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  1. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Revell Honda/Acura   

    I'm a Nissan fan, I can't comment on Hondas.  lol
    Some great work here!   Absolutely talented, you are.  I like that you have personalized your builds so much.  I see so many of these that people build "custom", but still look straight out of the box.  I want to see more on that NSX!  I haven't seen the Revellogram kit yet, that I am aware of.  
    I have several Hondas that need built/finished and your builds may just give me the motivation to do so.
    Thank you for sharing and WELCOME to MCM Forum!
  2. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Non-Toxic cement....   

    The little triangle shaped container of liquid cement that has the metal tube applicator may be better as it doesn't allow so much odor into the air and is way less messy.  I use mine on most models I build still.
  3. rsxse240 added a post in a topic AMT 1972 Corvette   

    Looking great!  A suggestion, if I may.  Scuff your primer before base coat, scuff base coat before masking paint lines.  When pulling the tape off, don't pull straight up, pull it as if you're doubling it over.  In doing this it tends to cut the paint lines with the tape rather than tearing it.  
    Judging by your skill set, you already know this.  Lol
    I love the paint scheme and color choice.  I think a pearl top coat before clear would look phenomenal.
  4. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Lol, it's been nearly a year since the last update.  It would appear that crewdawg has the same building habits as me, so don't be holding your breath on a quick update.  Haha
    Seriously though, I've never seen a better s-chassis kit build... ever!
  5. rsxse240 added a post in a topic I often wonder why building can be so slow   

    my cat (one of 3) is a real strange one.   anywhere else in the house, she won't come within 3 feet of anyone but as soon as I walk into my hobby room, she's there being annoyingly affectionate.  She's a real work inhibitor.  Usually if I give her a pipe cleaner she'll go chase it around and leave me be for the most part.  Otherwise, I have to just wait until she settles into my lap and falls asleep.
    as for boxes, well, cats are cats, something about the smooth cardboard bottom and the walls to hold them in, I don't get it.  They are strange creatures.
  6. rsxse240 added a post in a topic The Love Machine   

    Some years ago a very good friend, Glen Smith, built one of these.  It turned out great and yours looks pretty good so far.  He used pulled cotton balls airbrushed with light gray to limit the need for interior details.
  7. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Rojam Toyota Crown Athlete   

    Those kits are difficult to make look good but you succeeded!  Great job!
  8. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Audi R8   

    Let's be brutally honest here, like you said.
    Did YOU enjoy building this model?  Do YOU like the way it turned out?  If you answers are both yes, then you've done a great job.  Just look at how your build turned out and observe the points you want to improve and ask how to do those.  You are asking a very vague question by asking "How can I improve my build?".   
    See if you can find a model club near you and attend regularly,  that in itself will vastly and rapidly improve your skills.  I have even gone as far as hanging a flyer up at Hobby Lobby for recruiting modelers.  
    Give praise to God for everything and you'll be just fine.
  9. rsxse240 added a post in a topic 1964 El Shorty   

    Looks like a first gen IH Scout that's been chopped and channeled.
    I like it.
  10. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

    simply amazing what you are doing with limited resources. 
    Keep up the great work!  I check on this thread on a daily basis, it's the only thread I am subscribed to.  LOL!
  11. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Infiniti J30   

    I think you did a great job.  
    I'm of the opinion that the right wheels, suspension and paint, and maybe some window tint can make any car look good.  I personally like the J30, here's mine, just to show what can be done with this "Boring" kit.  Since it was a curbside, it went together easily.

  12. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Homemade Headlight Lenses   

    As seen above, a candle works well, but make sure not to get to close.  I tried and found that the candle I was using gave of a lot of soot or other impurities that clouded the "GLASS".  I tried again using a heat gun for heat shrink (butane torch with a sort of heat reflector shield thing) and it softened the plastic and left it crystal clear, although my mold was less than what one would consider poor quality, it still turned out a nice crystal clear part.
    As for mold material, wouldn't plaster or drywall mud be too grainy and brittle?  I had to mash mine in pretty good.  I might consider an epoxy resin mold or maybe JBWeld or some of that 2 part plumber's putty, tamiya 2 part, miliput or any other hard 2 part putty.
    I have SO MANY kits I haven't built because of the headlights being poorly cast, not clear or otherwise ugly.  This trick is going to be a great motivator for me!  Thank you so much, Steve, for sharing this great tip!
  13. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Squad 51   

    Squad 51!  Heck yes!
    I used to watch that every day right after the Andy Griffith show or maybe it was after Starskey & Hutch, or Rockford files, I don't know I watched them all!
  14. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Clearly Scale thread   

    Ok, I first have to apologize for getting off topic, but my question is about the image of the builds.  Who built the VW caddy, and could you please send me information on on it?
  15. rsxse240 added a post in a topic How many CFM   

    for an airbrush only booth, you really don't need that much, but if you're using spray cans a lot, you might make sure you get a good amount of cfm.  If you are pulling 150 cubic feet per minute, that is replacing the air in a 10'X10'X8' room in just about 5 minutes.  If you asked me, that's plenty sufficient for a 2x3x3 booth. The math tells me that your little booth would have all of the air replaced every .12 minutes or about 5 seconds.  That's pretty good.  
    The main thing you'll want to consider when selecting a fan for your booth is what kind of paints you'll be using.  If you are going to be using an air compressor spraying water based paints, volatility may not be an issue, but if you are spraying lacquers, or other highly combustible paints or aerosols you will definitely want a spark free fan motor or sealed motor to lessen the chance of blowing yourself up.  not that I've ever heard of anyone blowing up in a freak airbrushing accident.  lol, it could happen!