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  1. The suggestion for Citristrip looked like it had potential - I went to the hardware store to check it out. - The label (which was printed for much better eyes than mine) said - do not use on plastic. Has any body tried it?
  2. I have not seen the contents of the upcoming Moneyes dragster kit from Atlantis, but if they have reproduced the wheels and slicks directly from the original Revell kit, you will have what you need. It sounds like many extra parts will be there so you won't be making the kit unbuildable by taking them for the Tony Nancy kit. The Revell dragsters had a unique wheel size but they used it on many kits.
  3. thanks, I didn't take into account the views after the broadcast - I'm glad to see they got a lot more online looks
  4. AA/ Blown Fuel Streamliner - from now, when Bonneville is fast (sorry, had to cheat. one A would be fast, but AA is faster)
  5. C/ Modified Production - from when grassroots drag racing was fun.
  6. what was their audience that actually signed in to watch - maybe about 1,000 people?
  7. sounds good to me, I'd rather have then making model cars than polishing presentations.
  8. Well, Round 2 said the new kit was going to be BIG... that means a truck to me. So I'm hoping for something like the truck from Fast and Furious (pick a number) it would be more contemporary and more exciting for a lot more people. I know I'm going to get shot down for why it can't be done but what the heck, might as well think big.
  9. 3M Plastic Emblem and Trim Adhesive from the local auto parts store. It will take a day to develop some strength, then a week or so to fully set. Then it will be permanent. It is like a high performance contact cement. It may be more than we need for model cars but it has a lot of other uses.
  10. So my son is away at college and getting used to dorm life. I go down to visit. He says, "I found this really cool band. Have you heard of Pink Floyd?"
  11. I could go for a Pink Floyd channel on XM...
  12. but... if they have been tooled once, new Revell should have the data sets to make new tooling. These parts are far superior to the same parts in the old Tweedy Pie tooling. That section of the original tooling is worn out.
  13. Looking good Mike. A little more work slimming down the molding on the fender and I think you have it. That shape is really subtle on the full size cars. The '55 Bel Airs had the chrome over the peak on the front fender and on the door, the 150 and 210 Chevys did not. Revell chose to mold it in but did not detail it on the box art.
  14. Great tip, thanks - I found some white pepper at the grocery store in the spice section. Potent fragrance and smells bad... really bad, but I only had to put enough down in a small area for a dog to smell. Didn't affect the lawn. Been out there for a week and nothing left by the dogs
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