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  1. Muncie added a post in a topic #11 Darrell Waltrip 1984 Monte Carlo WIP   

    Greg, good to see you back on this, it's looking good, nice clean build - hope all is well with your folks
  2. Muncie added a post in a topic 2017 Cobo Autorama and Great 8 Finalists - Full Coverage now...   

    Great photos Tim, lots of stuff there -
  3. Muncie added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for - Carson top for AMT 1950 Ford Convertible
    Looking for Carson top for AMT 1950 Ford convertible - from older issue of the kit or information on resin part that may be available - any other ideas...
    Thanks, Steve
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  4. Muncie added a post in a topic Funny Car front wheels   

    awesome - glad that worked out - I hope that you will post your project - anything with those wheels has my attention
  5. Muncie added a post in a topic Funny Car front wheels   

    hopefully, you find a forum member here with an extra set for trade - Competition Resins (also available at Slixx Decals) has a good alternative - CRC-011, American Racing 5-spoked spindle mount  front wheels - the wheels in your picture are real magnesium, really cool!
  6. Muncie added a post in a topic How can I get this exact finish on my model wheels?   

    Great looking wheels!
    there will be a lot of correct answers based on different preferences...   these are my go to favorites
    For the rough cast texture on the center - Krylon dull aluminum - can be hard to find - some ACE hardware stores have it - good paint, easy to use
    For the machined finish on the rim -  most hardware store or auto part store chrome rattle can will have a bright finish, but not as bright as the Spaz stick or Alclad hobby paints - Krylon may still make this in the hobby and craft size.  Looks good for polished or bright machined aluminum finish
    Art supply stores sell a brush on masking fluid - different brands have different consistencies so they take some experimentation to find the one that works the best
  7. Muncie added a post in a topic Race Car Trailer   

    That's a great looking trailer - thank you for the building tips - it's much better than what's in the kit
  8. Muncie added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    no regrets - They all had a time and a reason to go... but the first car is still in the garage 45 years later - just felt like there would be too much disappointment if I had to find it again.
  9. Muncie added a post in a topic NNL West photos   

    John - good pics, thanks for posting, good to see what was there.
  10. Muncie added a post in a topic On-Line Tutorial - Building One of The Most Expensive.....   

    Good looking Harley
    The dollars per part describes the situation.   I haven't seen a complete part pack but have found parts and partial sprues... fractions of the price but may never be able to accumulate a complete kit.
  11. Muncie added a post in a topic 10 thumbs   

    sorry to see you guys moving on - always enjoyed your posts and learned a lot.  I'm glad you shared your experience and knowledge while you were here - it was much appreciated.
  12. Muncie added a post in a topic 65 Chevelle Car Craft Project Super Stocker   

    ahhhh, the golden age of Car Craft Magazine... Rick Vogelin, Norm Mayerson, Ro McGonegal.. The Car Craft Project cars were great, nothing trick but real race cars that ran hard - The Malibu 4 door, Clockwork Chevy, and the econo modified Camaro... 
    Alan, thank you for posting your drag racing models and projects - all well done and very cleanly built.  I've enjoyed looking at them - .brings back a lot of memories.
  13. Muncie added a post in a topic Prudhomme Wedge Dragster   

    Terry, that is correct - thank you for catching it and posting a correction - memory failure... 
  14. Muncie added a post in a topic Prudhomme Wedge Dragster   

    Prudhomme Wedge, Flying Wedge and Black Beauty wedge dragster kits - the chassis/engine, axles, even the wheels appear to be the same - there may have been minor differences in the details
    The full size wedge dragsters were built by several different chassis builders so they are different in construction and details
    When Prudhomme's wedge didn't work out, he removed the wedge but the car was still too heavy.  He replaced it with a much lighter Garlits' chassis.
  15. Muncie added a post in a topic Prudhomme Wedge Dragster   

    already curious to see what's in the kits when they hit the hobby shops - it looks like Round 2 has new tooling for two different wedge body sections...
    The leading edge of the wedge in Terry's Prudhomme link above is perpendicular to the main body.  The front of the orange wedge in Tim Boyd's review of the new Flying Wedge is angled aft... Could we see more kits to support Round 2's tooling investment - that would be good! 
    Have a couple of partial old kits in the archive - AMT had two bodies back in the day - It looks like the original flying wedge body had the leading edge perpendicular and the Black Beauty had the angled front on the wedge with a ton of way too heavy rivet detail.  There may have been other differences but both of these had the main body and wedge molded together in one piece with a separate nose section. 
    Looking forward to these and another inquiring mind wants to know if the Kenny Goodell decals will fit either new body