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  1. unclescott58 added a topic in General   

    Display and Storage Boxes?
    Recently I received an model kit as a gift that is personally signed to me by the designer. It's a brand new kit. The plastic wrapping was removed so the person could sign the actual box. It has already become my most treasured model in my collection.
    Somewhere I've seen a clear box designed to specify to store and display models car kit in a standard size box. I can't remember were I saw this, but I sure would like to find one for the special kit I talked about above. I could found find nothing specifically like that on eBay. Does anybody know if there is something like I'm describing? And if so, where I can get one?
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  2. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Toy animals in AMT kits   

    What do those two animals say about each of those cars? Or their drivers?
  3. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Body Fillers - what do you use?   

    I still use Testors. I hear everybody put the stuff down, but I've never had a problem with it.
  4. unclescott58 added a post in a topic ? for Ebay experts   

    If you do that, you'll miss out on a lot of good deals. There are a few people out there who seem to hate eBay. I wonder why? I've been using eBay for years with very few problems. In general I do dislike the auctions. But I've picked up a lot of great deals using the "buy it now" feature. I love eBay. Sometime too much.
  5. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Toy animals in AMT kits   

    Winky the Cat! I'd love find one today.
  6. unclescott58 added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    Okay, time for me to beat that dead horse a little more. As you guys know I recenty decided to buy another AMT '68 Road Runner kit from a vendor on eBay. And be anal about correct information on the cars I build is important to me. The models themselves may not 100% correct when I'm done. But, I can at least tell you why.
    This brings me back to rubber floor mats versus carpeting in the base Road Runner coupe for '68. From another vendor on eBay I bought the 1968 Road Runner Belvedere Illustrated Facts Manual. Jim Osborn Reproductions, Inc. has put out several these "Illustrated Facts Manuals" on a wide variety of mainly muscle cars of the 60's and 70's. Reprinting parts of factory sales and information manuals. So I get the Road Runner Belvedere one in the mail today. Guess what? First, the manual they based this reprint off of is obviously an early one. Only the Road Runner 2-door Coupe is listed. And there is no talk about the Road Runner Decor Group. But the surprise came in the pages titled the 1986 Mid-Size Five Equipment. It's a comprehensive list of both standard and option equipment for the '68 Mid-Size Plymouths. And here's what it says under "Floor covering (Passenger comp.)." Color-keyed rubber mat, standard on Road Runner and Belvedere. Color-keyed formed carpet, standard on GTX, Sport Satellite, and Satellite. And no carpet option for the Road Runner is listed!
    Okay I don't know what to think. Was the original plan to offer the Road Runner so bare bones that Plymouth felt carpet wasn't needed? Then quickly changed their minds and made carpet standard? That's the only thing I can figure out.
    One other thing. The five-spoke 15" "Road Wheels" do not show up in any book I have, listing them as being available on the Hemi Road Runners in '68 or '69. The '68 Illustrated Fact Manual list the 14" Road Wheels as being optional on all mid-size models. But, parenthesis on the with that option states, "NA w/wheel covers, disc brakes or 426 Hemi."  So were these wheels available in a 15" size at some point in '68 or '69 as depicted on the AMT '68 Road Runner model kit? Do a Google search for '68 Hemi Road Runners you'll see them equipped with Road Wheels.But what size they are? And whether factory put them on, I don't know? Yet my AMT model will have them. Right or wrong.
  7. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Another cool and lame car from the same time period as Volare Road Runner. The 1978 and '79 Oldsmobile 442, base a the fastback Cutlass Salon. When is last time you saw one of those?
  8. unclescott58 added a post in a topic 1926 Mack AC dump truck (just like the Monogram kit)   

    I need to find one Monogram's stake bed versions of this truck. Very cool to see a real one. Especial since it is a good match for the Monogram kit. The pictures would be a good guide for building the model.
  9. unclescott58 added a post in a topic History of Monogram's GM Pickups   

    I really wish the above kit would be reissued. I really like 70's Chevy stepsides. 
  10. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Toy animals in AMT kits   

    I've always wonder. What was the point of the little animals at the time? I love extra little goodies in kits. Things like trailers. MPC's canoes that came with their '69 and '70 Pontiac hardtops. The luggage rack and suit case in AMT's original '63 Corvette. The soapbox derby car that is coming back with AMT's '68 El Camino. Even the bongo drums that appeared in couple old AMT kits. But, the animals? Stuffed or otherwise just never clicked with me. The only one I've ever liked is the old AMT Kat. The others I don't get.
  11. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Because we don't like Canadians down here. Just kidding! 😄
  12. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Engine ID number infinity and one   

    See. One needs to go for it!
  13. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    I don't mind the lame 70's cars. Front engine, rear drive is what every car was when I was kid. The Volkswagen Rabbit was the car I first remember that started changing it all. Transverse engine and front wheel drive. Though the Honda Civic may have beaten the Rabbit with that setup. The Dasher, Rabbit, and Scirocco were heresy to me. I loved the rear engine air cooled cars. Water cooling and front wheel drive? In a Volkswagen? Quickly other cars started to follow. The Omni and Horizon. Citation, Phoenix, Omega, and Skylark. Then the K-cars and soon after that their Minivan spinoff. And then GM put it's full-size cars on a transverse engine, front wheel drive platform! The world was turning upside down on me. I understood why it was happening. But, I didn't like it.
    Volares and Aspens were junk. I know, I owned one brand new. But, I could still relate to them. They had slant sixes, just like the 1960 Valiant. Up to that point most cars came with a straight six as the base engine. And V8s as an option. That was the world I knew and liked. The 80's cars came with 4-cylinders, V6s, and Turbos. And they didn't seem to work any better than the cars they replaced. True the Rabbit was better than Beetle in many ways, but the rest were debatable.
    I think the K-car and GMs look alike B-body cars of 1992 finally did me in. No style or performance. They were pretty good and well designed cars, but they just weren't right for some reason.
    So I like Volare Road Runners and Aspen R/Ts. They were not the muscle cars they were ten years before. But, at least they were still in there fighting. Their K-car replacements had no sporty version. Life, car wise, was now bland and boring. And small. I liked big cars. Hardtops. Convertibles. Now everything was down-sized and a sedan. Even Mustangs had doors with window frames. It just wasn't right. And as far I concerned it still isn't. Today's cars are best running, longest lasting, and more economical then they were in the 50's, 60's, or 70's. They do their job well. But most have become Toyota Corolla clones with no soul. At least the Volare had a soul. A personality. It may not have been a good one. But, at least it was there.
  14. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Engine ID number infinity and one   

    Trying to keep it real? It can be done. See the picture Richard posted above. It's even easier to do to model kit. Yea Dusey engines are as big as large truck motors. You may have to design a special chassis and suspension for it. But, it can be done. The idea is very cool. It should be done.
  15. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Engine ID number infinity and one   

    So. You just stretch the chassis a bit. It would be very cool.