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  1. I like this build' used the parts box. Was wondering what you guys think?
  2. This is something i put together with my parts box what do you guys think i know its alil dull with out any plumbing but i like it, hope you do too.
  3. I like it. It'snothingcrazy but what do you guys think?
  4. Sry I was supposed to get those up but other important things came up but yes they sure yellowed out so I'm iffy on it how well does clear coating it bend when applying? I guess only trial and error oh and thanks for the reply
  5. Do you think these decals will still work?
  6. I cant stop looking this is awesome, i feel i have to build something kinda like it.
  7. Light brown paint with medium brown and it's funny cuz I forgot to shake the medium brown spray can that's the way it sat and came out perfect
  8. Thank you everyone your words are kind, greatly appreciated chris white good luck on your fight is she on the work bench?
  9. Box stock lowered thats it.
  10. Just finished i did a replica of my neighbors 1:1 im pretty happy with it hope he is too. I'll add photos of his later when i give it to him.
  11. Awsome i built the king for my 3 yr old son maybe you can find it on my profile its not exact but close and he loves it I had plans to do the same but hes so all over the place ive decided to just do my own builds now he loves lilo and stitch. Your build came out great cant wait to see the rest, good luck.
  12. Was using a ipad and for some reason when attaching the file it went upside down but in my photo gallery it showsit right side up idk? I used testors racing orange which was flat but used a gloss clear coat came out pretty good.
  13. Posting up side bitten has been more interesting than ever thanx for all the great compliments everyone.
  14. Thanks guys was posting it right before work didn't have time to retake them so I just left it sorry for all the neck breaking will fix it later
  15. This was a rebuild wish i had taken before and after pics but heres the after pics hope you guys like let me know what you think.
  16. I just wanna thank all you guys for awesome comments you guys and this forum are GREAT!!!
  17. Lowered it alil but came out alright wish i could of done the plumbing but i didnt hope you guys like it I do.
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