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  1. A couple more Tony Stewarts to add to the display and a new Mustang The truck is from 2002. He drove Andy Petree's Truck at Richmond. Started 25th and won. It was only his second truck start. The first one was I believe six years earlier. The box was new old stock and was still in it's tissue paper wrapper. It's still basically worth nothing. I paid $16.50 plus shipping. I'm not impressed with the interior or the windows. I've blown it apart to detail those properly. I'll post another picture when it's finished. The IROC Firebird is also from 2002, but it represents his race winning car from Michigan in 2001. It has an autograph on the hood and it looks like other Tony Stewart autographs. Without documentation, it won't add value to the car. These cars can be bought pretty cheap anyways. I got this one for a little over $20 plus shipping. I only want two more cars for my Smoke display. I need a car from his IRL days, preferably his 1997 championship car and any dirt late model. Picked this up the other day from Wally world. Quality control at M2 continues to disappoint, but at $20 bucks, I guess I shouldn't complain. At least the paint color is correct. Nice box too. If you are a NASCAR enthusiast and wondered what color Banjo Matthews' cars were, or Nord Krauskopf's K&K Insurance Dodges, here's a group photo. The photo doesn't show how orange (warm) Ford Poppy Red really is.
  2. I've seen several of these, but I haven't bitten. It's pretty cool. I keep hoping M2 will release another stock Z/28 without mods or extraneous decorations. I mean come on, they've done multiple colors and combos of 'Cudas, 'Challenger T/As, Hemi 'Cudas, Challenger R/Ts, '70 Mustangs and '65-66 Mustangs. I think they've only released one or two stock Z/28s and it's been some time since then. And I wish they would make a 'Cuda AAR.
  3. I built this kit like 40 years ago. Molded in red plastic and I painted it with Testors Emerald Green. Yeah, that worked. Yours is looking great! The multipiece body looks like it went together well.
  4. Well it's not today, just over last couple of weeks. These are all NASCAR related. A couple more for my Tony Stewart display, Tony's 1999 Pontiac from his rookie year in Cup and his last paint scheme win from 2016 Sonoma. Also, not a Holy Grail, but it's somewhat difficult to get for at least a reasonable price, the 2019 Ryan Blaney Race Win Talladega Dent Wizard Mustang. This one has a little box damage, but went for about half of what everyone else wants or bids for. And finally two 1/64 vehicles, Blaney's 2020 Advance Auto Parts hauler and Bubba's 2020 Black Lives Matter car. I have three more on the way. Toy's IROC car and his 2002 race truck. I also have a 1978 25th Anniversary Corvette coming from Franklin Mint. Most of these are part of my Christmas. They are just a little early. Part of getting old. Thanks for looking and Happy Turkey Day!
  5. A few have posted their updates on the MotorMax 2020 Corvette. Here's my version. I too painted the wheels, not exactly prototypically. I also touched up a few areas of black trim that were not complete and painted the engine as I saw fit. Oh yeah, scuffed the tires too! Before: After: Before: After: So with this C8, I want to create a nice little Corvette display for each generation plus anniversary editions if possible. I have a 1963 C2, and a 1968 C3. I also have the 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette to cover the C4. I hope to get a Franklin Mint 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette for the C5. Franklin Mint makes nice C6s, I just have to find one for cheap. I have last year's MotorMax C7 2019 ZR-1. For the missing C1, I would like to have a Danbury Mint 1953 Corvette, but I do have a Revellogram model I could build if I have to. I just won a Franklin Mint 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette, I know I have a C3, but that was before I decided to do this Corvette thing with the Anniversary cars. Thanks for looking and Happy Turkey Day!
  6. I think that's a '76-77 Monte Carlo. The '81 was a little smaller and had a more formal roofline.
  7. That looks really sharp! Great wheel choice!
  8. That looks great! Same colors I picked when I built this when it was new! Excellent wheel swap too! Yours has aged much nice than mine. The clear enamel has yellowed a bit on mine.
  9. My dad Built this back in the seventies. He had a unfinished Hubley Chevrolet as well and that's where the wheels and headlight came from after it rolled off a shelf and broke the original ones. As you can see, the headlight has not survived again. I plan to buy a kit and put back the original parts.
  10. Looks great Randy! I've built this kit a few times myself and still have a Boss 302 Eliminator. I also have a 428 Eliminator that I've started and never finished. Need to do something about that.
  11. I always had a great respect for Anthony Wayne "Tony" Stewart going back to his days in USAC and was totally amazed when he won all three championships in 1995: Silver Crown, Sprint Car, and Midget. With his success in Indycar, three driver's championships in NASCAR, other forms of motorsports, and a championship car owner, there's just not to many people to compare to except maybe his namesake, Anthony Joseph "AJ" Foyt. I'm pretty sure that's where he adopted his stylized number 14 from when he started driving for Carl Haas with a partnership of 50% to create Stewart-Haas Racing. I've had this display case from my other house and I wasn't sure what I wanted to put in it. I was perusing eBay and noticed there were many Stewart diecasts selling for ridiculously low prices. So I had a few of his team drivers in my collection, but none of his cars. I now have five on display along with two more on the way. I also have three Stewart-Haas cars in there as well for right now. The four other cars are space fillers for the time being. I want to get a truck, Indycar, and a late model dirt car to finish filling the case. The decals were an unexpected bonus. Last year I purchased some Stewart-Haas decals and Penske decals for my toolbox. I new I had an extra one somewhere in my stash and I was surprised to find the Smoke decal in the envelope.
