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  1. VCG Resins

    Got my stuff today, couple of Engine, brakes, turbos and a mill and lathe. Top notch all of them from what I can see. Overseas shipping in 18 days, but well worth the wait.
  2. Hi, Anyone know if these cars comes as a kit in 1/24(25)? I havent been able to find some. Only finding stuff in 1/10, and 1/8 rc stuff
  3. dremel tool

    I use a corded Dremel too, mostly for rough grinding to make bigger room for tires etc. But also for buffing paint/chrome/aluminum with some cloth/pads attached to it. There are sooo many things you can buy for your Dremel, its more likely your imagination sets the boundaries rather than the Dremel.
  4. Managed to get some time at the bench today. Fitted the engine, will add details to the firewall later on Started the interior, with bucket seats and centreconsole. Incorporated the corvette rear end also. Nice ford logo at the cap I think I have gotten the stance about right also. The entire body is widened about 16 mm in scale, that would be about 400mm in real life. So it needed to be quite wider than normal. But hot rods aren`t know for beeing big cars either Now the fun part of sanding, priming, putty, sanding etc to make all the joints look good.
  5. I kind of went overboard with the cutting on this one. It ended up a fair bit wider than normal. I wanted to keep the runningboards and the small fenders, thus I widened the entire body, scratched a frame and married it to a Corvette front. Will cut away the airduckt later on, to get a more stock looking frontend. Build a new bed, using the existing sides. Still a lot to do
  6. Hi, I have lost the instructions to my 95 Corvette ZR1, from Monogram. Does anyone have them and can post pictures of it? Specially the front and rear suspension, since thats what I am stuggling the most with. .
  7. man, this was nice... really like the twin wheel set-up. Made it unique and it fits really well.
  8. Need a pick up for getting parts to and from my garage, so have started this one Will swap the engine for a 6,1 Hemi. The rear is getting some treatment to fit the big wheels and to handle that power. The roof is lowered about 3 scale inches. Looking forward to build this. The paint is yet to be decided. But probably going for some grey with some graphics on.
  9. paint wash

    Oh, nice price on shipping to norway also at the detailer. Got me a set of 4 for under $20 incl shipping. thats about the price for 2 in norway, excluding shipping
  10. Camaro 2010

    It is the kit wheels. The kit is from Jada, "big muscle" -series.
  11. Camaro 2010

    Thx for the all the nice comments
  12. Camaro 2010

    This is my entry for the CB Cannonball run 2013. The starting line will be only one picture, so I thought I`d share some more here. Finished build Starting with this: A close fit to squice in two big turbos A bit of bodywork A bit of rear axle work The final install of engine, no room for intercoolers And with the hood on I really had fun building this, and it put my skills to the test more than once. I have never had to do so much putty-work, sanding, priming, sanding priming, sanding, etc.. But I am quite happy with the end result. Looking forward to next years Cannonball run.
  13. 2013 Cannonball Run CBP

    And the camaro is back from the exhaustguy too, all good to go
  14. 2013 Cannonball Run CBP

    The camaro is down from the lift. The "man" that was supposed to be finished with powdercoating the sidepipes is not yet finished, but they will be ready in time for the race start, he assures me. The neighbours are not happy atm, because its loud now