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  1. unclescott58 added a post in a topic MPC's '75 Vette on the road again!   

    Bill your right about the bumper guards appearing on the '75 Corvette.
  2. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Hobby Shops long gone from Mpls and St. Paul MN   

    The hobby store just south of Northtown, on University Ave/Highway 47, was University Hobbies. Run by a well liked guy by the name of Pete (I can never remember Pete's last name). And that was actually in Spring Lake Park. Not Fridley. The only hobby store that was ever near Ax-Man's in Fridley was Nationl Hobbys. They were in the strip mall across the street. Unless you go back to the 1960's when my buddy Fred run a slot car track in the same mall as Ax-Man, there was no hobby shop in that location. And when Fred had his shop there, there was no Ax-Mans in that building.
    You are right about the HobbyTown in Brooklyn Park. Sad to say, they closed down a year or two ago now.
  3. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now   

    Between watching the series, and the above photos, I may have to get the kits. I've watched the first 6 episodes so far, and went a head and ordered the series on DVD. That's how much I like it. It's childish, but cool. But, then again so am I. At least the "childish" part.
  4. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Revell Display at GTR NNL 9   

    What's the ""Blech" that happened between 2012 & 2015." I don't understand?
  5. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    By the way, I looked online at the other kits that were available in the "Battle Aces of the Road" series. Kind of cool. I'm wondering how these have slipped by my attention over the years? I can see wanting them when they first came out. The Spitfire - Jaguar in particular looks cool. In fact I'd buy that one if they ever reissued it now. The Porche and Ferrari are not that cool. I love the Farrari as a car. But, in an Italian fighter plane motif? The German Porche in this case just had no pizzazz. And the one they missed? They should have had a Toyota 2000GT done up as a Zero.
    I do like the idea. (As you can tell.) As some of you may know, I'm doing my Revell '30 Model A in the fighter plane motif shown on the kits box art. It would be fun to pretend your a fighter pilot on the road. Heck, if I had a real car done up like that, you'd see me driving around in a leather hemet. Just don't give me any machine guns. I might be tempted to use them!
  6. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Yes I did get one a few months back. Good memory. The decals for the "Battle Aces of the Road" version are cool. GT-40 - P-40. But, not cool enough for me to hunt a set down for my Revell version of the kit.
    I love those Ford GTs and GT-40s. Old. New. Anything in between.
  7. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What kind of job do you have?   

    Why thank you. I have a lot of fun doing it. Arrrr me matey. 
  8. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Is there any chance that this kit is the one Revell picked up the tooling for years ago, and has rereleased several times over the years? I notice the box indicates it's a Ford GT rather than a GT-40. Wasn't the old Aurora, later Revell kit titled as just a Ford GT also? Because it was based on a early car, before they became known as GT-40s.
  9. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What kind of job do you have?   

    Me? I've got 3 of greatest jobs in the world. During the school year, I work as a substitute educational para. Been doing this for 9 1/2 years now, and I still love it. In fact I love it more now than when I started. I work with all grades, K - 12. Sometime with pre and post school programs. Mostly with kids who have some sort of disability. And mainly in 3 school districts very close to my house. So the commutes are great.
    For the last two summers I've been working at a local O'Reillys auto parts store. Another job I like a lot. And only 1 mile from my house. Could walk there, if I had to. I work with a great group of mostly guys (only one gal), who all seem to like each other. Our store, has won "store of the year" in our district two years running. Which tells you something. During the school months, I work one or two Sunday's every month to "stay on the books." And to keep my discount.
    The third job? Professional Pirate. I'm crew with a local Jack Sparrow look a like (Twin Cities Jack). We do local parades festivals, fairs, parties, etc. Sometimes we are paid. Hence my claim to being a "Professional Pirate." At times we do it for free. For charities and the like. When I am a pirate, I'm "Dudley the Deckhand." And I'm not a very good pirate. I lose just about every sword fight I'm in. Getting killed several times at many events. I tell bad jokes, and I'm kind of dense. Lost a race to a turtle about a month ago at a county fair.
    I spent most of my adult life working for auto dealers on service end of things before that. I do have college degree in Automotive History, and for 20 years wrote a regular monthly column in the Minnesota Street Rod Association's magazine, the LineChaser. "Uncle Scott Says."
  10. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Lost a sister yesterday   

    I too am sorry for loss.
  11. unclescott58 added a post in a topic MPC's '75 Vette on the road again!   

    The '75 Corvette and the Pinto wagon are the next two on my list of kits to buy. I'm not a big fan of Corvettes after 1973. Like Snake, I didn't mind the rubber bumper up front. But, the round rear end on the '74 - '82 Vettes never sat right with me. I do remember building round rear end Vette kits at the time. And I do like that it is a convertible. The convertible IMO carried that rear end slightly better than the coupe. And the car looks a little bit better since 40 years have now passed by. So for nostalgic reasons I want this kit.
    On the subject of these Corvettes being slow. Slow compare to what? Late 60's, early 70's muscle cars? Yes. Other cars on the market in 1975? No. Amongst 1975 cars, the Corvette was still an outstanding performer. This was a very tough time for auto industry in general. I think General Motors/Chevrolet did a good job of keeping Corvette near the top of the heap. It was a very good car for the time. It was still a car I wanted at the time.
    P.S. I like the green one on the box art. A good mid 70's color. I may have to paint mine to match that.
  12. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now   

    The above got me to take a look at the first 3 episodes of Last Exile over on YouTube. Over all I like what I've seen so far. Kind of cool. I had never heard of it before this.
    And kind of like those tube thingies hanging off the Vanship. They look like they would some important function. What, I don't know? But, if I was building the model, I'd keep them.
  13. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    More Ford GT kits. Very cool. I wonder how this Aurora kit compares to other GT 40 kits?
  14. unclescott58 added a post in a topic > MPC 1980 Road Runner   

    Ordered mine this morning on line. I'm really looking forward to this one. As noted before, I dislike T tops, so I'll be avoiding using them. I plan on building a "stock" Road Runner as close as I can with what's in box. Other than paint. Speaking of paint, I'm not sure what color I want to paint it? Maybe a yellow exterior, with a black interior?
  15. unclescott58 added a post in a topic TONKA #7018 1913 Model T "Four-Alarm Call" 1/24   

    Picture are always nice. Doing a search on line, I did find a few pictures of kit. Mainly the box art. None of the pictures showed enough detail to see if Bud had his goggles on or not. You could see that Bud was there. But that is about it.