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  1. Agree on Chevy chassis, running gear etc, but used the Catalina body size not the larger Bonneville size. Also you'll need at the least a 65 Chevy dash as the UK RHD didnt use the Pontiac dash. Interior pattern & trim is Pontiac from memory, but not sure on the steering wheel. I think I have a UK Lendrum & Hartman dealers brochure for UK range of imported US/Canadian cars. If you want (and if I can find it...) I can scan it for you. Ive a bunch of UK registered Parisienne pictures saved from my old website (but not one of yours !), send me a message and I'll sort them out for you. Also try reidbrand on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/45904802@N08/ He's a decent bloke who might be able to help you with any other details. If you want to do it in 1/43, Dinky Toys did a 68 Parisienne. Easily obtainable but no interior detail, or opening hood etc. RHD dash picture for you
  2. Original plan was single as thats what the wagons had in 60, but 2 years later and I dont know what I did with the bits I removed so I'll press on as is..
  3. Liking the '59, I used the roof on a Trumpeter '60 Bonne as was going/trying to convert it to a '60 2dr Parisienne station wagon. But it got stalled as wasn't sure how to do the side curving windows, so instead its to be a phantom '60 Pontiac sedan delivery.
  4. If you havnt got the glass, the 65 Bonne & GP windshield should be a like for like replacement, it is on a 1:1 at least for the front anyway. Si
  5. I'll have a bash at saving them, also found some at Scenes Unlimited
  6. Looks like Scenes Unlimited will have them back in stock shortly
  7. Thanks Bill, gives me another way forward. Just checked Scenes Unlimited and will drop them an email, thanks for that James.
  8. Could do with a nice clean pair of these, but will happily settle for 1. Dont mind if they are 2 piece plastic, just not with a gluey front as Ive already got one of those... cheers si .
  9. Thanks Mark, think you've got it sunshine, they are 2 piece plastic, just found an older built Munsters Koach on ebay with the same slicks on it. cheers Si
  10. Think these slicks are from MPC. Is there an aftermarket source for these ? or has anyone cast 'em in the past ? Could only find narrower ones on ebay, think they were 7.00-15, but not what I'm after cheers Si .
  11. Chris, some are buying & importing them just to race
  12. Gary, If these are the right wheels, PM me your address and i'll pop em in the post & hello Mr FTO (Steve) cheers Si
  13. Dave, Ive a 72 I could possibly be tempted to trade, drop me a PM mate cheers Si
  14. Probably a long shot but does anyone know of anywhere that sells aftermarket white metal parts for 1/43 scale (Brooklin, Motor City USA etc) ? Specifically after fender & door mirrors for 1930s-50s cars but I do need other parts too. I've tried ebay but can't seem to find what I'm looking for, cheers Si
  15. Tommy, I might still have the front axle setup & transmission from this if its any use to you Si
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