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  1. I'd seen pics of the 53 set, many years ago. Not seen the 54. The 55 probably not but wouldn't of taken much notice as theres no Pontiac in it. Never knew about the 57 set, think I may have a new 'holy grail'. Unlikely I'm ever gonna find any of the sets this side of the pond, and even less likely I could afford em if I did. Anyone got pics of the 57 set to share ?
  2. Thanks all, Peter I did look at the 41 Plymouth as a possible donor for the hood, but havn't decided yet, may use the Monogram 39 Chevy. Agree there's nowhere enough pre 50 non Fords in styrene, which I'd love to see. Doug, thanks for the info, The chassis & suspension is on my list of things to change but I need to get to the car to get the info I need. You may want to recheck the link, the first pic shows Pontiac 8 Deluxe, as far as Im aware the only model in the 37s that didn't come with an 8cyl was the woodie. You'd be hard pressed to stuff the 8 in a car that came with the 6 originally. The 8 was available (in varying displacement) from 1933 - 1954, then came the V8. Though there are some differences externally otherwise its pretty much the same block. Your LaSalle, love it ! I'm keeping an eye on it. You've persevered where most would of given up. Heres a quick pic of my dads 37 Touring 6 sedan next to the conv back in '83. Which If I can get this conv looking acceptable will be another car I'd like to have a bash at building.
  3. Thanks guys, its longer in the doors, rear quarters (at least behind the doors, not sure on trunk area), front fenders, cowl & A posts are different shape too. Possibly the only thing that might be close but no cigar in length is the rear fenders but havnt measured them yet to find out.
  4. Thought I'd have a bash of converting the AMT 37 Chevy into a Pontiac. My old man bought this 37 Pontiac 8 conv at the tail end of 2018, but its been off the road since '83 when this pic was taken, paint is peeling, and non running. Condition isn't quite the same as it was back then............... . Starting off with 2 kits as I need to lengthen & modify pretty much everywhere. Lengthened the doors (4 an a little bit inches) and interior space, along with the chassis. Until this virus is over I probably won't be able to get to the garage to get any more measurements on the body or chassis. Made a start with the engine. Cut the block halves up, but didn't notice the blocks are cast slightly different in the kits. Doesn't matter as the file made 'em close enough for me. Added the ribs on the head, , still have more bits to do (starter, thermostat housing etc). Scratched up the oil filler, downdraught tube, and changed the dizzy out for an 8 cyl one. Gearbox I dont think is close to right but will do. Intake, exhaust & chrome side cover from a 32 Chrysler, SBC water pump (attacked with a file), timing cover from the original kit but cut down a bit. Sump is just there to hold the engine up for now as not sure what to use yet. Intake and exhaust are too high on the block in the pics but its just mocked up. Hopefully it'll end up looking summat like these : 0 It won't be 100% accurate (I know my skill limitations.....), may not even be pretty or get finished before the 1:1 ! but I'll have fun and you get to laugh as I turn 2 kits into a pile of styrene dust and get in way over my head
  5. Not just arrived but my christmas and birthday presents. 66 Bonne, though the box says its a 67........... 64 Grand Prix friction drive 78 T/A promo kit.
  6. Agree on Chevy chassis, running gear etc, but used the Catalina body size not the larger Bonneville size. Also you'll need at the least a 65 Chevy dash as the UK RHD didnt use the Pontiac dash. Interior pattern & trim is Pontiac from memory, but not sure on the steering wheel. I think I have a UK Lendrum & Hartman dealers brochure for UK range of imported US/Canadian cars. If you want (and if I can find it...) I can scan it for you. Ive a bunch of UK registered Parisienne pictures saved from my old website (but not one of yours !), send me a message and I'll sort them out for you. Also try reidbrand on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/45904802@N08/ He's a decent bloke who might be able to help you with any other details. If you want to do it in 1/43, Dinky Toys did a 68 Parisienne. Easily obtainable but no interior detail, or opening hood etc. RHD dash picture for you
  7. Original plan was single as thats what the wagons had in 60, but 2 years later and I dont know what I did with the bits I removed so I'll press on as is..
  8. Liking the '59, I used the roof on a Trumpeter '60 Bonne as was going/trying to convert it to a '60 2dr Parisienne station wagon. But it got stalled as wasn't sure how to do the side curving windows, so instead its to be a phantom '60 Pontiac sedan delivery.
  9. If you havnt got the glass, the 65 Bonne & GP windshield should be a like for like replacement, it is on a 1:1 at least for the front anyway. Si
  10. Looks like Scenes Unlimited will have them back in stock shortly
  11. Thanks Bill, gives me another way forward. Just checked Scenes Unlimited and will drop them an email, thanks for that James.
  12. Thanks Mark, think you've got it sunshine, they are 2 piece plastic, just found an older built Munsters Koach on ebay with the same slicks on it. cheers Si
  13. Think these slicks are from MPC. Is there an aftermarket source for these ? or has anyone cast 'em in the past ? Could only find narrower ones on ebay, think they were 7.00-15, but not what I'm after cheers Si .
  14. Chris, some are buying & importing them just to race
  15. Dave, Ive a 72 I could possibly be tempted to trade, drop me a PM mate cheers Si
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