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  1. Looks real! Great job with all the rivets and weathering, well the rest is great too 🙂 🙂
  2. What a real beauty Tomasz ! Looks like the real one 🙂 Amazing work !!
  3. Hi Italeris second version of the Alfa Romeo 2300. I did some detailing with bolts ,rivets, cables, and also the reinforcement on the fender supports. The seat is made from a wallcovering. Painted With Tamiya TS-11 Maroon Thomas
  4. Thanks Tomasz ? My mancave is not far from finished. will send some pictures later
  5. This is very nice displayed , great photos too! Tomasz, it seems you have nothing more to learn ? I´m looking forward to your next project !!
  6. This is a fantastic build Tomasz ! The display and photos are great too . Like all the tools around it ? Liked the action video too ?
  7. Hi This is Doyushas old Stratos kit. I started with the body parts because I was worried about the decals but they worked well There is some fit problems with the body parts and some of the decals is not 100% correct . Only the rim for the sparewheel was in the kit so the tire is from my scrapbox I have added details parts here and there, mostly bolts, screws, hoses+fittings, wires and so on.The dash got some decals too. I gave the car some dirt, I know that some people doesn´t like it but I do Also I changed location on some parts , the batteri ( replaced it to one from my scrapbox) and also the fan under the front hood. My refs shows both locations was used. Thomas
  8. Wow! This is a beauty ! Very well done ? And it´s a very good kit , I have one more in my stash Thomas
  9. I like this alot! Nice color, really fits the car ?
  10. Very good Tomasz, the weathering is perfect! And the photos are awsesome ?
  11. A fantastic dirty beauty ? great attention to detail and the weathering is very good! Be proud Tomasz ?
  12. Thanks David and all of you ? The kit is very good! Highly recomended !! It´s up to the modeler how much extras you want to have, there are new spoke rims out there on the market, but the kits looked good enough for me, this time ? ... I have one more in the stash.. There are rumors regarding Italeri is going to release a fender version too, thats nice ? I hope you will try the 1/12 scale sometimes, much plastic for the money ? and very satisfying to look at ? . Italeris Mefistofele and Fiat 806 is also very nice, old Protars with a little more job but looks very good in the end! Happy New Year from Sweden ! Thomas
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