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  1. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 48 ford woody (gluebomb series) > rodded   

    time for some base paint ...
    the engine got a coat of blue to match the blue in the patina of the tins ...will be a tad darker with a wash .. the intake manifold and headers will be painted off course ...

    the wet chassis ...its taken shortly after painting , it will dry up more matte its satin black ...lot of details will be painted like all the bolts and bars .. so more chrome will be added to the chassis later

    here are 2 parts that just got a layer of chrome , the tank is the airtank and will be mounted in the trunk area behind the rear benc seat .. the airfilter will get some real material in black looking like real filter material .. not sure yet what to do with the piping (the bend pipe)  leave chrome or do that black ..

  2. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 48 ford woody (gluebomb series) > rodded   

    thnx ...! and hmm maybe you are right .. well its now more a connection to make the transition in angle then a steering box .. i sanded so much down ...
    i need to get into the tech a bit more on steering i'm afraid for now i'll leave this as is
    and skills ... just try to put in more detail on every build and gradually you find stuff gos easyer .. i'm nowhere perfect , i see stuff that makes mine look like childsplay .. but thats the fun in the hobby > room for improvement .. i now buidl things that 2 years back i would think was impossible for me hahaha
  3. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 48 ford woody (gluebomb series) > rodded   

    thnx !
  4. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 48 ford woody (gluebomb series) > rodded   

    thnx bob !
    primer time ! really brings it all together and makes it look nice instantly ..
    front of the x member has 2 pieces removed , i had to to later be able to line up the exhaust and place it good .. i'll try to close that up after
    also made some brakets to hold the fuel line and brake lines

  5. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 1964 Cadillac De Ville convertible(JO-HAN)   

    gorgeous !
  6. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 1928 pickup   

    absolutly stunning build ... i love the used look ... its clean and shiny but used ...love the mild weathering .. awsome look and proportion !
  7. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 66 nova..   

    awsome build ! i love it
  8. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 1974 Plymouth junker   

    very nice ! i dig this !
  9. crazyrichard added a post in a topic The Race of Gentleman - '13 Ford Model T   

    very cool !!
  10. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 48 ford woody (gluebomb series) > rodded   

    Started on the rear air suspension ... looked at a lot of refrence pics of extreme air chassis .. challenge was to get the bags in front of the axle and then connect them with the axle .. of course its all put in so its on the lowest setting ...
    tried to make it look like a convincing whole .. just started building in the we will see what we end up with style ...looking at several real air chassis (unconventional ones) ..
    carried through the speedhole look from the x frame in most parts ...
    i went with a large frame connected to bags and then on the axle , 2 lateral bars , a round support over the axle with brackets for shocks ... i have seen so many weird contraptions this should sort of be possible .. not saying its 100% up there but ....
    this all because the interiour and body where already done and i could not redo the interiour tub to create space for conventional airbag placement

  11. crazyrichard added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:The GT40 project New pics 2/13/17   

    ooohh dude !!
  12. crazyrichard added a post in a topic Lite-Weight Race Car Trailer   

    nice !!
  13. crazyrichard added a post in a topic 48 ford woody (gluebomb series) > rodded   

    thnx randy !!
    note > the chassis and parts look rough and due to filing and handling its pretty horrible on pics .. later with primer that will come together
    went on with the engine and all its fitment issues .. striving for something that kind of makes sense ...
    tackled the famous floating alternator from revell , just made a arch shape bracket .. i think the other round part down low is a airco pump ?? not sure tbh ? so is it ?
    in the part where the waterhose gos on i drilled a hole so later i can glue in a small rod and put a real rubber hose over that with a clamp

    distributer loose on , placed a tiny bot lower then intended by revell , and the dechromed top part with air cleaner , ready for some detail work

    heavely cut down the headers , made them stop facing down and put in small steel pins for connecting the pipes onto later on on final assembly

    great fitment everything runs free and clears , please dont look at the top of the fron suspension lol its all hidden by the fenders / bodywork later on i went this way so i had a fixed ride hight and good connection for the wheels .. then made the suspension seen from below .. in the end this all will be out of sight

    headers seen from below , removed those extra bars i ran from the transmount to the front ... pipes will come in through the wide slot in the x frame and go onto the headers
    de extra stangen onder heb ik verwijderd hier was niet omheen te werken en dat ze de uitlaat raken is niet realistisch