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  1. Looks great! I'm in the process of painting mine now. The body was a pain due to a couple short shot areas, poor sprue cuts by the factory, and the mold does not release the left headlight bucket very well.
  2. CA glue and baking powder works great too
  3. Wally Booth. Jim Gilbert and Dick Maskin
  4. I built this along with the fifties variant years ago when it was released with a pre-painted body. Fun, easy kit to build. I liked detail painting all the gizmos in the interior.
  5. Several years ago I purchased this diecast. I didn't pay close attention to the pictures and missed that the door handle was broken on the passenger side. When I cleaned it up I discovered the defect and looking at the sellers pictures it was clearly presented. My bad. So I figured I had something in my spares from building models or some unbuilt kits, nope. I kept looking for a wreck on eBay all this time and last week this one popped up on buy it now for next to nothing. It was missing the top, boot and a couple of other small parts, but the door handle was there. While I was waiting for it to ship, the seller was trying to contact me to disclose some problems he was unaware/didn't disclose. For some reason my email was sending all eBay messages to spam. I just happened to be on eBay looking at something else when I noticed a lot of messages and just in time too, because the seller was going to refund my payment. He was uncomfortable with the condition of the car's damage. The taillight/license plate was broken off and a previous attempt to repair it had left super glue smudges on some areas. I told if he hadn't refunded the money to go ahead and send it anyways. Once it arrived I realized it was actually in better condition than the one I had. So, I polished the paint, repaired the light, removed the wiper, and rumble seat step off my original car and glued them on the new one. Now I have a parts car that I only have shipping money invested in due to a refund from the seller(thanks). Here is the result. Obviously my original is in the foreground. Oh yeah, that door never stayed shut. Never could explain the yellow tint on the wheels. Would not polish out. I think the replacement is a later issue. The "leather" is different and the mirrors are thinner and more flexible All shined up ready to go back in the case!
  6. This seems to be a popular build currently. Good luck. Mine is the issue from 2011 in orange. Seems the orange plastic had a hard time releasing from the dies on my kit and the sprue cuts were a bit harsh. I'll have a few repairs to make. Everything gets a coat of silver paint soon to seal the orange from bleeding.
  7. I like the concept, but it would be nice if the molds were capable of returning it to a stock 1966 Imperial
  8. Yours turned out well! I'm working on a stock build myself. I hope it turns out at least half as good as this.
  9. Thanks to all the great compliments! Tamiya spray paints really are worth the cost. The color turned out much better than even I expected. I really hate that the JoHan dies were lost, damaged or stolen and we'll never see any of these models produced again.
  10. It's finished. Is it perfect? NO! Will it fill a space on my shelf? Definitely! I don't think I have an AMC on the shelf. I'm just happy to complete something started over thirty years ago. By the way, If you've never built old JoHan plastic and have some, be very wary of the brittleness of the plastic. I cracked the hood, a front brace between the fenders, the original axles, and the tabs to mount the dash to the interior. Anyways here it is: Also the WIP The Camaro is next on my hit list and these two JoHans have been in-work as long as the Javelin. Bought at the same time and started. Maybe this year?
  11. Thanks, I'm building kits I've started and those my son has giving me over the years, Finished foiling the chrome and the decals today. The Rays longhorn t decal was better than the Fred Cady set, but still not as good as I'd hoped. It's too short and there's no white between the main stripe and pinstripe. Anyhow, the rest were good and I just need a few days before I clear everything in Future. Took these under my overhead lights for a brighter view. The grill is in temporarily to stabilize the hood. I'll cut the stripe decal before I clear the body.
  12. Beautiful car! I have the first release in blue, but that color is sharp!
  13. I'm using the black longhorn T stripe from Rays on the decal sheet, because the ones on the other sheet are incorrect and damaged. The kits or the 1:1? In between watching all the racing today, I've made a little progress. More detail painting, a little foil and some assembly. Tomorrow, the body gets the chrome foiled and decals! Engine assembled and black washed, still needs a decal on the air cleaner. Bumpers blacked out and turn signals hit with some amber clear. The wheels where a pita, but they turned out ok. Interior is as good as I can make it. It's promo roots really shine. All four pieces. I just noticed I need to black wash the spokes in the steering wheel.
  14. I've had this since the eighties. It's the one with the 1972 yellow super stock on the box. Bought at a local hobby shop along with several other JoHan kits they had for closeout. Still have two other kits that are started and need finished. This one was put away due to a missing spoiler. Years later I discovered Modelhaus in the back of the other model car magazine and ordered the spoiler. Over the years I also learned this was a mish-mash of parts. Visually, it has the '73-'74 body and grill, '72 taillights and rear bumper, the steering wheel is the standard Javelin two spoke, and the Magnum 500 wheels were last offered in 1970. Modelhaus to the rescue again for the correct taillights. AMT's 1975 Gremlin kit gave up the correct steel road wheels and three spoke sport steering wheel. An AMT 1970 Chevelle donated the tires. The die for the body on this kit was in poor condition, because the parting lines on the body were horrendous. I sanded and filled several areas to the best of my abilities, but if it was painted black, oh my! I also have a set of decals from Rays Kits and an ancient set of Fred Cady decals that somehow were damaged in the sleeve over these many years. As it was in the box, a quick picture. I could have used more light. Tamiya Metallic Green for the exterior and Tamiya Racing Green for the interior that came out a little darker than I'd hoped. Everything but the black was painted silver before I painted the main color to block the orange bleed. The engine is an old Testors blue metallic lacquer I had that looked close to AMC blue poly. The black is Rustoleum 2X in semi gloss and flat. The flat black was decanted and sprayed through my airbrush to simulate rustproofing. A quick mock up before I blew it apart to start detail painting, foiling and decals. Not a lot of chrome to foil, yea! The wheels and grill will need attention. I love detail painting promo style chassis! Engine's ready for assembly too. I'll black wash the engine once it's built. The tub interior gets detailed next.
  15. These were great kits. I keep hoping for a release of them again. Also, I believe this is the only kit that had a racing Chevy V-6 in it.
  16. This is outstanding! I "built" this kit when I was a kid back in the late seventies. Way beyond my skill set at the time. I think my mom ordered it for me from the the JC Penney or Sears Christmas catalog.
  17. Nice! That's the same kit I have on my list to start. My son gave it to me a while back. As soon as I finish this JoHan Javelin AMX, it's next. I'll watch yours for for tips.
  18. Very nice! I'm restarting on my 1973-1972 AMX that I've had since the eighties. I hope mine looks half as good as yours,
  19. Found these at Lowes in the check out impulse buy aisle. I impulse bought them for $6. Made by Kinsmart in 1/32. They're meh, but cute and pull back to go. A black #2 "winner" is made as well, but none were on the shelf. I'll check our other Lowes. Doors open, and that's about it. Need some Snake-Fu!
  20. Many years ago I saw a group of men and ladies race these in a field while carrying pigs. Hilarious! Great build!
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