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  1. kiwi added a post in a topic AMT White Western Star (first time builder)   

    Doobie you're a legend mate! great tip on the window tint using old film negative (I had to search the 'digital' house but eventually found some). All done, so published a few photo's over here


    Thanks again to everyone!
  2. kiwi added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    AMT White Western Star
    Just finished my first (truck) model. Thanks to everyone for their help and tips along the way, I've learnt a lot (first time with an air brush being one), hardest decision now is what to build next.... definitely a cab over me thinks...

    White Western Star (model) by ghost chips, on Flickr

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  3. kiwi added a post in a topic AMT White Western Star (first time builder)   

    Thans for all the comments guys - I appreciate it.

    Doobie - great tip! Only thing is I glued the sleeper on yesterday so I don't have access to the inside (@#$%^*&.......) I just went out and had a look and yes it looks like poo with the clear windows and white interior (can't believe I didn't notice it before).
    I think I'll try and 'smoke' up those widows somehow with varnish or nail polish or something - any tips?

    Apart from that it's pretty much finished, just got to put the ac unit on and 'plumb' it.
  4. kiwi added a post in a topic AMT White Western Star (first time builder)   

    Hey thanks Tim,
    Soooo that's your truck - I was using that for reference on my build - cheers.

    Yeah I had to jiggle the cab a bit to get it to fit properly. I enjoyed the build overall only tricky parts I found were the fitting of the hood/hinges and fitting the mirrors.
    One other thing I noticed, I found the rear axles way too long so had to trim them down.

    Thanks again for the info - thats a big help. I'll be able to finish her off now.
  5. kiwi added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    AMT White Western Star (first time builder)
    Hi, This might look finished but there's still a couple of things to go (that's why I'm posting here in workbench). This is my first attempt at a truck (previously done a couple of WWI aircraft recently) and other odds and sods about 30years ago.

    This is pretty much out of the box but I have taken some liberties with the decal placement as (1) the instructions don't give you much help and (2) I have no idea where they would go on a real truck! haha.

    This is a mockup with the sleeper...

    I have a couple of questions though (not being all that familiar with big rigs):

    1) How many brake lines should this have and what colour? I think I have seen trucks with 2 and some with 3?

    2) Also where do they snake back to? Somewhere under the cab or engine bay?

    3) The chrome luberfiner (oil cooler?) on the left side - should that have a couple of hoses coming out of the bottom?

    4) Any tips on decal/placard placement would be appreciated (although probably too late for this build), especially all the number plate variants etc (I am in New Zealand so obviously don't see these around every day).

    Thanks for your help

    And one more (minor) one - they say paint the thing that holds the brake lines a brass colour which looks cool but just curious - in real life that big pole wouldn't all be brass would it?

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  6. kiwi added a post in a topic Beauty in Engineering.   

    Exellent photo's John - are they your work?
  7. kiwi added a post in a topic Few pics from truck parade, Invercargill, New Zealand   

    Thanks Jim, yep there were some great looking rigs at the show. Sorry can't really answer your question re the screens - I'm not in the industry (just have an interest and enjoy photographing them).

    2010 Kenworth K108 by ghost chips, on Flickr

    p.s. These trucks are in New Zealand (not Australia) although being Kenworths they were possibly built in the Australian factory (if that's what you meant).
  8. kiwi added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

    Few pics from truck parade, Invercargill, New Zealand

    2008 Kenworth T 408SAR by ghost chips, on Flickr

    2010 Kenworth K 108 by ghost chips, on Flickr

    '84 Kenworth W924AR by ghost chips, on Flickr

    2007 Kenworth T 404S by ghost chips, on Flickr
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  9. kiwi added a post in a topic AMT Western Star colour info needed   

    Perfect! Thanks very much guys.
  10. kiwi added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    AMT Western Star colour info needed
    Hi Guys,
    I've chosen the AMT White Western Star for my first ever truck build (done a few planes in the past).

    I'm not really familiar with trucks and engines makes/models etc, although they fascinate me now and I can't get enough of them.

    I've started the build and doing the engine (don't even know if it's Detroit or Cummins - they don't say), they say to paint main engine block tan or beige, can somebody point me to some reference photo's for a 1970's vintage Western Star with this engine. I just want to see what sort of "tan or beige" they are talking about.

    Also any other info on this model would be appreciated, I have googled but can't really find much info on these older trucks.

    Thanks very much
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  11. kiwi added a post in a topic AMT Autocar A64B   

    That is amazing mate - well done. I really like the before and after photo's on the engine. I for one (as a recent convert from aircraft to trucks) am really looking forward to your tutorial.
  12. kiwi added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Wooden models in Aus
    Don't know if this is kosher posting links to 'other' sites here, but check out the detail in these...

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  13. kiwi added a post in a topic first semi ideas?   

    I have just ordered the new (re-release) AMT 1/25 White Western Star from Tower. I am new to trucks but have done a few aircraft over the years, recently some WWI stuff from Wingnuts here in NZ. Hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew with this AMT kit? I remember when I was growing up (in the 70's ) my mate and his brother had a few kits, couldn't tell you what they were now but I just know they were 'cool'. I can still picture them on display...