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  1. Very kool. I wouldn't think the Chrysler grille would work. But, it look great. I like it.
  2. Two very nice models. I like them.
  3. Very good job. Fun to see the kustom version with the test equipment too. I'm impressed.
  4. Beautiful job, bring a classic back from dead. I love it.
  5. Looks great. I like the color.
  6. Very cool. I remember seeing a few midsize Mopars back in the day with those “mod” tops. I really like looks of your Duster setup that way. It looks both good and period right. Even if it isn’t.
  7. I should update the photos on the “little” 283 motors. I’m actually building two of them. The clear plastic one. And a non-transparent, need to paint version. Both are quite aways along. Basically just need to paint and assemble the fuel injection units, to finish them up.
  8. Very kool. With a capital “K”.
  9. It looks pretty nice. I like it.
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