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  1. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    "Why does it take so long to build a model?" they ask. Well, it's because I can't leave well enough alone. I re-detailed the brake master cylinder. Just because I like to torture myself. I finished the interior. Just basically out of the box with some attention to available details. I also have repaired the fender, painted the trim and mouldings, and installed the glass. I also made ANOTHER set of headlights because I keep giving them away. I also made a second set for the other SVO in my stash. Not much to do now, other than adding more details to the engine bay and chassis. Thanks for looking in. -Ken
  2. 1975 Monza Taillight Travails 09/20/18

    It looks infinitely better than the original headlight! Now all there is to do is replicate it on the other side! Looks great, friend. Keep it up and keep on posting updates!
  3. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    One step forward and repaint a fender because I was stupid and dripped some CA accelerant on the paint. Now to wait a few days for this acrylic paint to fully cure and re clear the fender. GRRRR!!!
  4. Fujimi Nissan Skyline R34 25GT Turbo 1:24

    OH MY GOD WHAT A TEASE! I was so excited to see your beautiful interior panels in place only to scroll down and find you still have more to go! It is like a cliff hanger TV show. Now I'm hooked and can't wait to see how it come out in the next episode! Great work here, friend! I honestly look forward to seeing more!
  5. 1975 Monza Taillight Travails 09/20/18

    I usually edge all of my "glass" and clear Parts with black to add depth and hide the thickness of the lens. You may, however be on to something with the silver. It would carry the reflection bucket out to the edge of the lens. What you have done so far is nothing short of amazing. On a side note. My method of making clear headlights to replace the chrome plated ones is to use filler/putty on the back side of the chrome headlights and shape it into a reflection bucket, then make a mold and cast it in clear resin. Paint the back of the "bucket" chrome with a Molotow pen then drill a tiny hole and fill it with Amber or silver paint to represent bulbs. These are from my current project, SVO Mustang. It came with chrome turn signals and clear headlamps.
  6. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    I have this one and one other, that I had to rob the glass from because this one cracked. I would like to get a few more for some future builds of ideas I have.
  7. Hasegawas Lamborghini Miura SV

    After seeing this, I am just that much more disappointed with the Italeri Miura (ESCI rebox) kit. This one looks so much better!
  8. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    Well, I dug this back out. I've been having a multitude of self induced problems that I won't bore you with. Here's today's work. Added wires to the battery, brake lines to the master cylinder, and I used some guitar string painted black to represent the main chassis harness coming from the fuse box to the firewal I should hope to be progressing quickly to completion in the near future! Thanks for looking.
  9. 1956 Custom Nomad - MADE IN BRAZIL

    I always get excited when I see "Made in Brazil". You never disappoint! Very cool build.
  10. I plan on using the Mustang SVO engine in my Pinto. This particular one is going into my SVO, of course. But it is a great fairly accurate 2.3 liter.
  11. I am so glad you kept your old one! I wish I still had my childhood builds. They all went into the parts bin or sold to pay the gas/electric bill. Your current build is coming along nicely! I look forward to your progress. Incidentally, the '68-70 Charger is my dream car as well.
  12. Very weird Mustang/pickup

    Since the Fox Body Mustang is a shared chassis with a MULTITUDE of other Ford, Lincoln and Mercury (as well as other makes world wide) there may not have been much to change to make the Ute. Infact, there was probably an Aussie contribution. I have always wanted to build a SVO or Capri wagon or "Ranchero" using a Ford LTD II (Fairmont) wagon. Or super base model mustang with a bench seat and column shift using parts from a Fairmont or Zephyr and the square front end bolted to a Mustang coupe body.
  13. Nismo R32 GTR

    I think Aoshima did a V35 Skyline Nismo gts coupe. And I believe Fujimi or Aoshima did a Nismo 370Z.
  14. 36 chevy

    Wow, both are great looking cars!
  15. Mazda RX7 Quad Rotor

    Despite the poor craftsmanship of your 4rotor, it turned out very nicely!