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  1. maysula added a post in a topic Italari 1/12 Fiat Mefistofeles   

    Nice  ! You can be sure I will follow this one :-)
  2. maysula added a post in a topic Bugatti Type 35 Revival of Italy...small steps to a Pocher   

    Nice :-) Will follow this , never seen this kit before !
  3. maysula added a post in a topic Fiat 806 Milano GP 1927. 1/12   

    I used mostly Modelmasters metalizers colors for the engine, the brass is Alclad polished brass, some other parts is Alclads polished alu.
    I also replaced some plastic rods with alu and brass rods.
    A piece of "leather" was provided in the kit, to cut in stripes and put around the steering wheel, but I used thin tape and painted it with MM Dragon black.
    The tires got floor polish before decals then I brushed matt acrylic clear on top.
  4. maysula added a post in a topic Fiat 806 Milano GP 1927. 1/12   

    Thanks all :-)
    The wire wheels is the  ones in the kit and they are very good ! Otherwise there is plenty of sinkmarks ,ejectionmarks. I did fix the ones who could be seen when finished.
    The hinge on the hood halfs are placed on top , that is wrong so I removed them and did my own of alu tubes, the hood itself doesn´t fit in the end , both sides can´t be shut at the same time.
    But I think most people will have it removed so you can se the engine.
    The wheel axels is plastic and a nut will lock the wheel..two of the broke when I tried doing it.. I had also to remove some parts in the center of the engine, otherwise it would´n fit , but they was not visible anyway.
    The window is about 4 mm to small :-) easy fixed.
    Here are some pictures from the build

  5. maysula added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Fiat 806 Milano GP 1927. 1/12
    This is the Italeri kit, a reissue of the old Protar kit. So there are alot of flaws and fit problems but in the end I liked it.
    I planned to do it oob but I did add some extra bolts, screws, cables and so on. Scratched a new seat, with some foil from
    a whiskey bottle !!  The car was brushpainted before the race so it was not very shiny, more of semigloss. I used Tamiyas grey primer and
    then Tamiyas Italian red, that turned out in a semigloss finish so not need for any clear.

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  6. maysula added a post in a topic tamiya 1/12 f1   

    Wow ! Great work there !!
  7. maysula added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Porsche 934 "Wrangler" Silverstone 1978
    This is Tamiyas 1/12  "Jäger" kit  but I choose to use BBK.s decals for Silverstone 6h in 1978, added a few also.
    As usual they worked nicely. For detailing I used hex boltheads , rivets , hoseclamps, braidedlines with connectors also valves for the rims,
    all of different brands. Done some weathering on the chassi and on the rims.

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  8. maysula added a post in a topic GT 500 Convertible 1:12   

    Very nice ! :-) Great job !!
  9. maysula added a post in a topic 1:12 Tamiya WR1   

    You got mail Bruce !
  10. maysula added a post in a topic 1:12 Tamiya WR1   

    Looks very good Bruce, nice to follow !
  11. maysula added a post in a topic Fittipaldi"s Ride- 1/12 Lotus 72 JPS!   

    Great work Like the driver too!
  12. maysula added a post in a topic 1/12 Tamiya Porsche 934 rsr   

    I built this kit a while ago, liked it very much ! Your engine looks very good with the weathering ! The removed mold lines makes it look far more realistic, good job !!
    The rest of your work is nice too
  13. maysula added a post in a topic Amt Cord 1937 1/12   

    Hi and thanks all ! I´m glad to see this old thread of mine :-) First, the whitewalls was supplied in the kit, it was a very old kit.
    I remember that the fit was rather bad, the dash was to long so the doors couldn´t be closed properly, biggest problems was the frame,
    the car is leaning a little to one side. I had to warm up one side of the frame with a lighter just to make it fit at all.
    There was an issue with the front uprights, don´t remember exactly how it was ... The front has BMF on the side ribs
    I do remeber it was a tricky build but I like the way it turned out in the end, it´s a great design I think !

  14. maysula added a topic in Big Boyz   

    A restored Porsche 910 in 1/12

    This kit a built many years ago, recently I built another Porsche 910 so I had this kit for refs.
    Unfortunatly It fell down to the floor so I had to restore i some way. The other build had aftermarket decals
    so I could use the decals in the Tamiya box.After repairing and repainting I put on some extra rivets and
    fasteners in various places.
    The version I choosed is from Targa Florio 1967, so I also decided to weather it.
    This job took some weeks this summer and I´m satisfied to have a" new "model rather quickly in my collection :-)


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  15. maysula added a topic in Big Boyz   

    1/12 Porsche 910 "Team Wicky" LeMans -68
    This is a Tamiya kit with decals from S27.
    The S27 decals are not totally correct, had to add some decals and make a new rear
    license plate.
    I used some detailparts such as rivets, hoses, connectors ,wires and switches.
    Turnlights and positionlights are scratched.Self adhesive cloth on the seats.


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