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  1. cool ! , nice vibe and detail , love the gaskets on the wall , next time make shots without the figures , looks more realistic
  2. sorry for the late reply ! thnx guys ! i did not really have a exact period or year in mind , but its def. ment to be a old station ...rural setting ...i have tried to label it with an exact year in the beginning but in the end just build it ...so you are welcome to look and determan a year for it ... its def. a post war piece since the style sign i used is 50's ? i believe ... and since the gasstation is all weathered its a older station .. so i could be in the late 60's early 70's ?? like in a remote rural earea where they did not update the signs / style wise ?? the building could be earlyer .... i dont know really lol , tbh i seldom put in effort or time to pin point stuff like that and let my imagination run free and build stuff so for me it seems plausible together ..
  3. my god randy thats ...stunning ! , how did you connect the pieces of the control arms ? are the rods and stuff glued or soldered ?
  4. Rip Blair ! , i just found out on facebook , and saw the memorial stand on the show (pictures of that) , i got chils , great builder and a awsome friendly guy i talked to online for few years ... man ______
  5. if you wash the wood black and sand it back a bit you get the dark woodgrain , its really cool .. you can even put some brown woodstain over after that and that brings it to life even more
  6. very cool ! , def. out of the box and i love the look ! the wood could use some staining imo to really finish it of .. could also be cool to wash the wood with black so it gos in the woodgrain and then stain or clear coat
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