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  1. Thought I should post this one here. I'm currently making a 1:8 scale body of the Cuda. Its about 75% completed. Just wanted to share the WIP shots.
  2. Way back in the late 70's my Dad took me to the "Drags" at Fremont Raceway in the Bay Area. That's where I connected to the Funny car world. Fast forward forty years its been a dream of mine to build a 1:8 scale old school funny car. So the plan is to build a Cuda body in both the 1:16 scale. This would fit the current Revell kits and I would also make a 1:8 for the scratch builders. The current body is 75%. completed.
  3. Strange that no manufacture made the stock version.
  4. My intention to show the stock version was only to give a comparison of the stock and drag version. The stock version I am not planning to make only the drag version.
  5. Good questions. Im taking the stock dimensions and keeping some stock body lines, but taking liberty to make it for a "Drag" body. I have no intentions to represent this as a stock car. My whole intention was to get this out for the big scale guys and let them create the chassis and drive-line.
  6. This model kit had a limited run and the original kit sells for a pretty penny. There is a current original model selling for 490.00 Will it sell? I saw one sell last week at 350.00 maybe. With that said there was builder that asked to make the body and he would take care of the rest. I took it on thinking others might want it and not have to pay the high price. From that I decided to make two Show Rod cars that were never made as models. The "Stiletto and Roach Coach" will be in my hands at the end of this week. I'll post up the pics when they arrive. The 1:8 Fiat Topolino will be here next week. Stay tuned! Mike
  7. Some WIP on the 3d file of the Fiat. The exterior is about done with only the inner skin left to take care of.
  8. This is Shapeways "White Flexible Polish" . It does require cleanup work from the start. The material itself has a texture that can be sanded and I recommend a filler primer to take care of the rest.
  9. Hi Alan, Good question regarding the critical components. I have been thinking the market will tell me what is needed. I have been thinking about all those parts you mentioned and will it help the body sell? Not sure yet. The frame and seats I have thinking about, but waiting to see if others like yourself would need to have it done. The dash is already located in the body. Its a good question for sure as I'm letting the market make the final call. I've had three buyers all which have not requested anything. They could be scratch builders that want to take it on for themselves. Thoughts welcome for sure. Mike
  10. This current one is at 1:25. Thanks for asking as I'll update the post.
  11. Not a problem. 1/25 available, but nothing in the 1:8 and 1:12. Keep an out out for some pics soon and thank for the heads up. Mike
  12. The Fiat Topolino is the current model being worked on. The hope is get this out next week. This will be a 1:8 and 1:12 print to be available. Images show the models side by side. I'll post up some WIP's soon.
  13. This is another body that is currently being processed at Shapeways. This showrod was never available as a model like the "Roach Coach". This is scheduled to arrive on the 19th and will post up pics. Images are rendered images of the model.
  14. Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply! The company (vendor) is under the name "3d scale parts" in the store. Soon the store will have available all of my inventory, but as of now I'm keeping it limited. Currently there are a couple wheels for sale, but will be adding at least a dozen or so more. I am currently working on the website and Shapeway's store at the same time to make sure everything is in sync.
  15. The "Roach Coach" is currently being printed as we speak. Once a model is finished on my end there is a 7-10 day turn around time for me to receive it back. It is scheduled to arrive at my place around the 20th I'll post up the pics. The following images are renders of the model. Mike
  16. My first post showing the 3D printed body of the well known showrod of the 60's. The body was created on the computer and printed via Shapeways. Images shown are the model in render view and the final print. The body is available for sale on Ebay. Mike
  17. Hello all. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am founder of the 3D Scale Parts. I'm an old school modeler doing some new school modeling. For that last couple years I have been creating parts via 3d printing. Most of what I have been making has been for the 1:8 scale community. I look forward to posting up here and getting feedback from the posts. For the past few months I have been creating a few bodies for the Showrod community. I'm currently working on a Fiat Topolino body as a 1:8 and 1:12 scale. Mike
  18. Here is a pic of some of the wheels I have. I'll be selling a new batch next week.
  19. As I was building my 1/8 stuff back a few years ago I wanted to have the wheels the 1:1 world had access to. Long story short I ended up making what I wanted on the computer. I also wanted others to have it also so I started selling them on eBay. As I have progressed more wheels parts have been made and I'll sell anything I make. I want all to have access to my creations. Here we are now as I have always wanted the fiat in 1/8. Big question for me is the time and money commitment to creating a body. Will it sell? What I think is cool may not to others. I'm hoping the fiat will be a good bet it will. We have never seen a fiat in 1/8 or 1/12. Once it's done it's for sale! Thanks for the comment. Mike
  20. Currently using Shapeways for my printing. I once used a higher end print service for a test wheel, but the cost was too high to justify it.... About three times as much. So for now I'll go with Shapeways and prep the body like a 1:1. Make a mold and cast in resin. The body will be broken up in two parts (body and hood). The surface quality is just not there yet. Mike
  21. No 1/16 stuff, but why the heck not? Not a problem to scale down or up in the print world!
  22. Great question...The body is not based on a scan. For many years I built 3D car bodies for the video game industry. I take pride in the craft of 3D modeling and try to achieve the highest degree of accuracy. The most accurate representation of a car body comes from a scan. I don't have the financial means to purchase one of these. My practice and skills come from as many photo references as I can get a hold of. Blueprints are the method I go about my base body creation and then its my years of experience to judge the surfaces from reference material. Its not easy, but the challenge is so rewarding.
  23. Hello all, New to the forum, but building for a long time this will be a 1/8 Fiat 60's-70's altered. This model could potentially be 100% 3D printed and then using the traditional hand skills to refine the print issues. What I mean by that is the body and larger parts will need to be massaged via auto primers and sanding. Not sure on the motor setup, but figure I throw in an early Hillborn intake I have done. This is a project that I've just started and will learn a lot from. Working on the body and will then go to the frame and suspension. Been doing the 3D stuff by trade and I am finally putting that skill set to my interest in models. Sample link of my current ebay offerings. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141935323482?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Images of the body(WIP) and some other parts ready to go! Will update as I go!
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