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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Bill, sorry this didn't go well with FedEx Same here - tires were shipped direct to the tire store - it was painless. Even better, I checked with local tire store first to set it up and they matched the online price.
  2. Using Elmer's glue

    yep, ask away - a new thread can bring out new answers that have not or wouldn't be made in an old thread
  3. 1/18 scale drag decals

    Slixx has some - drag racing contingencies, a couple of Willys gassers. might be something you need... http://ecsvr.com/slx/ShopDisplayproducts.asp?Search=Yes
  4. They shoot horses, don't they?

    I couldn't turn up anything either on the Simpson transmission blanket. It looks like Simpson doesn't make them anymore. However, it would be almost indistinguishable from something like this more modern part. The material is "ballistic" nylon, multiple multiple layers with webbing straps and buckles. Thanks for posting your work - I'm learning a lot and enjoying following along. Very nicely done.
  5. Now I think this is silly

    It's art, it's won awards at big car/rat rod shows - have seen it a couple of times and had a close look - the metal work and art on the cab are amazing - If you see it in person, you won't walk by without taking a longer look. more on the artist and the truck: https://www.pbs.org/video/oregon-art-beat-metal-artist-kelly-phipps/ http://www.kellyphipps.com/automotive-design.html
  6. Don Nicholson Fairmont

    not a kit, but Scott over at http://futurattraction.com/ has some Fairmont bodies and Pro Stock parts in resin, - decals also - great parts, great customer service. edit... ooops - posting at same time
  7. 1960 Lincoln Continental wheel covers

    Mike, I have a set - good, not great chrome - PM your address, I'll drop them in the mail this morning. Steve
  8. Resin Wishlist

    Freightliner FLD132 Classic XL with 60" raised roof SleeperCab - for Italeri FLD kit image borrowed from the internet
  9. Tires to fit these wheels. Unsure what they are.

    Tires from the AMT Prowler and Wagon Rod also fit.
  10. Paul Allen dead at 65

    Among other accomplishments, Paul Allen was also a model builder - mostly aircraft and/or military. RIP
  11. What paint to use for this truck??????

    Ok, just a best guess - Chrysler Corporate Blue - reference PPG code 12785 (from an old can of Ditzler lacquer) - and Dodge truck white. However, that looks like a recent picture of an older truck so it may have been painted a more modern color. Corporate Blue looks darker than what shows in the photograph. more info - http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/paintdetail.cgi?ditzler=12785
  12. Automotive wax ?

    I'm agreed with the no wax crowd. - my general rule is polish for shine, wax to protect the paint. My daily driver needs wax. I also stay away from most polishes available in the automotive section at the general merchandise stores. They are usually made with a coarser abrasive to bring the shine up quicker. The polishes available at the automotive paint supply stores have a much better shine. Every car painter I've talked to also has their own secret sauce. Let's add one caution. Some (most?) hobby shop paints that are made for model cars are very soft - even some model master colors that I've used. Polishing may transfer more paint to the polishing cloth than it leaves on the model. As always, it's best to experiment first.
  13. AMT Wild Wheels 'n wide Ovels

    Looks like a nice set of Torq Thrusts - Is this the place to say we need some Cragar SS wheels - big and little like the original '71 Road Runner and some skinny fronts for the vintage funny cars... I'm hoping Round 2 already has them in the works.
  14. They shoot horses, don't they?

    Speed City has good parts and customer service. Another source for the wheels is Ed Fluck at Drag City Casting - http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/member_dealer_directory/drag-city-casting-/ I like what you're doing here and have been enjoying following along - good work, neat project.
  15. but adding weight is also an option... A certain amount of ballast was permitted. Concealed ballast was prohibited, but there were ways... I can remember the days when a buddy had a '57 Chevy that ran Gas class or Modified Production and weighed somewhere between 4,500 and 5,000 pounds with a very small small block. Racers always wanted to be at the low end of the weight break - for A/G, that would be as close to 5 pounds per cubic inch as possible to be competitive. That makes it 2,270 pounds with a 454. More realistically, you could move that car into B/G with a 454 at 2,952 pounds and be more competitive. A racer may even want to add more racing equipment (weight) and get into C/G at 3,632 pounds if there was a killer car already running in B/G. Displacement can also be altered so the combinations start to multiply, links to rule books here - A general rule of thumb is every 100 pounds adds a tenth of a second to the ET so 200 pounds is a big disadvantage. Anyways, that's a long way to say probably B/G (or if supercharged B/GS, BB/G, or BB/GS depending on the class designation in the rules for that year). But it could be C, D, E... My memory is failing on one important point. If I recall correctly, driver and fuel at the end of the run are included in the weight - adjust calculations accordingly. hope this helps