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  1. 421gto added a post in a topic Did anyone make?   

    Ive a 72 I could possibly be tempted to trade, drop me a PM mate
  2. 421gto added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    where to buy 1:43 parts from ?
    Probably a long shot but does anyone know of anywhere that sells aftermarket white metal parts for 1/43 scale (Brooklin, Motor City USA etc) ? Specifically after fender & door mirrors for 1930s-50s cars but I do need other parts too. I've tried ebay but can't seem to find what I'm looking for, cheers Si
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  3. 421gto added a post in a topic 4x4 conversion for 55-57 Chevrolet Pick up/Suburban.   


    I might still have the front axle setup & transmission from this if its any use to you

  4. 421gto added a post in a topic Hit songs that are actually covers (that nobody knows are covers)   

    The Monkees (im not your) Steppin Stone originally recorded by Paul Revere & the Raiders

  5. 421gto added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/16 1933 Cadillac V-16 Town car Instructions wanted
    need the instruction sheet for Entex 1/16 Caddy town car (dont know if the Minicraft ones are the same, would of thought so), dont need to be original a copy or scan of them is fine..

    theres too many bits in it for me to guess how it goes together


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  6. 421gto added a post in a topic First Restoration - 1931 Cadillac   

    Fenders look dark green to me, but the body looks like a brown/grey mix
  7. 421gto added a post in a topic What will you be building during the coming Winter months?   

    all i want to get is some of my unfinished projects ready for paint.

    32 chrysler imperial
    AMT GMC Jimmy
    62 catalina
    62 bonneville HT
    62 bonneville ragtop
    63 bonneville
    64 grand prix
    64 GTO
    65 bonneville
    65 grand prix
    65 GTO
    66 GTO
    67 GTO

    and any other Pontiacs that i forgot about

    in reality i'll probably start a couple new kits and end up with yet more 'projects'
  8. 421gto added a post in a topic Mini-Lindys   

    Still see the occasional Mini-Lindy at toy shows over here, but id buy em if they reissued em. Better yet if they could bring out a whole lot of different ones of cars/trucks not seen in small scale (so no more mustangs/vettes/firebirds !)

    Could the Dart have been an Aurora cigarbox ?
  9. 421gto added a post in a topic Moebius 1961 Pontiac news   

    Scott, 60 was the first year for the 8 lug.

    If the 8 lug proportions are fixed or not, i'll still add a few kits to the stash
  10. 421gto added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got these prebuilts last Wednesday, just a shame that most of the boxes dont have a kit for 'em.

  11. 421gto added a post in a topic Chevy Vegas were shipped vertically   

    Do any of the manufacturers still do that ?

    An old press pic of mine dated Jan '71.

  12. 421gto added a post in a topic Visiting England Hobby Shops   

    Hi Nels,
    There used to be a few, but like Sonny says, theyve all gone. You could try my mate Bob Dobinson at carkits in Southend, though he doesnt have a shop & he deals in mostly older vintage kits.

    If you want newer stuff it'll be a modelzone/WHSmith, theres a few around Leicester but Ive no idea what they hold in stock.

    Try this link for them https://www.whsmith.co.uk/pws/StoreFinder.ice?country=GB&findStore=findStore&page=stores&countryRegion=Leicestershire

  13. 421gto added a post in a topic thinking about engine swap diorama   

    never tried but maybe a 2 part resin with clothing dye or food colouring would work ? Not sure if it would work for large pieces but might for a part/filled container
  14. 421gto added a post in a topic 1966 Pontiac Tempest Wheel Cover?   

    Closest i can think of are the standard ones in the 65 Bonneville, may have only been in the original issue though.
  15. 421gto added a post in a topic Identifying vintage kits   

    Left one is Revell (cadet series #904) Vauxhall Cresta - middle is Revell (cadet series #903) Ford Consul - right one. cheers Si