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  1. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Yellow Headlights for Race Cars   

    Why not use a yellow highlighter?  Tellow sharpies would work too.
  2. rsxse240 added a post in a topic custom '50 chevy pickup   

    Well, there goes all my progress photos on this one.  Thanks photoF**Ket.  I am not going to pay for photo hosting.  I guess I will just start another progress thread...maybe, if I feel like doing all the down and up loading of images.  Since they are all on Photobucket 
    What a hassle.
  3. rsxse240 added a post in a topic custom '50 chevy pickup   

    Thanks, Tom, for the kind words.  I have since put this back on hold.  I went M.A.D.D. (Modeller's Attention Deficit Disorder) and decided to change things up a bit and build some aircraft for a change of scenery.  
    I had to do a bunch of repairs to the body and doors due to shrinks and cracks in the body work.  It's back in primer and looking good, but really no notable progress on this one, unfortunately.
  4. rsxse240 added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    I am going to use this idea of flipping the hood around to make a custom rear end
  5. rsxse240 added a post in a topic '56 Chevy Truck   

    Those wheels look fantastic on that truck!
  6. rsxse240 added a post in a topic custom '50 chevy pickup   

    Thank you all for the compliments and motivation.  I am quite busy now that the grass is growing again.  I'll post progress as it happens.
  7. rsxse240 added a post in a topic custom '50 chevy pickup   

    I pulled this back out to do a write-up on how to make a good clean fitment in tight quarters.  
    You see the poor fitment and huge gaps between the fender and bedside that needs filled, but it's in a hard to reach area.

    I tape the fender to protect it from the filler.

    After cleaning the parts for good adhesion, I then mix my filler. For this application, I am using 3M/Bondo PROFESSIONAL glazing putty.

    Be certain to follow the directions at first as mixing ratio is very important.  Too much hardener and it cures too quickly and shrinks and cracks.  Too little hardener and it won't cure at all.  Finding the right ratio for your own use is not difficult.  I use about 10:1 ratio of filler to hardener.  It gives a good 4 minutes of working time before it starts to kick.

    Mix it thoroughly but be quick about it, you don't have much time!  Sling it on the area to be filled, in this case, along the edge of the bedside cut out for the fender.

    Soon as you can, press the masked up part into the wet putty and let cure until hard.

    I went and cut the exess off with my #11 blade while it was still quite soft in order to cut down the sanding time and mess.  Once it is hardened, you can carefully remove the fender and sand the filler down quite easily, then simply place the fender back in the hole and check your fitment.

    This process can be used for grafting roofs onto bodies, tail/headlight housings, grills, bumpers, the list goes on.  This can also be used to make custom body panels like skirts, flares, spoilers, etc.
    I hope someone finds this helpful!
  8. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Nissan 180SX   

    I love it!!!!  Makes me want to go finish mine!
    as for you doing something simple...  I think I'd rather build an engine and detail the engine bay than to fab up an entire "stripped" interior.
    Keep it up, I can't wait to see this one done!
  9. rsxse240 added a topic in General   

    Ambroid pro weld
    I was very sad this week to find that my bottle of Proweld is nearly empty only to find it is my last bottle and Ambroid is out of business!   
    So what is a good alternative to Ambroid Proweld?  I have used the Plastruct Plastiweld but I didn't like it as much for some reason.  I've not used the Flexifile stuff yet.  My question is what can I buy at Lowe's to make my own?
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  10. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Karmann Ghia   

    Which Karmann This kid is this?  Hasegawa, I presume, with the engine replacement.  (The Tamiya kit is amazing)
    I like the ox blood interior.  Should go well with white, red or black paint.  I can't wait to see more progress, the Ghia is one of my favorite cars!
  11. rsxse240 added a post in a topic S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX   

    Sorry I have not made any progress since March 4th.  I've been catching up on the house work since I had neglected it for the last month building models and working on real cars.  I did get my desk cleared away to make room for more progress.  
    Stay tuned for more real soon.
  12. rsxse240 added a post in a topic '60s Style '56 VW Bug street rod - Updated 5-04   

    Only problem with the 29 Ford wheels is the offset is way wrong for a Bug.  Not that it is a big deal.
  13. rsxse240 added a post in a topic S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX   

    Almost done!  I finally have a paint job that I am happy with...Or I'm just super high from the Testors #2017 Lacquer Clear Coat.  Which, by the way, is AWESOME!  It is the first clear coat I've used on the Sinful Color nail polish that didn't craze, haze, fisheye, orange peel or any other adverse reactions (aside from some dust specs).
    I, unfortunately won't be done for the 2017 Shoot Out in Farmers Branch, TX in the morning, but I'll bring it for the project class.
    Here's a low light midnight pic for you.
    Here's one of the interior bucket.  Still needs some dull coat and some CF decals for the seats and some details here and there.
    I also have the glass trimmed in black.
    I guess I can stop stressing about finishing one kit and just enjoy building for a while since it won't meet the deadline.
    Stay tuned, I'll be finishing this one up soon!

  14. rsxse240 added a post in a topic S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX   

    I cut out the door panels to detail them a bit.  Built up the "arm rest" and made the door pull cup (it's really difficult to see) and made the door handles from a piece of strip styrene carved into, what I think is, a convincing detail, if not absolutely correct.

    Now, I hope I can get some more work done so I can have it done for Saturday's show in Texas!
  15. rsxse240 added a post in a topic S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX   

    So it looks like I'm using too hot a thinner.  I saw a video posted on YouTube by Tonioseven where he is using the very same paint (brand) and is thinning it with just enamel thinner as opposed to lacquer thinner that I have been using which helps the paint flow out and not dry before it hits the model.
    So as a matter of respect, I have to thank Tonioseven for the help he didn't realize he gave.  Lol