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  1. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Infiniti Q45   

    until you had to fix something.  But a resourceful person would find cheaper non-luxury parts as replacements.
    Great build, by the way.  I love these luxury non-mercedes kits!  I have a few waiting to be built.
  2. rsxse240 added a post in a topic 53 Chev Panel builid WIP   

    really cool that you're detailing one of these relics.  It will take a LOT of work, but will be worth it when done.  I can't wait to see what you do next!
  3. rsxse240 added a post in a topic MCMA Showdown 2016 March 5, 2016   

    The show was great!  I am glad I took the time to go!  I can't wait till next year!
  4. rsxse240 added a post in a topic (M.C.M.A,) Metroplex Car Modelers contest   

    I am glad I got to see this in person!  Outstanding work and WELL deserving of the awards!  
    If you got pics of the rest of the show, I'd like to ask if you could share them.  My camera wouldn't work
  5. rsxse240 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    texas model show pics?
    Did anyone get any pictures of the MCMA show in Farmer's Branch, Texas?  My camera wasn't working and I didn't get any pics.  :-(
    a link to a hosting site would be fine, I wanted to show my friends and family what a great show/turnout it was.
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  6. rsxse240 added a post in a topic MCMA Showdown 2016 March 5, 2016   

    So glad I found this!  Lol, I've been wanting info on it for weeks.  Good thing I am off this weekend!  Lol
  7. rsxse240 added a post in a topic 1992 Infiniti J30t   

    I love the J30!   Not a fan of the Donk style or blue on a J30, but it's a decent build, so I gotta give you that.  I'd love to see more of these built in all styles of build.
    Great job!
  8. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Boss 302 2013   

    You win the internet for 3 days!  Awesome 'stang!
  9. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Revell Honda/Acura   

    I'm a Nissan fan, I can't comment on Hondas.  lol
    Some great work here!   Absolutely talented, you are.  I like that you have personalized your builds so much.  I see so many of these that people build "custom", but still look straight out of the box.  I want to see more on that NSX!  I haven't seen the Revellogram kit yet, that I am aware of.  
    I have several Hondas that need built/finished and your builds may just give me the motivation to do so.
    Thank you for sharing and WELCOME to MCM Forum!
  10. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Non-Toxic cement....   

    The little triangle shaped container of liquid cement that has the metal tube applicator may be better as it doesn't allow so much odor into the air and is way less messy.  I use mine on most models I build still.
  11. rsxse240 added a post in a topic AMT 1972 Corvette   

    Looking great!  A suggestion, if I may.  Scuff your primer before base coat, scuff base coat before masking paint lines.  When pulling the tape off, don't pull straight up, pull it as if you're doubling it over.  In doing this it tends to cut the paint lines with the tape rather than tearing it.  
    Judging by your skill set, you already know this.  Lol
    I love the paint scheme and color choice.  I think a pearl top coat before clear would look phenomenal.
  12. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Fujimi RPS13 180SX Type-X   

    Lol, it's been nearly a year since the last update.  It would appear that crewdawg has the same building habits as me, so don't be holding your breath on a quick update.  Haha
    Seriously though, I've never seen a better s-chassis kit build... ever!
  13. rsxse240 added a post in a topic I often wonder why building can be so slow   

    my cat (one of 3) is a real strange one.   anywhere else in the house, she won't come within 3 feet of anyone but as soon as I walk into my hobby room, she's there being annoyingly affectionate.  She's a real work inhibitor.  Usually if I give her a pipe cleaner she'll go chase it around and leave me be for the most part.  Otherwise, I have to just wait until she settles into my lap and falls asleep.
    as for boxes, well, cats are cats, something about the smooth cardboard bottom and the walls to hold them in, I don't get it.  They are strange creatures.
  14. rsxse240 added a post in a topic The Love Machine   

    Some years ago a very good friend, Glen Smith, built one of these.  It turned out great and yours looks pretty good so far.  He used pulled cotton balls airbrushed with light gray to limit the need for interior details.
  15. rsxse240 added a post in a topic Rojam Toyota Crown Athlete   

    Those kits are difficult to make look good but you succeeded!  Great job!