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  1. pricing at swap meet/show

    There are a lot of good tips in this thread, but planning to have a good time may be the most important - You'll have memories, stories, and friends that will last for years.
  2. Pinto pro stock engine question

    The AMT NASCAR T-bird has a good 351 - decent block, heads, valve covers and dry sump pump - will take a little rework to add a Lenco , tunnel ram, and a pair of dominators - The AMT NASCAR kits are reasonably priced and not hard to find. https://www.mikesdecals.com/amt-1989-thunderbird-p-263.html - or - this one looks good, ready to go at Futurattraction - http://futurattraction.com/8.html
  3. Best option for a donor...

    Casey, that's the photo I was thinking of. great reference. More good detail photos of the 2015 Detroit Autorama are posted here on the forum. Credit and Thank You to Howard Cohen and Tim Boyd for my annual Autorama fix. (I wish the show people would crank up the lights on set up day.)
  4. Best option for a donor...

    The Revell 2005 C6 Corvette would be the best donor for the Corvette chassis. Imposter was built on a modified base model Corvette frame. Amazingly, the base model Corvette chassis is the correct width for the Impala body - like the Corvette was built for it. Wheels/tires and suspension for the Grand Sport or Z06 C6 Corvette would be too wide. The Corvette chassis was lengthened for Imposter - I can't remember the exact number but there is plenty of reference material out there.
  5. Salvinos JR Monte Carlo

    also looks like there is a lot more noticeable curve in the top of the front fender and in the side creases front and rear an the 1:1 - a little too flat in Salvino;s drawing. I hope they are checking there 3d work against a full size NASCAR stock car. The World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon has a Richard Petty square headlight Monte Carlo in their collection - it wasn't on the floor when I was there a few weeks ago but it is usually on display
  6. 1970s funny car experts needed

    Agreed - best to find some photos of the Blue Max chassis. Fuel tanks size and shape also varied a lot on funny cars in the 70's. Any reference you can find will be very helpful for the smaller details as well. I won't claim expert title... Here's my recipe for 1974 -1978 Funny cars ---- Monogram chassis - has the length, easier to cut down than lengthen a plastic frame. The Revell chassis was one of the earlier dragster style funny cars. The first Revell kit was Ed McCullough's Revellution which had a wide frame and roll cage to fit. Engine location - it's going to be better with the Monogram chassis, but it may need to be moved back, altered chassis tins to match Monogram KB engine - by 1974, most of the heavy hitters were running Keith Black blocks, the Revell engine looks a little small to me and is a production block.it may take a Revell engine to backdate the supercharger. (can't remember that detail) Competition resin CRT-510 slicks - the Revell slicks look too small for this era, and the Monogram slicks are too wide. Front/Rear wheels also from Comp Resins to fit - also available from Slixx The later 1976ish Revellution had the fuel tank forward of the front axle but the front axle was still on a torsion bar with the axle between the upper and lower chassis tubes - so, a bit of fabricating with brass rod and tubing for the axle, steering and suspension... hope this helps
  7. Project Rambler--Ideas/Suggestions Wanted

    build one long one, and one short one? whatever you have cooking will be worth watching, I'm in.
  8. Project Rambler--Ideas/Suggestions Wanted

    kind of out there, but looks like enough material in the two bodies to build a stretched altered wheelbase early funny car... lengthen the front end and move the rear axle ahead. whatever you build, I'm looking forward to it.
  9. A Great Day at Coney Island

    Thanks for the tour. I probably won't get to see it in person, but I'm enjoying the visits. I hope you do more.
  10. Baking soda as a blasting media

    Thanks for the tip, I like it.
  11. always works best if you put "Wanted" and "1:32 scale 76 Pontiac Ventura parts" in the topic. A lot of people skip wanted ads if they have to open them. You may consider partially assembled built-ups, parts kits...
  12. I'm confused here - what did you want Round 2 to do? new kits, different boxes, more marketing?
  13. Good Spray Can finish for Engine Blocks and Transmissions?

    Krylon Dull Aluminum in the large cans is a good go-to for a basic cast aluminum finish. Sometimes difficult to find but worth it. Some Ace Hardware stores have it. As has been said, there are different levels of brightness ands gloss in an engine compartment but this is a good place to start. Dull Aluminum also makes a good base coat for metallizers and other metallic finishes.
  14. Square Quad Headlights

    Bill, these might work... Check with Jamie over at http://moluminum.com/ he has a couple of part numbers from Czech Truck Model. It is not the complete lamp assembly, but the bulbs are very detailed and look good.