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  1. i didn't know that ed was still doing them..how can i get in contact with him? as far as altered states goes, they don't show them on their site. i can't find anything on the bay.
  2. does anybody make one of these? i have been looking for one of these for awhile. i want to build the Ron Bizio gasser, so a chopped top would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. i recently got the decals for it. i guess if not available, i could always chop off the back of a coupe and make it myself.
  3. well! thank you very much!! you can see how long ago i built mine. maybe now i can finish them.
  4. great jeeps!! i built these same jeeps a few years ago myself. i built mine from a Hogans Hero"s and a Daisy Duke model kits. i loved seeing them run at Lions Drag Strip back in the day. i lived right down the street from C & O transmission back then. anyway, i never really finished my destroyer as i could never see a pic clear enough to figure out all the lettering on the side. how did you get them and can i get them too?
  5. looks great!! i loved the awb days. Landys '66 dart was my favorite. could you tell me where you got the decals for this.
  6. that is too cool!!! there is nothing like an altered to slap you silly. you can keep your door cars as far as i am concerned. give me an altered anytime. yours has the look of the way they were back in the '50's and '60's. high on the frame and no body clearence. nice job!!
  7. thanks for the info. one of my favorite shows.
  8. does anybody know when this years show will be? i have looked all over the web with no luck.
  9. it's just a curbside, it's got an injected y block motor. it seems like i am getting lazy in my old age.
  10. i was reading a early hot rod book and saw a lot of these kinds of altereds. i liked the way they looked. i dug through my parts box and found all these parts and put this together. i didn't detail it. just put together for fun. hope you like it.
  11. it's all paint. pearl white and candy blue. the letters are decal though. thanks for the kind words. i just wish i could take a better pic. ha-ha
  12. this was one of my favorite street roadster drag cars back in the '60's. i used to walk for 8 miles to watch it run at lions. i always wanted to build one like it when i was old enough. the problem is, it's a '28 Chevy. hard to come by in 1-1. i started looking at other makes and think i may be able to use a '29 ford body. it was at the nhra museum and it was on display, so i was able to get all the measurements i needed. i know Drag City Casting makes the car and i have one, but this exercise was to see if i could make an acceptable copy. i bought a 'glass model a roadster body and a 'glass '32 cowl in 1-1 scale, so you see, anything is possible. hope you like it.
  13. this is a build that was just outside of my ability. it is box stock. hahahaha. all my builds are scratch builds. i have new found respect for people that color between the lines.
  14. thanks guys for the replies. the body is just a 1/25th vw. i think it was that flower power one. anyway, the body is cut at the 1/4 panel and across the roof. the back is then rotated up and the rest of the roof is cut down to achieve the chop. the hood is lengthened a scale foot. if i build it in 1-1, i will keep the doors functional. i like to build models of cars that anybody with some fab skills could build and race in 1-1 scale. this would be a under 10 second car, which would make it more affordable by not requiring a comp license and certifications.
  15. this is a copy of a 1-1 car i built along time ago. fun car to drive.
  16. i thought the nose looked like a ducks, hence the name. fun car to build. i even have a 1-1 vw body that is just itching to get built.
  17. this was built from a drawing by chrisclarkcustoms of a vw he is going to build. i just had to build it.
  18. i got such an incredible response to my last question (thanks again bob) i figured I'd ask another. i was looking to build a copy of the Monogram Red Chariot '30 ford phaeton but can't find one. does anybody know of a resin maker of one. i checked a few with no luck.(flintstone, etc) thanks for any help.
  19. bob, i can't tell you how much i appreciate this. this is exactly what i need.
  20. i am scratch building this modele and was wondering if anybody knows someone that makes these decals i can buy? man, is this model expensive, even the instructions.
  21. i saw this drawing in a hot vw mag by steve stanford and liked it. i built it in 1/32 scale because a 1/25th scale kubelwagen is big bucks. hope you like it.
  22. i got this car as a stocker when i was 15 and built it into this. i never finished it though and got rid of it when i was 24. i lost interest working on it so long. i have never worked on another car that long, i can tell you that!! here is the model i built. i used the victoria as the base.
  23. when i was a young lad, around the '60's, some friends took me to the sand dunes. most of them were v8's back then. the light weight and waterless cars hadn't caught on yet. the v8's were really crude with just a car frame, seats and drive train. someone finally built a tube frame rail and i really liked them. in the '80's a friend sold me some huge tires and rims and i have been thinking about something like this ever since.
  24. i have been seeing the volks rod pick ups people are buildig and thought "how about a drag altered one"
  25. flatheadgary

    Custom VW

    awhile back steve sanford drew several vw rods in a hot vw book. i built the purple cruzer and this style was also there. i thought about doing one like this but, i don't have that much skill yet. torgny, excellent work!
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