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  1. rsxse240 added a post in a topic 1:32 Aoshima 22.5" wheel set.   

    They seem to be on par with their other wheel offerings, but I can't find any pics to let me know if they'd pass as US market or if they'll look stupid.   Of course just about anything would be better than what come in the Revellogram 1:32 kits.
  2. rsxse240 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    1:32 Aoshima 22.5" wheel set.
    I am looking for opinions on the Aoshima wheel set for 1:32 Semi trucks.  I really want to dress up my revell kits, and the wheels are a good starting point.  There's a 22.5" "aluminum", a 19.5" "aluminum", and some "steel" version.  
    If anyone has any pictures of the actual wheels, I'd love to see them
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  3. rsxse240 added a topic in General   

    Cheap Chinese lathe.
    I really want to turn some parts on a lathe and am considering getting a cheap Chinese lathe from Amazon.  These little kits are multi purpose and can be changed to a mill/drill, a table saw, a table router, and several other configurations.  I was curious if any of you might have one and would kindly share your opinion of it?
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  4. rsxse240 added a post in a topic 1982 Dodge Cargo Van   

    It's a Dodgiban! Lol
    Looks great.  
  5. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Crew cab dually w/Ranger bass boat   

    The boat looks big because it is 1:24 and the truck is made from the 454ss kit which was actually small for 1:25.  The boat scales out to about 1:24.  My neighbor had one and I thought it looked big too, so I compared my kit to his boat which was a longer version of the same boat.
  6. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Update on mud truck   

    I noticed that you called this an update.  I presume you are the same guy that building the other thread .  You might find that thread is moved to the trucks work in progress section.  
  7. rsxse240 added a post in a topic S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX   

    More work on the body kit.  Cut the lower half of the bumper off.  Cut off the upper half of the rear skirt from the Aoshima S15 and cut it in half so as to accommodate the size and shape of the Tamiya kit.  I had a fowl up during fitment, so no after shot, just this measly progress pic.
    Thanks for looking!
  8. rsxse240 added a post in a topic A Differant Deuce   

    That is AMAZING!   When I saw it at first, I thought someone might have taken a reference photo, but then I saw the letters on the left of the image.  
    Looking great so far!  What all do we have going on here?  I see a lot of familiar parts.
  9. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Liberty Walk - Nissan GTR   

    That's really cool!  I got to see a real liberty walk R35 here in Oklahoma at Coffee and Cars meet.
  10. rsxse240 added a post in a topic any heavy haul trailers box stock, custom, anything   

    Man, that is one of the  very best working trucks I have ever seen.  The pictures do absolutely no justice to the quality of craftsmanship.  I think I studied that one for an hour looking at the details.
  11. rsxse240 added a post in a topic any heavy haul trailers box stock, custom, anything   

    ^ is this the one I saw in Dallas?
  12. rsxse240 added a post in a topic 1949 merc cancer society build   

    It looks great!  Sorry about your mom.  I thank the Lord every day that I still have my folks.  
    Your mom would love it too, I am sure. 
  13. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Tangerine   

    That looks like a lot of work!  Looks great!  
    If you were down this way, Oklahoma, Texas, I'd suggest The MCMA Dallas show in March.
    See if you can find a local model club.  They'll be able to get you to a show, I'm sure.
  14. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Just got in a new kit!!   

    No plastic full detailed kits, but there's no shortage of diecast full detailed.  Though most of them are too expensive or super inaccurate or both.
    Same with another iconic supercar, the Lamborghini Miura/Jota.  When they make full detailed kits of these cars, there will be no need for any other kits to be produced, ever again because these are the COOLEST cars in the world.
  15. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Can we see some scratchbuilt things?   

    SR20det in progress.  It's been Back burnered for a long time.  I recently brought back out for my S13 group project.  All scratch built using styrene, putty and random shapes made from different things.  Not 100% correct, but a LOT better than the Aoshima lump.