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  1. Building this as a single axle dump is a great choice!
  2. These two builds have certainly put a smile on my face! Great work guys. You might want to consider a police escort for the "valuable cargo" ?
  3. I'm catching up on my favorite builds after a lengthy stay in the hospital, yours being the first on my list! Absolutely stunning work!! You should be be very proud of your accomplishment ?
  4. Congrats on a fine looking build!! You should be extremely proud of your accomplishment ??
  5. This is a cool project and I look forward to your progress!
  6. Thank you for posting this info...I really appreciate it!
  7. WOW! That grapple came out excellent! Job well done Warren ?
  8. Excellent craftsmanship on the hood and doors!! I wish you recorded a video making the hood...
  9. This project is going slow, but I have made a little progress! Questions and comments are always welcomed?
  10. Give yourself a pat on the back for this project! All the details and craftmanship really stand out. Beautiful build Jeff ??
  11. The R800 is next in line on my purchase list.
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