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  1. Dawson added a post in a topic Question for those who work in the 1:1 auto world   

    You might want to look into the- N-Newsletter
  2. Dawson added a post in a topic RIP Hugh Hefner   

    Big fan of Hugh's work.
    One day Mick Jagger was visiting the Playboy Mansion and happened to see Hugh Hefner and Dennis Weaver in a compromising position,
    So he knocked on the window and said  'Hey Hugh-Get offa McCloud'
    ...true story
  3. Dawson added a post in a topic Gulf Gas Station   

    Hi David , I like your diorama its nice & clean and modern .
  4. Dawson added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    We could always slide the shoe on the other foot for awhile here .
    I have owned a seasonal home in Florida for 30 years and have watched Canadian citizens buy up most every thing in our area , So I can relate to your disdain of foreign ownership-or is this some how different ?
  5. Dawson added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    It seems that these model car guys are an angry bunch ,   I am far from being a regular here or a Model Car insider like some here are but some thing I find very interesting=In one topic I read where Gregg (the guy that owns this site) is looking for ways to sell more magazines and keep this site going yet in a few other topics I see where there are members attacking each other and telling people to leave-don't come back-you wont be missed ect.......which doesn't sound like they are being ambassadors to the magazine, the on line forum or the hobby it's self . 
  6. Dawson added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    ....and yet you responded anyway , that sort of irks me  
    (not really-it made me laugh)
  7. Dawson added a post in a topic So I'm sitting on a stack of 63 Country Squies and 64 Colony Parks   

    It is my understanding that there is some one that has copied the ModelHaus Shasta Airflyte trailer , I missed out on the original and wonder if ModelHaus is out of business and who ever is making copies has got license and permission from Shasta or the parent company Forest River . It's easy enough to find out I would guess .
  8. Dawson added a post in a topic How did we manage to survive?   

    If cars and trucks from the 50's 60's and 70's weren't so cool there wouldn't be so many people living in the past...even the younger folks that weren't born yet like to live in the past it seems ?
    Sure am glad this thread didn't  metamorphosis into a political firestorm .  
  9. Dawson added a post in a topic Just because I'm a big fan...   

    If your a big fan of David Gilmour-This is your lucky day !!
    David Gilmour is a member here on MCM a.k.a. Psychographic.
  10. Dawson added a post in a topic General Lee Fun   

    Funny Stuff !
    Someone should build a '90 Mustang LX as a General Lee
  11. Dawson added a post in a topic Dodge Stepside 4X4 (Yes it's Orange)   

    I like how you left the windshield wipers, windshield frame and door handles orange-Nice touch !
    Barbie Doll Pink would have looked cool too........

    Yee Haw !!!
  12. Dawson added a post in a topic GM seeking protetion from Lawsuits   

    I wonder how long it will be before Michael Moore makes a movie about this ?

  13. Dawson added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    What IRKED me today=The limp dweeb that my daughter is married to. He was spoiled by his mommy and daddy now he mooches off my daughter.
    He's proud to be a 'Stay at Home Dad'
    It's a sad thing when a grown man can't earn more than a baby sitter or day care provider.
    I think he likes being the feminine one in the relationship.
  14. Dawson added a post in a topic AMT 1960 Ford Ranchero   

    Mr. Maindrian Pace,

    You have a very nice Mercury Comet Station Wagon. What year is it ?
    Is your car built on the Ford Falcon chassis or the Ford Fairlane chassis ?
    thanks, Larry
  15. Dawson added a post in a topic 1/25 First Gear 1938 International pickup   

    " If you have the First Gear '36 Dodge panel, you have the wheels and tires for that panel........." by Chuck Most

    The '36 Dodge panel (as was the '36 Dodge pick up and 4 door convertible) were made by Liberty Classics by Spec Cast and are 1/28 scale
    Side by side this International is a lot bigger.

    I have never seen a 1936 Dodge made by First Gear