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  1. The 3d printed Datsun 620 and 720 shells have arrived and I wanted to share them with you. The surface came out very nice on the higher end print cost. The printed material was the "Frosted Detail" which will require very minimal cleanup compared to the "Strong Flexible Polish" My current plan is to make a mold for each one and cast them in resin. The third image is the shells sitting on the 720 "Targa" version.
  2. AOK....Big help for me guys is getting actual measurements. I have both long and short beds for the bumpsides so the measurements are at hand. Do you guys have the beds for the chevy's and if you do could you send the pics with measurements? Thanks
  3. All good ideas. I'll do some research on that. I actually saw some toys at Toys R Us with that era trailer.
  4. Good idea...Do you have a kit in mind? There was a Ford guy that mentioned something similar to the bump kits that came out last year. Sort of that old school style camper right? Mike
  5. Some of you might have been aware on the "Big Scale" board of me posting some images of some 1:8 bodies I'm making. Hot off the press are these "Topper" shells for the MPC Datsun kit that just came out. There will be a full and window version soon to be a 3d print. Plan is to clean them up and cast them in resin. Any other trucks needing a camper top? Thoughts welcome!
  6. Big scale 41 willys 1:8 1:16

    My attendance at the "Model car guys" show turned out to be a great experience. I got a lot of feedback regarding the 3d work and spoke with Pete "Freight Train" builder. He mentioned doing a 1:8 scale of the 41 Willys. I said why not! This is an early phase mock up image that I put together some ideas on wheels, engine(Hemi), stance ideas. Lots of work to do before it actually becomes a print, but I do this to inspire me on future projects.
  7. Spirit of Speed 3 @ NHRA Museum

    Yea...Great show and turnout. The setting was perfect at the NHRA museum as well.
  8. Big scale E100 pickup

    You and another person on instagram would like to see it in 1/16. Scale is not an issue in the print world. I am curious in how popular the 1/16 scale is? Mike
  9. Big scale E100 pickup

    The E100 has been on my radar to make as a 3D print. I got started on this and wanted to throw out some images--- 1/8, 1/12, or 1/16 is my thoughts. This one would be for the scratch builder of course. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  10. 3d Printed "Roach Coach"

    The going plan right now with the "eyes" is to make the the print of the eye just a bit smaller in scale and have them vacuum formed. I spoke with a vendor about making these and its really just a matter of getting him the print which have to be smoothed out and then he can run some sets of bubbles. I'll let you know as soon I get them done! Mike
  11. 3d Printed "Roach Coach"

    The Roach engine is a Granatelli Indy Car. I don't have all the details on hand, but it's out there. Building the body is the hard part for me. Finishing it will depend on the skill level. Is it possible to finish it up by scratch building it? Of course, but most of the general model building community can't finish it. It's my job to determine how much more I should make to cross that line to allow a builder to finish it. The roach and Stiletto were never made which poses a big challenge for any builder. Listening to feedback on what's needed past the body and listen to you guys. It's open for discussion on what else should be made for this one. I know one thing, the hard part is over which is to make the body and hopefully others agree. The body is the hardest thing to make especially this one. I have created many bodies from all makes and this one takes the cake! It's Alien! Mike
  12. 1/10th scale 73 Cuda AA/FC

    This one caught my eye! How is the progress on this one?
  13. 1:8 cuda funny car body

    Update to the current work! Maybe a week away from completion.
  14. 1:8 and 1:16 Cuda Funny Car Body

    Some WIP of the Cuda body that will go to print in 1:16 and 1:8
  15. tire wheel

    Do you want an existing tire/wheel from an existing kit or do want something that is right for the bike? That was the incentive for me to start printing my own wheels and tires. I couldn't stand what was available from kits and made my own according to what I wanted. Now I'm no expert on chopper setups, but I know what looks good. I kept telling myself why do I have to settle with a limited set of designs when I'm the 1:1 world there are tons of options. With the print world granted you may not get chrome surface, but getting the right design may be the way to go! Thoughts? how custom is the chopper? Scratch built?