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  1. never mind... might be useful for somebody else... and it' possible the bushing in the end of the trans is worn.... I still wouldn't totally discredit the internet for information - there are a lot of these vehicles out there so a lot of good information is available. I don't own one, never worked on one - just trying to help. like I said, 2 cents
  2. This vibration seems to be a common problem... There is enough out there that a lot pops up on Google 2002 fourrunner vibration. things that worked, and things that didn't work... might take a look at the driveline slip joint . The driveline has a slip joint rather than a yoke that moves in the transfer case. The slip joint may be worn or need to be lubed.. or too much lube can also bind the slip joint by preventing the slip in the driveline from compressing. just 2 cents
  3. I know Ford used some sleepers made by Able Body - possibly factory installed but I'm not sure which model Able Body sleeper they used, if they were unique for Ford, or on which truck models.
  4. a couple of thoughts - checkout the aftermarket sleeper boxes at AITM - http://aitruckmodels.com/product-category/model-truck-parts/sleep-boxes/ Most sleepers on an LN8000 race would be from the aftermarket - either factory or dealer installed. I don't believe Ford had one and on a custom race car hauler anything goes anyway. The installer would modify the back of cab to fit.
  5. Freightliner COE Questions

    that's pretty cool! - neat to know - you found something that I wasn't aware of. do you have a link for the truck for sale? by the time my Freightliner time started there weren't too many 8V's around - almost zero 8V-71's and only a handful of 8V-92's.
  6. 32 Ford 5 Window Coupe

    very nicely done - good stance and color - easy to imagine that one on the street or at the summer cruise-ins. love it!
  7. I agree with Casey - always enjoy your reviews - I look for what's in the kit and you cover everything. On the Olds, I didn't know the kit had the stock version and extra grilles - probably what I need for my Warren Johnson 1984 Pro Stock project - so your review was exactly like what I was looking for and much appreciated. now I'm off to look at that ZZ Top review...
  8. Double "A" Dale Rail

    have to agree with everybody. The brasswork on the chassis and front axle looks great.
  9. Freightliner COE Questions

    great looking brochure - there is a lot of good detail in the pictures A couple of things to be aware of --- As noted before, the AMT kit is a "raised" cab, it can be quickly identified by the vertical bar in the center of the grille. The truck in the brochure is a "stretch" cab quickly identified by the two vertical bars and important to note that it is 4 inches wider than the raised cab. The extra width is in the center of the cab - engine tunnel, grille, radiator are among the affected areas where things are a little wider. The front axle is an FE970 series axle with center point steering. Notice how the hub is thru the center of the wheel. The steering kingpins are further into the wheel and vertical to reduce steering effort - kind of a poor man's power steering - not very common for general freight applications. So, between the extra cab width and the narrower wheel track with center point steering, the front tires are located and appear to be much further inboard than the more common front axles used in general freight applications. This is not a good picture for modifying the AMT front axle assembly to move the wheels inboard. Farr Dynacell air cleaners with frontal air intake thru the nose skin like the AMT kit and the brochure were (probably?) not available with the 8V-71 engine. The Farr air cleaner mounted easily on the inline Cummins engines but the main problem is that they didn't flow enough air to meet Detroit Diesel Engineering requirements. I know for certain that it wasn't enough for the 8V-92's but at best they would have been marginal for the 8V-71 - maybe OK for the naturally aspirated 8V-71, but not for the 8V-71T - not sure about it on a 1971 to '73, but I'm sticking to it. Some of the high horsepower 8V-92's that came later even required dual 16" diameter air cleaners - yeah, try to locate that where the trailer doesn't hit it. I think your reference truck has stationary air intake with the air cleaner mounted on the exhaust cross braces - that would be correct for the 8V-71T. The alternative with single exhaust is to frame rail mount the air cleaner under the cab ahead of the fuel tank.
  10. Detail Master this is cool !

    yeah, I could have mis-read the question - they include nine shifter balls - description below is straight from Detail Master's web site... hope this is better. but I agree there are other sources for the knob - I think I would try to source the knob or handle from something else anyway. http://www.detailmaster.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=e9a357b41d8f0a32801ed9454902676a&Screen=PROD&Store_Code=detailmaster&Product_Code=DM-2531-2&Category_Code=HS DM-2531 Hurst Shifters (9) Quantity in Basket: None Price: $12.99 Quantity: This etch parts comes with 1 etch part and 9 shifter balls. Please use gloves when handeling the lead balls.
  11. Detail Master this is cool !

    that is a good question - it looks like nine - the sheet has 18 shift handle parts to make 9 shifter handles - they can be paired up back to back so the lettering shows on both sides and they build up to scale thickness.
  12. missing versions in kits

    isn't this the second kit from the '71 Satellite - different hood and a couple of other minor changes - the GTX has been reissued a couple of times
  13. Detail Master this is cool !

    That's another one that would be good to have - Maybe Detail Master has more in the works with the bench seat Chevy and pistol grip Mopars.
  14. Detail Master this is cool !

    a shift boot can be made by stacking rectangles of .020 or .030 Evergreen plastic to fit the shift boot retainer.