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  1. That is one sweet build... Congrats...
  2. Great build. I thought for a second that the first picture was a 1:1 reference photo.
  3. Outstanding. Convincing weathering is not easy to pull out. You did it brilliantely. Two thumbs up!!
  4. I like this build. Hemi billboards on a Dodge magnum? Great idea!! Great taste of color combo too. I'm certainely following this build!!
  5. I'm an extremely picky with everything and especially when it comes to models. As for your'se, I had to pick my jaw off the floor. Totally fantastic work, all complimented by really awsome photography work. Best Impalas i've seen so far. Yuri, a thousand thumbs up to you.
  6. Holly S***. You even faithfully represented the chrome heat discoloration on the exhaust headers. Stunning !!
  7. Oh wow.... Very beautiful. I love the interior color you've chosen to.
  8. Very sharp. Kinda original to see a slant 6 engine.
  9. Not the fastest car, but it's my fastest
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