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  1. reading your writing about him brings me to a place mentally where I seldom go. It's brought on by certain things regarding the loss of a close dear friend of mine. (i myself still to this day havent gripped with fact that my mother truely is no longer here from passing this past july to be honest). The way that a human creates a tribute, albeit of any sort, labor of love or moment in time is truely something that enstills hope in mankind. I am truely sorry for your loss. You've honored him greatly with the builds. although the pain will never fully go away of the sudden loss, nor will the time of knowing it happened, it will ease and i can certainly say that sounds and looks as if you've made him proud of his brother from another mother.
  2. Dodge Magnum

    amazing build!
  3. Quick Build - Tamiya 300zx

    Thanks. Got a bit of paint down for some detailing underhood.
  4. Quick Build - Tamiya 300zx

    Picked up this 300zx awhile back off eBay for stupid cheap, and decided to take a breather from the truck builds and actually finish at least one for 2012. Got most of the paint laid over the weekend. Color is Root Beer from Testors One Shot along with their clear as well. Letting it cure for a few days before I polish it out. Wheels are Mr. Model. This was as of last night. Determining the stance (has to be low) so this is how it'll sit. More after tonight.
  5. I've got a OEM hood for a stock Z71 style silverado model that I have (I have one of these as well) that I'd happily trade for this kits hood.
  6. Bodied LUV

    Ahhh, Bob Grant is the man! Here's the initial one, Cody from Severed Ties <> http://severedties.com/SeveredTies/default.aspx?page=ride&id=52173&isSSM=True
  7. 99 Sonoma

    AWESOME!!! I'd love to get my hands on a Perry's resin xcab to do a rep of my 1:1 lol
  8. Bodied LUV

    Thanks! Please note that the vette LS motor is from a kit I got from eBay, I did not assemble it! lol There was a fleetside bodied on TT2's thats floated around SSM (streetsourcemag.com) and the interwebz for awhile, but thats one of the few I've ever seen. A buddy of mine whom was in Ohio, now in Bowling Green has redone his a few times and is now on his 3rd and final version. Here's a pic of his 1:1 for fun