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  1. 2 of my Dad's F1 cars

    Great job on both models, and the detailing is very good :-) The Ronnie Lotus makes me happy :-)
  2. Ferrari 312T4

    Really nice start Bruce :-)
  3. 1:12 Tamiya WR1

    Well done Bruce ! Looks very good, be proud :-) Thomas
  4. Porsche 356B Coupe, Revell, 1/16

    Liked it a lot ! Well done :-)
  5. Hi. Just for fun :-) I did some kind of a wannabe race car. Added some extras on the engine and under the front hood. Put a race seat in with belt. The dash got switches and a tachometer. Extra headlights was scratched and also "straps" or what you call it on the front hood. A very nice kit , very fun to build :-) Thomas
  6. Airfix Bentley Blower in 1/12

    Thanks :-) The chrome parts is Molotovs chromepen , used it in my airbrush as it is
  7. Airfix Bentley Blower in 1/12

    Thanks all 😁 I used a chromepen as a base för the tail lights , followed by modelmasters clear red 4630.
  8. Airfix Bentley Blower in 1/12

    Thanks! They are open, old kit but not so bad.
  9. Airfix Bentley Blower in 1/12

    Hi I decided to try to build this kit oob, but I did some detailing. Mostly rivets , bolts , hoses,wires, and some other stuff. Modified the headlights protection shield, made a shield in the front too. The exhaust got a new support. Painted with Tamiya spraycan TS9. The bodypart is painted with an airbrush, a mix of Humbrol 3 and black then satin varnish. The leather straps works :-) A very old kit with lack of details but not so bad :-) Thomas
  10. Fiat Mefistofele Black version 1/12

    Thank you very much ! I´m very glad you liked it :-) I saw Peters build and it was amazing ! I recall he did some modifactions on the engine and some other nice stuff too. Thomas
  11. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    Hi.I built this kit many years ago, I think the kit is great ! Plenty of room for detailing. If I built it today , I probably added much more stuff :-) Thomas
  12. Fiat Mefistofele Black version 1/12

    Thanks all of you :-)
  13. Hi Now my Fiat is finished, thanks for your support along the way :-) Thomas
  14. Black Mefistofele 1/12 wip

    Thanks cato! It´s soon finished, put it in a new thread then. Fixed my picture problem too :-)
  15. Black Mefistofele 1/12 wip

    The kit is good! No major problems at all, some errors in the manual regarding painting, better follow your refs. The valve springs need to be replaced, looks toyish.The seat in the kit is wrong compared with the original one in the car today. I´m glad you like it :-) My problem just now is to get the pictures right :-(