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  1. Yeah, that's the one I'm referring to.
  2. Those are NICE! I wish someone had made good AMX diecasts in 1/24 scale
  3. 1953 Corvette EX 122 Concept. I can tell by the upside down side trim. Is that a Diecast?
  4. Good looking truck . Looks almost military.
  5. Looks great! I see you went with the optional headlights. The only downfall I have with this kit it the wheels have no lugnuts. Otherwise it builds up easily enough and looks pretty good. So much better than the Dodge Daytona.
  6. Automodello produces so many models I covet! Beautiful Model! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I realized after my latest acquisition (40 Ford Convertible) I have quite a few open top Ford products. Seeing how I had to rearrange my display, I decided to put them altogether in a family picture. Back row, left to right: Danbury Mint 1925 Ford Model T Runabout, Danbury Mint 1932 Ford V8 “Deuce” Roadster, Danbury Mint 1936 Ford V8 Deluxe Convertible, Danbury Mint 1936 Ford V8 Hot Rod, and Franklin Mint 1939 Ford V8 Deluxe Convertible. Second row, left to right: Danbury Mint 1940 Ford V8 Deluxe Convertible, Franklin Mint 1941 Lincoln Continental Convertible, Franklin Mint 1949 Ford Custom Convertible, Danbury Mint 1950 Mercury Eight Custom, and Franklin Mint 1949 Ford Lead Sled. Front row, left to right: Danbury Mint 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner, Franklin Mint 1958 Edsel Citation Convertible, Franklin Mint 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible, and Danbury Mint 1961 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Indy Pace Car. Thanks for looking!
  8. I have a few. These are some (RH side), I don't have enough space to display everything. I'm more into NASCAR, 1/24 and models. I probably have another 30 in a box. These just sort pique my curiosity on occasion.
  9. Well, I said in my last post I probably wouldn't get anymore diecast for awhile unless it was a deal. Here's one I couldn't pass on. Danbury Mint 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible. It's been on my want list for some time. They're normally just above may max price range. This one came almost complete and stupid cheap buy it now. It's only missing the fender skirts. The seller originally posted it saying no box, but messaged me just before he sent it saying he had the box after all. In the process of packing the sun visor fell off, but was included and easily fixed.
  10. Like your tastes in models. Mine is just as old. Hood was replaced soon after it was built (dropped and corner broke off) paint didn't match. Still have all the rest of decals. Clear paint has yellowed with age.
  11. I built the kit version. Oddly the hood does not open. Nothing in there.
  12. If memory serves me correctly, yes. It also has something to do with the flat plane crankshaft better explained here.
  13. 180 headers optimize the exhaust pulse from the cylinders. The headers allow you to match to an exhaust port that is in a better position of the power/exhaust cycle to help "scavenge", meaning to help pull forward the exhaust gasses from the opposing cylinder which in turn creates a cleaner, more HP producing combustion in the next cycle. The reason they run over top of the engine is two things. First as you can see, the pipes have to run side to side in order to get the exhaust to meet the opposite 180 degree collector. Second, If they ran under the engine the engine would be raised, giving a higher CG and screwing up the handling. Some NASCAR teams experimented with 180 degree headers and all the early Monogram NASCAR GM cars had these on them. The NASCAR cars can get away with running the pipes under the the engine because of the dry sump oil pan.
  14. These came today. The Ryan Blaney #12 is the Darlington Throwback from 2018. It compliments my Dave Blaney that a got a couple of weeks ago. The #99 Carl Edwards Fastenal Is from 2013. It's my first autographed car from him. The car honors military and hiring veterans.
  15. That's a nice looking car I can never pronounce correctly!
  16. My latest and unless I get a good deal, probably last for a while. The dirt late model car is from Action and it supposedly is one Tony Stewart drove in 2001, but I can find no pictures with this exact paint scheme. The #20 completes my Tony Stewart display. I'd like an Indy car, but the eBayers think the Racing Champions cars are made of gold. At least I have something representing most of his successes before retirement and a couple as a car owner. The Franklin Mint 1915 Stutz Bearcat was a happy accident. A $20 buy it now on eBay. I always liked these, but they always bid out of my price range. I didn't notice until I got it, but there are two cowl lights missing. After looking at a bunch on eBay this seems to be common, and unless you knew they had them, not missed.
  17. For those who are vey good at kit-bashing/scratch-building What If? 1970 Cadillac Roadster de Ville | Hagerty Media
  18. Two arrived between late last night and today! My other anniversary Corvette and a Ford pickup. First up is a Danbury Mint 1942 Ford. The predecessor to the F Series Pickups; the Jailbar Pickups were made from 1942-47 (before and after the war) Known for their Jailbar looking grille, they were more truck like than earlier pickups, they had heavy hood molding and side hood louvers. The green in the photos came out darker than it really is. The photo of the cab is much closer to the correct color. This is the Franklin Mint 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car. I just wanted one of the Ruby Red ones or even a Yellow hardtop for my 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette, because these usually bid way out of my price range. Well, it didn't and here it is. That leaves only one more Corvette to get.
  19. Those have to be the best built AMT C1 Corvettes I've ever seen! Especially the front end on the 59 considering all the parting lines from the mold. Also, The fitment of the chassis on the '53 is better than any I've seen! Excellent!
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