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  1. Beautiful Model! I have the first brown and gold release. Yours still has the wings on the flying B hood ornament, very rare. Mine has the B but the wings are gone. I had another one used for parts and its was missing entirely. The brown and gold versions also suffered from zinc pest. My parts car had it bad in the top
  2. Thanks! I built about fifty or so various aircraft when I joined the Air Force between 1983 and 1987 before I got married. Once I was married, all my aircraft went into storage and I just built and collect model cars. Eventually I gave all the aircraft away to a neighbor. They never would have survived the moves anyways. Thank you! Thanks! Thank you Thanks! It was and would you believe it's DNA is in the F-18 Hornet?
  3. First plastic aircraft model in 35+ years. My son recently commented the lack of affordable F-5 models either diecast or pre-built. Usually around $100 minimum shipped. I decided I'd buy a kit and build one for him. This kit offered decent details, multiple decal options, fair reviews, and looked easy enough to build. It took a month to ship from China, and another month of weekends to complete. Finding paint to match was the toughest part. Even those that were the correct paint codes needed tweaking and still ended a little off to my old eyes. Not much more than paint and decals. So finished just in time for his birthday last weekend and he put it proudly on a bookshelf. Today he became a proud father, and I'm a grandfather! On my son's shelf Pretty simple cockpit, the decals take care of most of it. The belts were photoetch, and tiny Comes with decals to do eight different versions. Very tiny decals and tightly grouped Ready for final assembly
  4. Great Kit, easy to build! First one was in the mid-seventies with the red custom El Camino on the side, long gone to the plastic graveyard. Last one I built was the pre-painted ProShop blue and white release. Still have all the leftover parts. There's a lot of them!
  5. Outstanding build! Jason Myers! One of my favorite drivers from Bowman-Gray's Madhouse! The other of course is his multi-championship winning brother Burt! Also, it being Ford powered makes it great too!
  6. Looks like a great project! You can see the DNA of Tom Daniel's Badman.
  7. First picture yes, has to be a 1966 Impala or Caprice because it's a hardtop and the Bel Air line did not offer hardtops. Second Picture is an early seventies Datsun 1200 Coupe, the middle truck is a '67-72 Ford F-350 Dually, and the last is a 1964 Chevy. Third picture, that's definitely a binder. Hard to tell the year because that style grill and fenders were built from 1962-1978. The car looks like a '63-64 GM full size roofline
  8. It looks good! Pillarless! How would the doors secure? I'm not sure Ford ever offered a four door wagon in any form but sedan style doors.
  9. For the 1963 model year Cadillac redesigned its V8 engine, modernizing the tooling used in the production line while optimizing the engine's design. Although it shared the same layout and architecture with the 1949-vintage engine, the revised engine had shorter connecting rods and was 1 in (25 mm) lower, 4 in (101.6 mm) narrower, and 1.25 in (32 mm) shorter. The accessories (water pump, power steering pump, distributor) mounted on a die-cast aluminum housing at the front of the engine for improved accessibility. An alternator replaced the former generator. The crankshaft was cored out to make it both lighter and stronger. The revised engine was 52 lb (24 kg) lighter than its predecessor, for a total dry weight of 595 lb (270 kg). The revised engine shared the same 4 in × 3.875 in (101.6 mm × 98.4 mm) bore and stroke of its predecessor, for an unchanged displacement of 390 cu in (6.4 L). Power was unchanged at 325 hp (242 kW), as was torque at 430 lb⋅ft (583 N⋅m). (Wiki)
  10. Not sure why there's lines around those either. The box art is incorrect and always was. I plan to build this, I'm hoping these decals are better than all the disappointing aftermarket ones I've gathered all these years.
  11. Not a current picture, but pretty close. The area to the right is usually and currently covered with works in progress and I have a portable table in the middle for overflow.
  12. This is nice! I'm curious though, why you've titled it Dart Sprint Car? I was a Chrysler "Kit" car meant for Late Model Sportsman racing.
  13. That's pretty cool! Henley Gray is the only NASCAR driver I've known that drove a big bodied T-Bird. Of course it was the 1970-71. The green Model King release has the decals in it to replicate his car.
