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  1. Very very good work Tomasz ! 🙂
  2. Welcome back Tomasz ! And thanks :-) I´m glad if I could be to any help. Your Fiat looks great!! Thomas
  3. Nice work 😍 ,done a couple of this kit, one more in the stash 😁 like this car alot !!
  4. Thanks Tomasz :-) and everybody else too ! And now the Abarth version is released, I wonder...
  5. Great job on both models, and the detailing is very good :-) The Ronnie Lotus makes me happy :-)
  6. maysula

    Ferrari 312T4

    Really nice start Bruce :-)
  7. Well done Bruce ! Looks very good, be proud :-) Thomas
  8. Hi. Just for fun :-) I did some kind of a wannabe race car. Added some extras on the engine and under the front hood. Put a race seat in with belt. The dash got switches and a tachometer. Extra headlights was scratched and also "straps" or what you call it on the front hood. A very nice kit , very fun to build :-) Thomas
  9. Thanks :-) The chrome parts is Molotovs chromepen , used it in my airbrush as it is
  10. Thanks all 😁 I used a chromepen as a base för the tail lights , followed by modelmasters clear red 4630.
  11. Thanks! They are open, old kit but not so bad.
  12. Hi I decided to try to build this kit oob, but I did some detailing. Mostly rivets , bolts , hoses,wires, and some other stuff. Modified the headlights protection shield, made a shield in the front too. The exhaust got a new support. Painted with Tamiya spraycan TS9. The bodypart is painted with an airbrush, a mix of Humbrol 3 and black then satin varnish. The leather straps works :-) A very old kit with lack of details but not so bad :-) Thomas
  13. Thank you very much ! I´m very glad you liked it :-) I saw Peters build and it was amazing ! I recall he did some modifactions on the engine and some other nice stuff too. Thomas
  14. Hi.I built this kit many years ago, I think the kit is great ! Plenty of room for detailing. If I built it today , I probably added much more stuff :-) Thomas
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