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  1. kc7wzl added a post in a topic Using non-Tamiya clears over Tamiya Spray Lacquers?   

    here is what I do... I always do a couple of test spoons ( the white plastic spoons ) I always let my primer and paint completely cure/gas out then try the next color/clear to watch for reaction and if I like the result. 
  2. kc7wzl added a post in a topic Project Silk Purse,,,, The Corvan   

    wow great work... that body needs to have a mold made!!
  3. kc7wzl added a post in a topic 1910 Ford c-cab flatbed truck street rod built in the 1970's   

    Here is the link to the photos.
  4. maltsr added a topic in General   

    Lots of unwanted things happen to me and my models during construction.

    I'm sure the members here have lots of examples, but here are two of mine to get the ball rolling:

    1) When scribing a panel line with the back of a No 11 blade, several passes are needed to make an impression. However, the first time the blade jumps out of the groove, a deeper gash is created in one single pass

    2) Why is it that a small part prefers to stick to my greasy, oily fingers, rather than the piece it is being superglued to?
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