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  1. Really great looking 67 Impala. Love the colour combo.
  2. I just wrapped up this AMT 1961 Ford Galaxie Styline kit that I had in my stash for several years. Painted in MCW factory colour Starlight Blue.
  3. Hello, Randy, I saw recently your post about your marvellous Revell 1957 Eldorado Brougham and added some comments about this wonderful car, but also some questions about another fantastic Cadillac, the 1955 Coupe DeVille, hoping you could share your knowledge I have noticed in some other posts made by you, might be of some help for my 1955 model problems... this message goes as I don't know how often you visit your old posts...

    thank you very much

    1. RandyB.


      Chaves pah. I've never built a 1955 Coupe DeVille. Would like to do one but have never seen one kitted. Not sure what questions you had about the 55 Caddy. Not sure I can help you those questions.

  4. Just buttoned up this second '62 T-bird build. Came out not too bad. Wife bought it for me at the second hand store for a mere $5.99. Kit was complete and still sealed in the plastic bags.
  5. I wrapped up the 1966 Buick Riviera Gran Sport today. Didn't like the oversized tires that came with the kit so I decided to go with the Chevrolet rally wheels and wider tires for a different and a more sporty look. Thinking it looks not too bad.
  6. Both cars are the same scale. I believe the Jag is a slightly smaller car compared to the Corvette.
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