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  1. ironmike57 added a post in a topic Cables for 1/12th scale Chopper...   

    Check out the craft section of WalMart or any of the craft stores for beading wire. It comes in different gauges and colors, bends and cuts easily and is pretty inexpensive. I also bought some small gauge wire at Radio Shack that works well for oil lines etc. Good luck!
  2. ironmike57 added a post in a topic Loco shovelhead chopper   

    That's a pretty sweet scoot, I love the ol' skool chops. I've got a couple of the old Revell kits squirrelled away, this makes me want to break one out. Nice work!
  3. ironmike57 added a post in a topic 1/12 Revell Fireball & Gambler Chopper- Mini Review   

    Not to mention that R-M would have to purchase the rights to the H-D logo etc.