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  1. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

    On request from an Instagram follower I have made my first 1:12 wheel for the Camaro kit. These wheels can be scaled to any size, but I'm going to run them first for the 1:12 kit and make some scale changes to get them to fit the 1:25 crew. The Wheel design I have made will be identical in diameter to the stock wheel provided by Revell. The print wheel will fit into the stock tire. The rear wheel measures out at 48.5 mm and the front is 44.5 mm in diameter. I'll do a test print on this and make sure the fit is correct. Sometimes I have to make adjustments to the thickness depending on the design, but this should be a pretty straight forward wheel creation that I'll have available soon. Any questions are welcome! Mike
  2. 1:8 cuda funny car body

    Thought I should post this one here. I'm currently making a 1:8 scale body of the Cuda. Its about 75% completed. Just wanted to share the WIP shots.
  3. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    1/12 scale seems to be an all important market to reach!
  4. New 3d Printed 32 Deuce Top

    Hi everyone. I'm going to start working on a new 3d printed top for the 1:8 Deuce. The top will be inspired by the Ryan Reed coupe. I'll keep you all posted! I'm also going to make a windshield that will fit the new angle.

    looks fantastic! Thanks for posting up all these images.
  6. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    Thanks Dwayne for the input. Keep the input coming and ref images flowing. There are so many tires out there and I would love to get a general Top three or five to choose from.
  7. Way back in the late 70's my Dad took me to the "Drags" at Fremont Raceway in the Bay Area. That's where I connected to the Funny car world. Fast forward forty years its been a dream of mine to build a 1:8 scale old school funny car. So the plan is to build a Cuda body in both the 1:16 scale. This would fit the current Revell kits and I would also make a 1:8 for the scratch builders. The current body is 75%. completed.
  8. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    I hear ya Ralph! Thanks for letting me know and I do understand.
  9. 1/8 TDR Nova

    Really nice shot!
  10. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    I like the "wrinkle" wall for sure. Plan on that!
  11. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    Thanks Ralph. Any of you guys going to NNL West in Santa Clara. I'll have a table there and would really like to meet anyone going.
  12. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    Are these resin or actual kit rubber wheels?
  13. New 3d Printed 32 Deuce Top

    You know....I thought the same thing. Which is part of the process. When you make a part that has never been made there are always some changes that should be made. I say that because It would seem highly unlikely that anything done the first time is the right one. In this case I have been staring at it from different angles and it really does push the "chopped" look. I have been thinking though maybe its too much also. So before I rush to do another one I'm going to keep looking at it and give it some time to settle in. You know what I mean? Its so important for you guys to give me feedback. My feelings are not going to get hurt if you guys tell me it sucks! I actually really need your help to steer it to its final look. So fire away. Mike
  14. 1/8 TDR Nova

    Thanks for posting these. I have enjoyed this thread so much.
  15. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    I see what you mean regarding brand. Are you referring to the "raised" letters like this?
  16. 1:8 Scale Wheels in 3d print

    I did an inventory of the wheels I have made for the 1:8 scale hot rods. Smaller scales available also. Showing what I have available for 3d print deep and shallow versions. Shown here are the deep versions with the top row being front wheels only. Mike
  17. 1:8 Scale Wheels in 3d print

    Good call! I took the approach you mentioned and applied it to the muscle machine toy rear tires. I created these cause I never liked the wheel designs and the front tires were too wide for my tastes. Pic of the Willys and 57 Chubby with printed wheel and tires.
  18. New 3d Printed 32 Deuce Top

    Hi have sent out the first print run for the 32 top. Once it arrives(next week) I'll post up some pics on how it fits to the body!
  19. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

    They are based on the Schott Tomahawk design. Im currently having a test print done on it so I can make sure it has the correct fit to the stock tires. I'll keep you posted and show the pics when it arrives. Mike
  20. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

    Good question...static is fine. For an RC application I would give it a run!
  21. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

    Tires are CG. Nothing real! LOL The Tires Im going to use for the printed wheels will fit the stock revell kit big and little. The 1:25 scale will match up to the Pegasus 19 and 23 tires.
  22. 1/12 Camaro Pro Street and Twin Turbo Touring 69

    Took me awhile to go through all these images! Looks great Ralph! WoW
  23. 1/8 TDR Nova

    This has been a real pleasure to watch. Really nice looking work and I certainly appreciated it! Keep the pics posted. Happy holidays! Mike
  24. 1:8 Scale Wheels in 3d print

    Without getting into trouble....its my logo with a dot com. Can you guys throw me out a list of tires and options. Images help too. I rely on the community for input when it comes to making new stuff. Mike Happy holidays. Thanks
  25. 3d printing question

    Good points from all of you. I have started a small business doing prints for the model community and can add to the discussion. These are concerns I have had over the years using shapeways and in summary the surfaces have gotten better. I use shapeways for my output and have felt they are the best for my uses. The images shown here should give you a good sense of the surface difference. The price difference Cheez referred to is an issue for some and not others. For example the Wheel on the left was printed in the FED(Frosted Extreme Detail). That wheel cost me 9.90 while it would have been 3.23 at the WSFP(White Strong Flexible Polished). This wheel is at the 1:16 scale. The price can increase quite a bit. Hopefully this answers you question when it comes to using prints. If you have other questions I'll be more than happy to answer. Happy Holidays. Mike