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  1. I enjoyed Ant's show and learned some things along the way. Time well spent. I hope they do more.
  2. Very cleanly built, looks good, great combination of parts, like the color - way cool!
  3. The crankcases would need to be rigidly connected to each other. Flex between the engines will damage or crack a single cast exhaust manifold or single header - unless the flex was accounted for with some type of flexible coupler in the exhaust. Frames twist and flex. Two quad fours would make an awesome straight eight. Thinking out loud - wondering if two blocks could be cut down and fitted to a common crankcase...
  4. I'm going to say that the fake mags were available on the four door Impala hardtop - but they would be 14" wheels and drum brakes. I had them on a 1967 Caprice wagon. I hated the idea of imitation mag wheels, but they sure looked sharp with whitewalls on that car.
  5. and, always put the subject of your trade item in the subject line on the post. Many people ignore posts that don't say what is being traded or what the poster is looking for in the title.
  6. Thanks Casey and Snake. I didn't realize that the original issue included the cover over the interior that found its way into the altered wheelbase fumy car kit. It looks like I may be able to replace the windshield that I'm missing on an old rebuilder project. I may throw that Judson supercharged Olds in it as well.
  7. or is it clean just because it's the first lap of the first race of the season - what an unfortunate incident in turn one. Alan, You've done it again - car looks spot on for this kind of racer. The racing scene really gives it life. Well done.
  8. I can respect that - you'd turn it into a respectable and good looking model.
  9. Not many LSR models that come to mind - just the M/T Challenger and Jimmy Flintstone's Summers Brothers Goldenrod. Some of the LSR teams commission models - contacting the team may bring something to the surface.
  10. I believe they were also in the Johan Mustang funny car. Competition Resins has them, also available at Slixx - http://ecsvr.com/slx/shopdisplayproducts.asp?page=2
  11. I have to give credit for the coolness and cutting it up to the original builder when the kit was new. I'm just taking advantage of the work that has already been started.
  12. I'll just leave this here with a couple of notes... From back in the day - found with at least ten coats of paint, brush enamel and so thick that no sign of the emblems which are intact could be seen. It is a modification to transplant the Fairlane body on the Mercury Cyclone altered wheelbase kit. Even the hole in the hood is from the Cyclone. I have one brain cell that says this was from instructions in a how to article in Model Car or Model Car Science Magazine. That brain cell doesn't work correctly so maybe not. The Cyclone AWB chassis that came with it was a mess and missing pieces - but Round 2 recently reissued it. Good to go. Mike, yes, there are three taillight bezels in the picture - The third one from the left is yours if you need it - just PM your address and I'll get it in the mail.
  13. One of these in the "long dormant project" pile - I started it about 30 years ago, found some research and started adding things like the missing window frames. Also glued in the rear brake ducts with a super glue that was to tough to tame... in other words, creating more work. I keep thinking about digging it out and doing a quick build. To my eyes, it looks good and doesn't really need a lot of the detailing that I was trying to do. Maybe after a few other things clear the bench. Alex, yours looks great.
  14. Muncie

    Big Deuce

    thumbs up, classy color, cleanly built, I like Big Deuces on the old white walls - well done Marc
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