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  1. unclescott58 added a post in a topic AMT Cal Drag Combo   

    After checking the link above, I now want the kit. Truck and buggy.
  2. unclescott58 added a post in a topic AMT Cal Drag Combo   

    Didnt the above trailer come with just about every MPC Impala and Caprice kit, other than the convertibles, from '68 on? 
  3. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Jeep J10 Gladiator   

    I find them fun. The one that stands out to me, was the fake Jo-Han early 70's Olds Custom Cruiser station wagon. The "what if?" speculations can be fun. With photo shop it's amazing what one can design. It's just a shame they can't duplicate what's on the box. I would love to have a mid 60's Jeep Gladiator. A '55 Highway Patrol Buick. A '72 Olds Custom Cruiser. Etc down the line. 
  4. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Jeep J10 Gladiator   

    If they didn't. Which I doubt they did. It's a shame. I love those old Jeep Gladiators. And I'm old enough to remember Daktari too. And that's a clue to why this kit was never done. The Daktari TV show came out in the mid-60's. The box art above does not look like mid-60's Revell box art. It looks more like late-70's, early-80's Revell box art to me. At least a dozen years after Daktari. I think even Clarence could see that something is not right about the above kit. 
  5. unclescott58 added a post in a topic AMT Cal Drag Combo   

    Greg Meyers pointed out on the box art for the Indy Drag Combo, the Willys in the background is coming off its trailer using no ramps. And he seemed to think that odd. Come on Greg, a Willys don't need no ramps. After all they went on to manufacture Jeeps. And I'm sure that some of that Jeep magic was built into every Willys. Even if the Jeep came that generation Willys was done. 😉
  6. unclescott58 added a post in a topic First time using BMF   

    Working on my Lindberg 1952 Chevy fastback this morning. I thought about how two new products (at least for me) that I've learned about just in the last 12 months has made my model building so much easier. One is the Molotow Liquid Chrome as we've been talking about here. The other is the Bondic UV light activated glue. Both have worked out great for me. They both help make this Chevy project go together in a much more satisfactory way than it would have without them. The Bondic was used for gluing in the glass. The Molotow for all of the chrome. I'm sure I could have gotten decent results using other materials I've used in the past. But in this case, I found the new products to work that much better for me. I'm very happy with the results.
  7. unclescott58 added a post in a topic 1934 Mercedes Benz 500K Ssr Body By Sindelfelden   

    Other than that left wheel looking a wonky. (Maybe because it's set for a turn?) the kit looks beautiful. Very nice. 
  8. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Future Classic Car Projects March 12/08   

    Did any of the above cars get finished? And are the end results here? I'd love to see how they all turned out. 
  9. unclescott58 added a post in a topic First time using BMF   

    I purchased one through eBay. The other two on Amazon. There are several discussions in this thread and others debating the merits and vices of these pens. Like anything there are pluses and minuses. But, my experience so far has been all positive. I love them. Will they replace BMF for everything? No. In my situation they'll be replacing BMF for most things. I find them easier to use. And the end result just as good. If not better. This is just my opinion. I recommend at least trying them, and seeing what you think. 
  10. unclescott58 added a post in a topic First time using BMF   

    I'm with you on this one Christian. I hate BMF. And I love the Molotow Liquid Chrome pens. Much easier for me to work to work with. There are one or two instances where may be needed for some things. But for most, the Molotow pens have made them history for me too. 
  11. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Two more! Your right, I can't keep up with you with my Cords and Ford GTs.
  12. unclescott58 added a post in a topic 1933 Cadillac Town Car   

    Partly inspired by what I see here, I just ordered the convertible sedan version of this kit. I love those big multi cylinder classic cars. 
  13. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Revell Ford GT (Snap)   

    Got to love those. Ford GTs. 
  14. unclescott58 added a post in a topic 1974 Plymouth junker   

    Very nice. I like it. 👍
  15. unclescott58 added a post in a topic AMT's Horizon TC3- Loser from the past, out of box!   

    Adam, the Cavalier promo can be picked up on eBay at very reasonable prices. I think I paid under $20 for mine.