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  1. Muncie added a post in a topic Whoopiekat new releases some ready now some soon   

    not a Ford guy - but good to see the Bill Ireland decals - he was a well known racer around here - will have to get a set of decals and do something with it
  2. Muncie added a post in a topic A Drill for General Model Work Recommendation   

    I've always used a pin vise and will continue to use one to get the drill started in the right place - but many times I wished I had a mini power drill to save my finger tips - My dremel is too big  for fine work. -  I'm going to have to check these out. - thanks for the tips
  3. Muncie added a post in a topic rear suspension designs on Salt Flat racers??   

    A 200 MPH car would have full front and rear suspension - better handling and traction - lots of tech information in the build forum at landracing.com. One of the best web-sites out there.
    edit - added link to the landracing.com build diaries - http://www.landracing.com/forum/index.php?board=12.0
  4. Muncie added a post in a topic "The World of Automobiles"   

    Great find!  I found mine at a local garage sale on my afternoon walk about a half mile from home on a Sunday afternoon.  It was already cheap but I talked them down anyway - I was thinking if they said no it would save me carrying it home.  They said OK... funny how carrying things like that seems to make them heavier.  A great reference from A to Z. 
  5. Muncie added a post in a topic 600 truck and car pix from the 2017 Goodguys Nationals at Columbus....   

    thanks for posting the  pics - a lot of neat stuff, awesome to see what was there - only problem is 600 photos added 600 projects to my list...
  6. Muncie added a post in a topic A General Observation   

    I build what I like to build because it's what I like to build... I also like looking at a lot of things that I don't like to build.
  7. Muncie added a post in a topic La Mans 74 Ford Torino   

    just one idea - Check with Mikes decals - he has a decal set for the NASCAR Torinos which looks like it has 90% of it.  The other decals for Le Mans may be available somewhere else on a sports car decal sheet.
  8. Muncie added a post in a topic chevy small block   

    Correct, there is that much difference in the length of the intake ports in a big block Chevy head - the Can Am racers in the 1960's had it figured out.  The ports on the intake side are in pairs, the ports on the exhaust side are evenly spaced.  One of intake ports in each pair must be longer to get to from the manifold to the intake valve and it's not a straight shot.  The stack length has to be staggered to make the total length from the top of the intake to the valve equal for all of the intake ports.
    As far as stack length on a small Chevy... they are tuned for the operating RPM of the engine where power is required.  A common engine in the gas classes of the 1960's was a 301 Chevy small block with a 10,000 plus RPM top end - loved the sound of those screamers off the line - short stacks for high RPM, small displacement engine!   Kind of different deal at the same time over on the 1/4 mile dirt ovals, Larger engines and tuned for torque out of the corner were the hot ticket- so taller fuel injection stacks.  Some racers tried other things, but generally these rules held true.
    A couple of other choices for scale small block Chevy fuel injection - Speed City Resin has a couple of manifolds and metal stacks in different lengths.  Some of the dirt track kits have engines with fuel injection.  The Monogram sprint cars have a very nice engine with fuel injection, but it's a bit too late for a '60's gasser.
  9. Muncie added a post in a topic What's next in the Revell '32 Ford line ?   

    While we're talking beam axles, quick changes and alternative engines, how 'bout a new frame that interchanges completely with the existing frame to put them in...  The engine mounts in the current frame for the Ford are located where they block center dump exhaust manifolds inside the chassis.  The engine mounts have to be moved to put a small block Chevy in the frame with a hood.
  10. Muncie added a post in a topic looking for 1/16 decals   

    Chuck Boerner's decals ---  the aftermarket directory here on the forum shows  stang1forever@yahoo.com and the website is http://s1248.photobucket.com/user/stang1forever/library/?sort=3&page=1
    I keep looking and have a list but haven't bought any yet. 
  11. Muncie added a post in a topic Marvel mystery oil decals   

    need idea - decals could be a do it yourself project - the Marvel Mystery Oil website has some downloads and images with the old graphics
  12. Muncie added a post in a topic Polishing paint without clear?   

    That's a good plan - the Testors enamels are really soft and the mildest polish will be best - maybe even as mild as something like Meguiers cleaner-wax.  It should shine up good without clear, but if you go that step, any polish or wax will need to be cleaned off with a good detergent (dish soap) for the clear to stick.
  13. Muncie added a post in a topic TROG 2017, Wildwood NJ   

    Awesome! lots of reference information and inspiration in those photos - thank you for posting
  14. Muncie added a post in a topic Amt something new or old   

    I like this Cobra and pickup set - I'm hoping this goes over really well and we get to see some new combinations along with the old favorites... that would be fun!
  15. Muncie added a post in a topic Fogged paint ?   

    a fogged edge can be done by lifting the edge of the tape and spraying over the back side of the raised tape.  Changing how much the tape is lifted and the spray direction will change the width of the fogged area.  better control with an airbrush but it's not impossible with a rattle can
    In the end, I agree, best advice - experiment to find the technique you like for the results you want and practice for consistency...