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  1. oh my! this is awesome, very useful - goes from 1902 to 2007 - thanks for posting
  2. Lots of great information from Force, Farmboy, and Comp 1839. Hakan, Mike, and Dave posted some great information and photos here on the forum -
  3. Love it. Thank you for posting the great photos. Excellent job chronicling one of America's great car museums. Lots to go thru, but well worth the look. I was checking out museums around Michigan a few years ago and found this one with not much time left on my journey. Gave it few hours and Wow! They had a poster that showed they have cruise-ins and cars shows on the lawn in the summer. I'm going back. But till then, I have something to look at.
  4. Looks very good - I was hoping you would build this one!
  5. same around here - most of the muscle cars were bought new by guys on an after-school grocery store, gas station or parts store paycheck. Saving a few bucks with the standard hubcaps was important. Some of the dealers brought the cars in with the tire upgrade so the buyer could take the car straight to TDI to put on a set of Americans or Cragars. Full wheel covers were kind of rare and went to older buyers with more real-world financial obligations. Preferences change - When these cars are restored 50 years later, they get the original factory steel wheels and hub caps.
  6. New! wish I had a place in the country and these guys were my neighbor.
  7. not to spill the beans --- High and Mighty and the Ram Rods will show up in later years. This was the first car of a group of Chrysler engineers that became the Ramchargers.
  8. All cool posts, thank you for posting and bringing them to light. This car was restored about three years ago. You'd suspect some lead in an old custom, but the original metalwork was so good that very little was used.
  9. Fireball Modelworks (fireballmodels.info) - has some nice Minilite wheels with Goodyear tires available in both 1/25 and 1/24th scale FMR-074-24 and FMR-074-25
  10. Brake chamber size is related to brake power - the more weight, the larger the chamber More truck stuff here with a bit on both wedge and S-cam air brake systems - unfortunately, some of the pictures are gone.
  11. Looking for stock AMT 1964 or 1965 Thunderbird interior or parts car. Is there anything out there?
  12. maybe this? 4060 - .060" OPAQUE WHITE POLYSTYRENE V GROOVE SIDING - Evergreen Scale Models
  13. Bob, Are you thinking a "working" vocational car hauler like this? With or without a car over the cab? Or a single car, more recreational flat bed or ramp truck type hauler?
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