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  1. Gran Turismo Sport has an even better photo mode...
  2. Anyone remember the '68 Roadrunner fiasco from a few years ago? AMT packaged a bone stock Roadrunner in the Pro Street labeled boxes....luckily my Hobbytown owner knew this and I didn't waste my time or money on it.
  3. I tried making this one look like it was built in the 50's or 60's....hope I did it right...still need to black wash the grill.
  4. Ah ok. AMT. Threw me off when you said Revell was sending you parts lol.
  5. Thanks guys. I used Minwax polyurethane clear over One Coat Laquer....
  6. Ooops, just noticed one headlight is sideways haha
  7. Just finished my '49 Merc custom. Basically box stock except I lowered the stance and added "fuzzy dice" to the mirror and a frenched antenna. Enjoy.
  8. I remember the articles from Hot Rod as well. I always thought it was odd that he would allow them to dump Cheez Whiz on the car for a photo lol
  9. Hello, I stumbled across your police car thread and saw Big Sky country on your profile. Whereabouts? I'm from Malta originally, now living in the south. I visited my ailing father in Great Falls in November. Take care!

  10. Duplicolor Garnet red I believe.
  11. Looks great.....Great minds think alike!
  12. Thanks guys. All good points. Since the wheels and tires aren't permanently mounted I will be checking sizes and stances to see if I can come up with something better.
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