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  1. I just finished building mine in the last few days. And despite the vent wings, I kind of like the looks of the kit otherwise. It's off. But not as bad as I expected. In general it looks okay.
  2. I wish there was a way for this kit to be brought back. It's still one of coolest looking race cars ever.
  3. Fun thread to read. And a great review/look at the kit, Tim. I'm excited by this one. I already have one on preorder. I love the old style, simple kits like this. I'm okay with the molded in headlamps. I like the simple chassis with metal axles and screws to hold them in place. They help make them lined up and sit level. Even as a kid, I could build a pretty good look replica of the real car using these kits. And they held together after they were done. Very few parts to fall off after were finished. I love them.
  4. Ow! I just when eBay to see about ordering one. The price is a little more than I'm willing for a kit of that particular car in that scale.
  5. Cool. Another kit to hunt down and add to the collection.
  6. The street version of the BMW M1 is going on my want list.
  7. Thank you both. Those are good suggestions. Had our on-line model car club meeting two nights ago. Got basically same advice from the guys there. Drilling out and using wire the same basic diameter as the vinyl tubing. That seems to be best suggestion.
  8. F*** IT! Those BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH plug wires can not be put on! Or, in the long run, stay on. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! I hate when things like this happen. I'm 62, almost 63. I've been models since I was 7. I should be able to do this!
  9. Yes I did. It didn't seem to help. But I have good news. I tried a little soap. Between that, the OptiVisor, and a little patience, I was eventually able to get the coil wire on. Now we'll see what I can do with the plug wires. I'm hoping this will work. I like the looks of the vinyl tubing for the coil wire and the two radiator hoses so far.
  10. Back to these kits. How does one install the vinyl tubing given in this kit for the spark plug wires? I'm presently building AMT's 1/16 scale '65 ('64 1/2) Mustang. But, I can not get the vinyl tubing to go on to the nubs provided for them on the coil or distributor. It's too tight. I've tried a small nail to stretch open the tubing some more. But, as soon as I pull out the nail, it immediately goes back to it's original diameter. And will not fit on the plastic nubs. Any ideas? I've talked to a couple of guys in our local model car club. Neither of them had an answer. If it's impossible to use the kits "wiring," I may just build the kit without any engine wiring at all. That detail does not matter to me that much. It would be nice to use it. But, I'm not going to substitute it with something else if it does not work.
  11. Again I’m impressed with above build. ☝️ Another one that looks pretty nice. Other the area around the windshield, I don’t think the kit looks to bad. Not great. But, not terrible either.
  12. Despite your problems with the kit, it looks like it turned out pretty nice. ?
  13. I'm happy to see the instructions for the "50 Years" 1965 Mustang kit above. ☝️ At least they give proper information on what colors to paint the engine. Not Ford Blue! Ford painting all their engines blue didn't start until the 1966 model year. Thanks for getting that one right Round 2.
  14. Despite everything I've heard and seen about this kit, I had to finally had to buy. Going to keep it simple. White exterior with a blue interior.
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