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  1. Karmann Ghia advice

    Having delt with the exact issue with the exact kit, I can tell you that after several failed attempts, I finally decided to foil both pieces of trim with one piece of BMF, then paint over the foil and carefully clean the trim off with some paint thinner.
  2. Tamiya 300zx turbo

    If you cover the area you want to modify with masking tape, the tape prevents the Bondo from adhering to the body. Once it is dry, you can carefully remove the Bondo from the body and the tape will also come clean from both the body and the Bondo.
  3. Tamiya 300zx turbo

    I encourage you to try to build that! Nobody builds Z32 kits and when they do, they're stock. I think I have suggested my method previously, but I'll try to explain it again. Cover the area you wish to modify (such as flares, skirts and bumpers) with masking tape and using Bondo PROFESSIONAL glazing putty, get a basic shape of what you're trying to accomplish while it's wet. Now let it cure thoroughly then CAREFULLY remove the part and rough in your shape adding more putty if needed. Then you can use some fine finishing putty to get it smooth and get your final shape. Now you have a part that is easy to work with, fits perfectly to the body and you don't have to do very much modifying to the body to have a really nice job.
  4. Ford Sierra XR4i

    I got to drive one, once. It makes me so incredibly sad that I didn't buy it. Black 2.3l Turbo Merkur Xr4ti. GAHHH! I kick myself in the pants for that. Dave Van has pictured a resin body on a Mustang GTP, isn't it? I recall seeing someone on here having one for sale not incredibly long ago.
  5. 1967 Mercury Puma GT

    I see your point and i will whole heartedly agree with your choice. I think this will be quitea stunner when it's done!
  6. 1967 Mercury Puma GT

    I've been thinking about doing this exact same thing! I am quite shocked to see the 67-68 cougar body being cut up, as I cannot find one to save my life! I am watching this one!
  7. Ford Sierra XR4i

    I couldn't agree more! This is one of my FAVORITE cars of all time! I also have one and I am trying to track down a Revellogram Thunderbird Turbo Coupe to swap the drivetrain so as to make the U.S. model XR4TI. Since we all know the lump of plastic in the kit is a fair REPRESENTATION of a Ford V6, plus it was slow in comparison to the 2.3 Turbo. I can't wait to see what you do with this!
  8. ^ I know the feeling. I've made some wheels, seats and other things for people then see the way they turned out and wish I would've kept the Masters. Lol As for the build at hand. I am in love with this truck. Always have been and always will be. You're doing a fantastic job and it looks great so far!
  9. Very nice! It always feels good to complete a build, specially when it takes a long time. Hopefully, you are inspired to continue to build, I'd like to see more of your work.
  10. Tamiya 300zx turbo

    The "glass" can easily be blacked with a good black Sharpie or a careful masking of the clear section and airbrushed the black. As for a body kit, if you message me with a picture of what you're looking for or something similar, I could possibly build one and resin cast a transkit. I've been looking for a good excuse to build mine. Here's a picture of the current project I am working on. A Tamiya 180SX with an Aoshima S15 body kit modified to fit.
  11. Yellow Headlights for Race Cars

    Why not use a yellow highlighter? Tellow sharpies would work too.
  12. Well, there goes all my progress photos on this one. Thanks photoF**Ket. I am not going to pay for photo hosting. I guess I will just start another progress thread...maybe, if I feel like doing all the down and up loading of images. Since they are all on Photobucket What a hassle.
  13. Thanks, Tom, for the kind words. I have since put this back on hold. I went M.A.D.D. (Modeller's Attention Deficit Disorder) and decided to change things up a bit and build some aircraft for a change of scenery. I had to do a bunch of repairs to the body and doors due to shrinks and cracks in the body work. It's back in primer and looking good, but really no notable progress on this one, unfortunately.
  14. I am going to use this idea of flipping the hood around to make a custom rear end
  15. Those wheels look fantastic on that truck!