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  1. 1956 Custom Nomad - MADE IN BRAZIL

    I always get excited when I see "Made in Brazil". You never disappoint! Very cool build.
  2. I plan on using the Mustang SVO engine in my Pinto. This particular one is going into my SVO, of course. But it is a great fairly accurate 2.3 liter.
  3. I am so glad you kept your old one! I wish I still had my childhood builds. They all went into the parts bin or sold to pay the gas/electric bill. Your current build is coming along nicely! I look forward to your progress. Incidentally, the '68-70 Charger is my dream car as well.
  4. Very weird Mustang/pickup

    Since the Fox Body Mustang is a shared chassis with a MULTITUDE of other Ford, Lincoln and Mercury (as well as other makes world wide) there may not have been much to change to make the Ute. Infact, there was probably an Aussie contribution. I have always wanted to build a SVO or Capri wagon or "Ranchero" using a Ford LTD II (Fairmont) wagon. Or super base model mustang with a bench seat and column shift using parts from a Fairmont or Zephyr and the square front end bolted to a Mustang coupe body.
  5. Nismo R32 GTR

    I think Aoshima did a V35 Skyline Nismo gts coupe. And I believe Fujimi or Aoshima did a Nismo 370Z.
  6. 36 chevy

    Wow, both are great looking cars!
  7. Mazda RX7 Quad Rotor

    Despite the poor craftsmanship of your 4rotor, it turned out very nicely!
  8. Golf MKII GTi

    The problem with using 1:1 scale paint is the 1:1 scale flakes. You can actually get custom made flake to suit your needs. However, in such a small scale, 1:25 scale flakes would basically be powder and really wouldn't show up as well. Now if you were painting a bass boat... that's a whole different story, lol. Your Golf still looks amazing. I've been wanting to get a MK II for a while. Now that the Revell MKI Golf is out and has a great looking Engine and chassis, I may have to get on HLJ.com and order a Fujimi kit.
  9. Nismo R32 GTR

    I love it! The paint looks flawless from what I can see. I too am a huge Nissan fan. I've owned my Silvia (USDM S13 240SX Coupe with JDM Silvia front body work) for a little over 18 years. I've had several others also, as well as various other Nissan and Infiniti cars and trucks. You should look into the S-Chassis for the Nismo R-200 and the Silvia and 180SX Nismo offerings. I think they would compliment your collection well.
  10. Tamiya Miata contest build

    You're doing a fine job on this, that is for sure! My son had a Miata for a while, but he couldn't take care of it so we traded it in for a Ranger pickup. That was indeed a pleasure to drive, even if it was a no muffler straight pipe, wheels falling off, opaque back window, no interior deathtrap. It was fun to drive. As for your build, be sure to use several shades and texture of black inder the car. Even some olive drab for the hard fuel and brake lines where they aren't covered with heat or abrasion shielding. Use a pale brass color for the connections. Flat or semi-gloss for the rubber boots on CV joints and steering rack boots, aluminum or gloss black for the rack itself, pale gold or pale brass for the bolt heads on the subframes, etc. Here's a picture of my Tamiya 370Z that is one solid chunk of plastic with just detail paint. And one of my Revellogram 93 Cobra Both were straight out of the box and were awarded first places in box stock due to the detail painting and attention to details of fit and finish. Keep it up, you're going to have a trophy on your shelf before long.
  11. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    Thank you for the compliment, Eric. I just happened to pick up this exact kit today. The one issue I am having is that mine doesn't seem to have the stock louvers behind the side windows but it does come with some crazy "aftermarket" louvers that I do NOT intend on using. So far you seem to be doing a great job on yours. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  12. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    Thanks. It's all just thinned acrylic paint and dry brush. As a mechanic, I see a LOT of daily driven car chassis, so I really know what they look like. Lol You see the blue "overspray" like ithe car was recently painted? I am going for a used but well driven look
  13. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    I never cared for the monochromatic look. It always makes cars look cheap unless it's an old hot rod or something.
  14. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    Thank you for your compliments. It really does fuel the drive to do better and push through the difficult parts of modelling. Don't mistake this one for not having clear headlight lenses, it does. However, it doesn't have clear front corner markers or turn signals.
  15. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    The bad thing is the sister kits (the 93 Cobra and the GT Convertible) had amazing headlights with buckets behind the lenses. Maybe the SVO was the basis of the Cobra and convertible and they made improvements. Who knows. Anyway you put it, I have some good looking lenses now.