  8. On I-84, westbound, near the west end of the Columbia river gorge, about half an hour before sunset, running in the fast lane probably a little over the speed limit... 2005ish Ford GT, red, white stripes - yeah, a real one, not Mustang... in the rain! The first one I've seen in the wild. Love it, have to give the guy proper respects for really driving the thing.
  9. The Mercury capsule was donated to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon. It was one of their displays for a long time. OMSI moved expanded and changed focus. I:'m not sure if it's still there...
  10. Here you go! The local Hobbytown had some in stock today. the I.D fits the standard MPC wheels like the new five spokes they put in everything (seems like it) - I measure at .620 but the slicks fit tighter than the front tires. Fronts have good tread - O.D. 1.045 (26-1/8"), tread width 0.300 (7-1/2") Slicks - O.D. 1.190 (29-3/4"), tread width 0.435 (10-7/8") Good sizes for what I need know. Hopefully they do some larger slicks and wheels in a future parts pack.
  11. Yep, that's the way I drill them out. It's difficult for me get the drill started in the center. The point of the knife blade makes it possible to remove material closer to the edge of the hole and get it lined up for a uniform thickness. A sharp blade works best.
  12. That's really cool, well done use of parts, has the stance and colors
  13. that is looking good The SCR injector stacks for the Buick are really tiny - maybe 1-5/8" in scale. You'll probably need the regular size SCR stacks. One of those times that it may be best to get both.
  14. OK, this is where I was trying to get to- - just another two cents, maybe... Just Evergreen tubing and rectangular stock. Four equally spaced injector stack bases that can be detailed out, triangles added, then cut off the fixture and added to the base as one piece. Tubing can be drilled for the injector stacks.
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