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  1. Mikes Decals also has a sheet - very nice - #42/48 Dan Gurney Trans Am Plymouth Barracuda Powerslide - Powerslide - Powerslide Decals - (mikesdecals.com)
  2. Ahh, ramp trucks and drag racing - Phil Burgess did a series of articles in his NHRA Insider column in 2010 - These are interesting reading with lots of pictures. Three dozen ramp-truck photos! | NHRA Ramp trucks? Yeah, we've got ramp trucks | NHRA The big ramp-truck send-off column | NHRA Ramp Truck Tuesday | NHRA (do the links work? I tried)
  3. One idea, check with Randy at Model Builders Warehouse. He carries the HRM line. Not original parts but better. HRM has a kit based on the COX Chaparral and may be able to work something out for the headlight lens. HRM also has a set of Halibrands and tires for the Scarab. Not replicas of the Strombecker parts, but they look better. Might find some other things that you like there as well. link - Hobby car model kits and supplies - Model Builders' Warehouse (modelbuilderswh.com)
  4. Ford's early (1964) Mustang ads don't really sell the Mustang as a performance car - more as a step into something new. Check the internet for 1964 Mustang ads. It took them a while to head into the performance direction with new options. The Mustang name is appropriate for a modern car. Ford carried thru with some Mustang styling themes and they look good on it. F150 is Ford's brand for everything pickup. They may be doing the same thing with the Mustang name for cars.
  5. Very well done - looks awesome. Thank you for the great WIP posts - lots of reference material.
  6. That is very good looking engine detailing. NTA is the engine model, 370 is the nominal horsepower, 855 (cubic inches) is the engine displacement (14 liters) Cummins built these engines for decades for several applications - HD truck, marine, industrial equipment, generators... each will have their own specification with unique configuration and equipment. Same for the manufacturers that installed the engines.
  7. That shop manual is a good thing to have. I'm not familiar with the kit. Looking at the instructions, it appears that it is probably for clearance with the shift tube.
  8. couple thoughts - Is the shop manual KW or Cummins? May want to check engine/fuel filter fit in the chassis. KW may have had a specific engine spec with filters on the aftercooler to fit with something else. The fuel filter location or plumbing in the shop manual location might interfere with the steering shaft or something else on the firewall.
  9. Thanks, Much appreciated - I can use that.
  10. One of many good places place to get a lot of photo references is the Petersen Publishing archive - Petersen Digital Archive enter a search for NASCAR, select a good year and set the pictures per page to 240. You can click on a picture to enlarge it and scroll thru the pages and pages and pages with the arrow in the lower right-hand corner. Of course, it will need a little selective filtering because it shows other NASCAR series like Grand National and Winston West along with Cup. Hope this helps
  11. I like what you're doing here - always thought it was odd that Revell didn't include the wheel hardware with these wheels. Even a knock off would have had a plate like the wheels in the Orange Crate. The 1.0 mm nut would be accurate in scale for a five (or six) bolt pattern. But I wouldn't argue with a 1.2 if it looked better.
  12. If it's something that's going to the same post office branch, you may be able to ask at the counter to have it hand cancelled and delivered to the P.O.Box. Used to be able to do that in the past but may not be available anymore. Plus, you would have to stand in line. Mail is sorted at the distribution center and delivered to the station in route delivery order. Messing with that is asking for problems.
  13. depends - brass comes in different tempers, some soft, some hard. Looks like nice stuff with a great pattern. I might be tempted to try an industrial classroom grade paper cutter for long straight cuts
  14. All good. It's going to seem like too much until you're working away at the bench and need something at 7:00 when the hobby shop 12 miles away closed at 6:00. Don't have to build the inventory of supplies up all at once. Just add it a bit at a time.
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