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  1. Check with Randy at Model Builders Warehouse. He carries HRM. At times, the items may show out of stock - just let him know what you are looking for and he will let you know when he has the parts - he's very easy to work with. Detail Parts – Model Builders' Warehouse (modelbuilderswh.com)
  2. The first run of the 71's to the first three dealers will be without decals. It looks like decals will be available before the kit. I have to believe that there will be future runs of the kits with decals that will also be available at more dealers.. The initial run will help fund future releases. Somehow, the demand will be met.
  3. mikesdecals.com - coming soon pre-orders start in March patience guys
  4. One of the local model builders around here collects kits for donation to Wounded Warriors. There may be something like that near you.
  5. Agree with the Dremel cutoff wheels - Dremel makes two different thicknesses - both work. The 0.020 thick cut faster but are more fragile. The .035 thick are more durable, but take longer to cut and generate heat in the wire - Heat isn't too much of problem, but makes the wire hard to hold onto.
  6. Difficult to diagnose with photographs - I agree with all of the above. it appears the primer was not fully dry before the top coats were applied and the top coats dried first.
  7. Many years ago, the company I worked for was exporting some products to Australia and they had to comply with the ADR for motor vehicles. Our corporate partner in Australia sent their guy that was in charge of certification to review the required paperwork. He stayed a couple of extra days and one of his missions was to find a reasonable deal on an air brush for his son. In addition to the paperwork I was also driving him around town. We stopped at Michaels and he found the right air brush. We got to the counter and the clerk pulled out the 40% coupon. I was newly single and Ross points to the coupon says to me "Steve, look at all the women in here... and they're all 40% off"
  8. When fishmouthing tubing or rod, I start with a triangular file to mark the tubing deep enough to use the tapered end of a round hobby file to finish and file to fit.
  9. I've found chain saw files down to 1/16 at a chain saw, yard equipment dealer. Not at the general home improvement/hardware stores. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit - sorry, just went to double check and the chain saw file I have is also 1/8" - same size...
  10. Well done - great looking model. Dale had Hank Parker Jr on his show - the Dale Jr Download. some crazy wild stories two hour audio - ‎The Dale Jr. Download - Dirty Mo Media: Hank Parker Jr.: Let the Feathers Fly! on Apple Podcasts 12 minute YouTube video - Dale Jr. Download: Reliving Tales with Hank Parker Jr. - YouTube
  11. Looks like it might have been a temperature or humidity problem - I had that happen painting in a cold garage. Usual prep work - I had the model and paint in the house and took them out to the garage for painting. Best if paint, model, (air supply if air brush) and room temperature are the same temperature and are within the proper working temperature range.
  12. kind of off the original topic here... but it looks like a good place. AMT engineered the stock and optional engines in the trophy series Fords with mounts in the some location so the that they could be swapped around between kits - more information here. Some of these kits also had the engine stand. What "Classic" AMT Kits Had Interchangeable Engines? - Model Building Questions and Answers - Model Cars Magazine Forum
  13. Every time I see one of those 1978 Pace Car Corvettes at an auction on TV, I think about the story of a local guy who bought two in 1978 for $30K apiece. Astounding price for the time - at my pay level, even a sticker price on a base level Corvette was out of range. I believe Chevrolet built one for every dealer so that makes about 5,000 of them. Hardly rare...
  14. The availability in stores may be as simple as each hobby shop will want to (or have to) reduce their inventory of Testors to clear some space for the Revell paint displays... The date will vary by store.
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