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  1. Hi ! Another video of my junkyard... There are some new junkers and details ! What do you think about it ?
  2. Hi ! I haven't posted for a while ! I've made a compilation video of my last junkers. Enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxNuqcyG-os
  3. I've put a part of body tape on the body, and painted it. I also sprayed hair spray of the fresh paint, sometimes it works.
  4. I like your quote "Each kit I build is really only practice for the next one!" That's exactly what I think when I've finished a model !
  5. Nice build ! And I like that french pilot
  6. I've made a scale parking lot on a wood board. Then it depends how you take the picture. On that picture we see my parking lot, and the real parking lot
  7. A detail of the driver's door, you can see the rust is under the paint . The gas cap has been lost, so the owner put a rag... The stock 390ci engine : Under the truck : More pics later if you like !
  8. Hi there ! I've built my first kit from Moebius models, and that was very cool ! Here is my last creation, a rusty farm truck. This is a 1971 Ford F100 Ranger XLT, 1/25 scale. The truck is built as a rusty farm truck. The owner got this Ford since 1979, and still drive it. It has a lot of rust on the body, but runs good ! The passenger door has been replaced, by a standard F100 door, there are no chrome moldings. The body is dirty and rusty. Two hubcaps are missing, so the owner has put the two other ones on the same side. If we take a look on the interior, we could see a mexican cover on the bench :
  9. Very nice ! I like that kit. I've built the same, but as a rusty farm truck.
  10. You can watch this video of the diorama https://youtu.be/KRO_bzlwQzs
  11. There were some Protons in Europe, back in the 90's, especially in UK, and in rally championships.
  12. Hi Russell ! Welcome on board ! Stupid question : Did you already search what is at the bottom of the lake ? :D ( In french "au fond du lac" )
  13. Nice build ! Love that classic stock Chevy !
  14. The brakes are resin parts. I just added the nuts on the drum.
  15. Yes, I don't know why, the first pictures have disapeared...
  16. No, look at the license plate, it comes from Georgia
  17. Thanks for your feedback ! Another picture :
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