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  1. mcgedert

    Revell 1957 Ford

    Nice clean build. The color even looks like it dates back to 57.
  2. After some alterations, z'd the frame, interior fixes. At last after blood had been spilled, I give you ...... THE DEVIL DEUCE!!!!
  3. Looks great. The rear wheels look just like the cars guys built back in high school.
  4. Very cool build. Nice, claen, and not all hot rodded out. a little rust would look good on that. Like a nice survivor car.
  5. Great rat. Sometimes steping outside the box is a good thing.
  6. Looks good. Must be a pretty clean kit if you got it done in two weeks and looking that good.
  7. Have made some progress. Got it chopped and painted.
  8. Crazy, creative. Thats the only way to build a enzo. Give it some american muscle.
  9. Cool gasser. Love the trunk decal.
  10. Hey thanks. I just added a post on my 32 with your info. Took me a couple trys but i got it. Thanks.
  11. This is what i ended up with. I have some snading and choping yet to do.
  12. With a small drill bit and an exacto knife i cut in some of the finer details.
  13. Then i used a dremal to rough cut the pattern out.
  14. Here is my new project. A 1932 ford sedan rat rod. I decided that instead of cutting the whole roof out, like most rats. I am just cutting the skull out. I started with a stencil of the skull i wanted to cut out.
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