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  1. thanks, i still need to finish spots i see in pictures the more i look. i priced mine so low i figured it would go fast...but oh well haha..got tired of it taking up shelf space my rule: finish one = Buy one...unless its something cool then buy it regardless
  2. i bought this t600 kit at a swap me a year ago, i started it, got bored and it sat after failed attempts at selling/trading it off...i took in some stuff in trade, ended up just making my t600 a dump truck. its pretty well finished, maybe not 100% but close.
  3. nice...ive owned a few of these cars and love them... i wanted to make the ashtray door broken on a few of my models...but it was so nice seeing them not broken i couldnt do it
  4. nope i added that from my parts bin
  5. thanks, the front ones are, rears i found in my box of parts
  6. thanks, i have more coming later on
  7. not my best work, but its good enough haha...still some touch up needed as you can see
  8. thanks guys...heres the next update, GW hood came in, frame lengthened for EXT hood
  9. todays update...rest of cab and sleeper with BMF done..cab lights on, and just a few engines i threw in it for fun, ill probably stick with the 60 series detroit
  10. well both...mirror brackets painted...rest bmf...good stuff
  11. i got this car missing alot of parts...i made stuff work and tried my luck with rust and weathering for the first time....with more practice ill have it down better body was missing hood, but otherwise straight to begin with, most parts are from other junk i had laying around
  12. thanks, ill get some pics up in the diorama thread here shortly... i really want the triple white...if only they made a lx vert...and hatch
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