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  1. Paul Allen dead at 65

    Among other accomplishments, Paul Allen was also a model builder - mostly aircraft and/or military. RIP
  2. What paint to use for this truck??????

    Ok, just a best guess - Chrysler Corporate Blue - reference PPG code 12785 (from an old can of Ditzler lacquer) - and Dodge truck white. However, that looks like a recent picture of an older truck so it may have been painted a more modern color. Corporate Blue looks darker than what shows in the photograph. more info - http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/paintdetail.cgi?ditzler=12785
  3. Automotive wax ?

    I'm agreed with the no wax crowd. - my general rule is polish for shine, wax to protect the paint. My daily driver needs wax. I also stay away from most polishes available in the automotive section at the general merchandise stores. They are usually made with a coarser abrasive to bring the shine up quicker. The polishes available at the automotive paint supply stores have a much better shine. Every car painter I've talked to also has their own secret sauce. Let's add one caution. Some (most?) hobby shop paints that are made for model cars are very soft - even some model master colors that I've used. Polishing may transfer more paint to the polishing cloth than it leaves on the model. As always, it's best to experiment first.
  4. AMT Wild Wheels 'n wide Ovels

    Looks like a nice set of Torq Thrusts - Is this the place to say we need some Cragar SS wheels - big and little like the original '71 Road Runner and some skinny fronts for the vintage funny cars... I'm hoping Round 2 already has them in the works.
  5. They shoot horses, don't they?

    Speed City has good parts and customer service. Another source for the wheels is Ed Fluck at Drag City Casting - http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/member_dealer_directory/drag-city-casting-/ I like what you're doing here and have been enjoying following along - good work, neat project.
  6. but adding weight is also an option... A certain amount of ballast was permitted. Concealed ballast was prohibited, but there were ways... I can remember the days when a buddy had a '57 Chevy that ran Gas class or Modified Production and weighed somewhere between 4,500 and 5,000 pounds with a very small small block. Racers always wanted to be at the low end of the weight break - for A/G, that would be as close to 5 pounds per cubic inch as possible to be competitive. That makes it 2,270 pounds with a 454. More realistically, you could move that car into B/G with a 454 at 2,952 pounds and be more competitive. A racer may even want to add more racing equipment (weight) and get into C/G at 3,632 pounds if there was a killer car already running in B/G. Displacement can also be altered so the combinations start to multiply, links to rule books here - A general rule of thumb is every 100 pounds adds a tenth of a second to the ET so 200 pounds is a big disadvantage. Anyways, that's a long way to say probably B/G (or if supercharged B/GS, BB/G, or BB/GS depending on the class designation in the rules for that year). But it could be C, D, E... My memory is failing on one important point. If I recall correctly, driver and fuel at the end of the run are included in the weight - adjust calculations accordingly. hope this helps
  7. Monogram '66 Malibu Street Rat

    I think it would look great under the Badman - go for it! - I've also have it in the plans when my Badman gasser project hits the workbench.
  8. Monogram '66 Malibu Street Rat

    It's looks very similar to the 1970 W-30 442 Olds W-27 aluminum differential housing and rear axle cover - it's function was a 27 pound weight reduction - not sure if Monogram was trying to duplicate that or just do something that looks similar ---
  9. Good Model Shop in California

    Jason, that sounds like a great trip, plenty of cool places to see - the California Hot Rod Reunion is bucket list for sure - here's more..
  10. AWB chasis question

    this might work... The Novas were unibody from the factory and most received a new frame when they became funny cars. GTO's and Chevelles were full frame construction from the factory which could be altered or replaced with a lighter and stronger tube frame.
  11. AWB chasis question

    something like Bruce Larson's 1966 USA-1 Chevelle funny car - fiberglass (not tilt) body on a rectangular tube (not Logghe) chassis - there are some images and information on Google. As already mentioned, 1996 was a big transition in funny car technology.
  12. Lindbergs 1/12 FIAT dragster

    Although the accuracy and detail of the engine in this kit leaves it up to interpretation (agreeing with you Bill), the engine most closely resembles a big block Mopar - but don't look too closely. The basic guts for this kit came from a series of Lindberg fantasy cars in the early 60's and the kit suffers when compared to current kits or the real thing.
  13. Would it bother you?

    Long ago it was an honor to return a favor from a friend by building a model car that he was going to give to another friend as a birthday gift. The guy receiving the model and I did not know each other. Well, walking through the fall antique car show and swap meet... there it is on the table in the model car contest. So, I asked the guys at the model contest if they knew anything about it - nope, nothing - some guy dropped it off, didn't know who built it but thought it was good enough that it should be there on the display. No credit taken, not competing for a trophy - not the kind of guys that would take credit for someone else's work anyway. Through the day everybody met everybody else involved. It was a good day for all. Maybe another side of this... (and one reason most (all the ones I've run into) model car contests rules require models must be built by the entrant/owner) I usually prefer displays to contests. However, if trophies and awards are involved, I don't want to compete model car against checkbook - I would walk away.
  14. AMT Vintage Racers

    Good to see these, they look great - thank you for bringing them out and posting - I'm hoping these kits are high on Round 2's list
  15. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    Twig Zeigler - Pizza Haven Funny Car https://www.nhra.com/news/2017/seattle-70s-part-1