  14. Thanks Bob! I never realized these were problems when I purchased the kit along with the #98 LeeRoy Yarborough car years ago. The kit had other issues that made me put it away and then when I pulled it out to complete it, I found a few other builders had fixes and had shared via the web. I don't regret selling the #98 and all the Talladegas I never started. I got pretty good money off of eBay for them. Thank you JC! Thanks Dave! I appreciate that Pierre! Sorry to hear you didn't have good luck with yours. I can understand though. It is a frustrating and poorly engineered kit. Thank You Mike! Thanks Steve! It was a challenge, definitely! Thank You Harold!
  15. Very nice! One of my favorite years of Galaxies!
  16. I have two diecasts, Danbury's Tucker Tin Goose prototype and Franklin's over-produced blue one. I've wanted a plastic kit to reproduce the one off NASCAR racer driven by Joe Merola in 1950 at Canfield, Ohio.
  17. Oh, where do I start. Polar Lights had something that could have been so good. A subject that builders wanted, and it looked on the surface to be well detailed. Somewhere it was lost in execution. It’s not the kit is unbuildable, it just takes a lot of patience, knowledge of the subject, and good building practices. I was fortunate enough to find some information that still existed on the web to guide me through the problem areas. It took every bit of my fifty plus years of building to get through this. One, the Boss nine engine is too wide to fit. You must either relocate the under-hood roll cage or grind it down. Also, the upper A arms must be ground for clearance. Two the hood is incorrect. I do not know how this made it into production completely wrong, but there it is. Both the Cyclone II and the Talladega used the stock Montego/Cyclone and Fairlane/Torino hood with the corresponding leading chrome trim removed. The Fairlane/Torino hood has a relatively flat leading edge. The Montego hood has a raised center section, and it extends out forward and slopes off at the front. This center prow is about an inch and a half forward of the rest of the leading edge of the hood. I’ve attempted to duplicate this with plastic, filler, and a lot of patient sanding. Three, the front fender openings are huuge! Like dirt track huuge! More plastic, filler, and sanding. Four, the instructions where items are located are just vague or incorrect…Good thing I have some knowledge about stock cars. Five, there’s probably more that I missed, but there's lots of massaging of parts to make them fit. AMT, old Revell, and MPC kits are cake compared to this. Info on things I used. Paint is Tamiya TS26 pure white, the red is Tamiya TS21 gold, TS74 clear red, and TS65 pearl clear. I sprayed the top colors one after the other only long enough for them to flash dry. The simulated Zolatone is a cheap gray primer with white and black paints sprayed from a distance for affect. Decals are mostly Power Slide with a few from the stock Slixx in the kit. I should have used the Power Slides because the Slixx were as usual, brittle. But the Slixx were prearranged and I’m lazy. Hood pins are Pro Tech and excellent! The tires are stock, terrible, and wished I’d used PPP, but I’d already spent too much money on this thing. I doctored them with a blue gel pen and Power Slide decals. I’m glad it’s done, and I sold all the other one’s years ago on eBay. My son gave me the rereleased fictional Bobby Allison Coca-Cola Cyclone Spoiler II a few years ago…Well, at least I’ll know what I’m getting into. Thanks for looking! Over twenty years to finish, but it's done. I must have tossed it in the box out of frustration. I cut the back glass to fit flush in the opening Hosted on Fotki The Box Stock compared to some diecasts I have on hand. On the left is a GMP 1969 Spoiler II and on the right is a University of Racing Legends 1968 Bobby Allison Cyclone The Allison hood isn't quite right either Hosted on Fotki My inspiration Hosted on Fotki Way too wide Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Much better Everything is freshly painted and out of the incubator Not perfect, but better than box stock Comparing to the 1968 UoR diecast Ready for final assembly Stock compared to racing
  18. I have the Hemi Hunter in it's last release and a great set of correct LA Dart decals I hope to build this kit one day.
  19. The first model I remember completing was Monogram's Tom Daniel designed "Thunder Bug" in green. Then a few Hawk models like the Ferrari D50 and their oddball rubber band powered Bonneville cars. This is what a five to six year old could afford on a fifty cent weekly allowance. There were also some Aurora 1/32 cars mixed in as well. They all met some disaster and never made it out of Las Vegas before we moved to Virginia.
  20. I gave up on the discontinued kits in my area. I once asked the stocker why I wasn't seeing the kits out on display after being marked down and was told that they get sold immediately. Meaning it's an inside job and probably being sold on eBay or Facebook marketplace. I worked in an auto parts store and when our floor items would get discontinued markdowns, often times employees would buy these, before the items were available to customers.
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