  12. What makes you decide to buy a certain model kit, is it? Most of my recent purchases are attempts to recapture models destroyed in my youth. Thanks Round2! -does the manufacturer brand influence your buying choice, and if so, which is your preferred and least preferred and why? Nope -what do you love about building a model kit and what's the least favorite part of the process? Yes -does a high parts count scare you as too much of a challenge, or does a low parts count make you feel the product could be toy like? Yes -what type of kit do you prefer (glue, snap, full detail, curbside)? Yes -do you like building options, and if so, what (engine upgrade, choice of wheels, decals, other)? I prefer to box stock or OEM, but I have modified and kit-bashed in order to get something that was never made. -if you wish to give manufacturers a "non-subject matter" suggestion what would it be? Quality Control! Cars for my Garage in order of preference: 1. 1969-1971 Lincoln Continental MKIII 2. 1969 Ford Galaxie XL GT 429 3. 1968 Ford Galaxie XL GT 428 4. 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre Convertible 5. 1964 Mercury Park Lane Marauder 4 Door 427 4 speed 6. 1958 Mercury Monterey with 430 CI 400-hp 3×2 Super Marauder engine 7. 1957 Rambler Rebel the first muscle car! The last one is an oddball, but it's always intrigued me because I've seen one race in a video and was blown away! The rest are big cars with big engines. I'm 6'4", I need space! I also don't fit in the norms, I'm a 2%!
  13. Absolutely stunning! 1958 Ford is my favorite of the 57-59s!
  14. Being that I'm Ford Biased. FEDs I'd like to see: Connie Kalitta's SOHC powered Logghe Bounty Hunter, "Sneaky Pete" Robinson's SOHC powered Gilmore, the Shelby Super Snake SOHC powered Baney & Prudhomme driven by Don Prudhomme, or Tom McEwen's SOHC powered Brand Ford Special FED. Finally, the SOHC powered, but different Tom McEwen's Super Mustang dragster.
  15. Haven't seen metallic blue before, that color really pops!
  16. That looks great so far. That wheel and tire you're using is only for mock up, right? That stencil and those style wheels are from a later time period. The best wheels are the 9-hole Bassets in the Monogram GM kits from the eighties.
  17. Ahh, fresh plastic. Ironically, it's the same age as my son. I hope those tires didn't burn the windows! A little bit, but should polish out. First time out of the box in over thirty years. Decals look great, too bad I'm not using them Out of the bag!
  18. Ok, this body style Mustang started in 2015. They may have been using the wheel for other packages. I don't know. Here is the specs from the 2018 brochure. The correct wheels for the GT performance package are #12. The highlighted wheels are for ecoboost performance package #4.
  19. Back in the early nineties, Racing Champions produced a lot of 1/64 diecast. One of the series was Short Track Champions. There were eight cars of drivers I'm aware of at this time. Seven were on cards ( Mark Martin, Ernie Irvan, Davey Allison, Harry Gant, Butch Miller, Rusty Wallace, and Dick Trickle) and one was a limited edition in a clear plastic box (#28 Alan Kulwicki) They all used the same body, a 1982 Camaro and resembled a typical late model/ASA type short track race car. I bought all but the Kulwicki car as collectables and Mark Martin car for my son who had become a fan after his first two favorite drivers died in quick succession. So, a few weeks ago he asked if I remembered the little car (text). Now I've just recently been through all my collection, so yeah, it's pretty familiar. He shows me a picture of his (he still has it after around twenty five years) and wants me to build a model of it if I can. No pressure! I'm thinking I know in the early 2000's Action made some Mark Martin diecast of his ASA cars, maybe it's already out there. I take a look at everything I can find online and they are all Gen 2 body styles, incorrect paint scheme and the car he wants is clearly a Gen 3 body style. Fortunately, Revell made several great models of the Gen 3 cars back in the '90s. I had built them all and this would be no problem. All I had to do was get one and some decals. I thought the decals were going to be the absolute biggest headache. I searched online for anything and noticed there was an all white T-Bird that would occasionally pop up with decals that were close. I just needed to find some. A couple of weeks ago, They popped up on eBay with a buy it now and I did. They're not great, but they're better than nothing and better than I can paint. Now I just needed a kit. I saw a bunch on eBay, but they were all way more than I thought they were worth. Then I remembered we have a Wanted section on this Forum. After posting I got a PM and much thanks to another member, made an easy trade and viola! I've got everything to get this puppy started. Along the way I did a lot of studying on the one picture I have of the car. It's the one with the diecast and discovered it's a Firebird! So, this means I will have to modify the front end of the Camaro to look correct, the back is a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shoot, because I don't have a picture. Here's my Racing Champions Mark Martin Short Track diecast What I got
  20. I acquired these over the last couple of weeks to complete the Porsche set, and found a few others I liked along the way. I've bought a lot of 1/64s recently Kia Stinger, Porsche Panamera, and Porsche 918 Spider Volvo 850 Wagon, Tesla Model S, and 1970 Ford Torino GT Unfortunately, the 918 Spider's card was beaten (had to glue and tape a lot of it) so I was on the look out for a replacement and found one today. I also picked this up, NASCAR Authentics 2020 Ryan Blaney #12 Advance Auto Parts 1/64 Hauler. I need the 1/64 car now. I have a 1/24 car. I may be obsessing. Finally, this came in the mail today. Racing Champions Ralph Earnhardt #54 Ford Fastback (1964 Galaxie). https://media.fotki.com/2v2HgJSN5xAVNRq.jpg
  21. Great looking Buick! This was was one of the first "nice" Mint cars I acquired that only needed a good cleaning and polish, no repairs! I also love the flexible mirrors and antenna!
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