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  1. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Revell 1950 Olds Whitewalls Question   

    Sombrero wheel covers look just like sombrero hats. Fiesta wheel covers are totally different. They normally had three blades running out from the center to the edge of the wheel covers. Cadillac in the early 50's came with and made the Sombreros famous. Oldsmobiles of the mid to late 50's did the same for the Fiestas.
  2. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    Even as a kid, I did not like things like the raised door lines on the Auburn kit. In fact I'm more tolerant of it today, than I was back then. I still don't like it. But, if the subject matter interests me, and there are no other options, I'm more willing to overlook it now. Plus, now it adds a "old fashion" charm to some of these kits.
  3. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Cool Honda Commercial   

    I did and didn't like it. A good little history on Honda. But, the flicking of the paper in commercial got hard for me to watch in the end. It felt too hyper or something? I'm not sure what it is? But, interesting message. And in general a good way of presenting it.
  4. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    Wow! Fun reading. One forgets how much things have changed in ones life time. Film and smoking. Never smoked. Always hated it. But, I did sell cameras and film at a local camera store chain back in the late 70's and early 80's. The stores were called Brown Photo, and were fairly popular in this area for years. Now long gone, of course.
    I remember at one of our stores we had one guy who worked the film drop off/pickup counter, who could tell if somebody was dropping off film with some questionable pictures on them. Now, Brown Photo had a policy about not printing pictures of a sexual nature. But, if was "artful" and somewhat in good taste they would print them. This guy could tell when people, by their reactions, were dropping off these type of photos to be developed. And would remember their names. When the photos came back, he'd then open the envelopes up a look to see if he was right. 9 times out of 10 he was right! Needless to say, he got fired for this and few other things. But, it was amazing how he could pick them out.
  5. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Sponge Bob sings Black Sabath   

    That was much better that I expected. I both enjoyed it and was impressed.
  6. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Average age of todays birthdays   

    ???? I'm not the greatest mathematician, but.... If your average age on September 29, 2015 is 39.6 years, you were not born in 1957. The math does not work out.
  7. unclescott58 added a post in a topic What Did You Get Today?   

    Got a very nice Marx tin service station, that friend found at a swap meet for me for only $35! And it's in very, very good shape! It's missing all of the plastic pieces. Pumps, cars, attendants, etc. But it's not all bent up. No scratches that I can see. Everything is straight and clean.
    I've been looking for one of these for years now. One of my favorite toys I had as kid. Most I've seen now days go for over $100, and are not as nice as the one my buddy found for $35. I'm very happy.
    i also purchased Auto World's Petty vs. Baker slot car set. Very, very cool. Tried ordering it from Auto World themselves. But, I got recording that they were busy, and to leave my number and they'd get right back to me. I call a week ago Friday. About an hour and half before they closed. They called back sometime Monday morning, while I was at work. And since they didn't call me back before they closed that Friday, I had gone on eBay that night, and found a seller selling it for less than them with free shipping. A great slot car set. But, poor customer service on Auto World's part. Sorry Auto World. I would have purchased it from you guys directly if you had gotten back to me that Friday. Oh, well. At least I got the set.
  8. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Interesting Siri replacement...   

    Wow! And I thought Siri was something when I first encountered it about three or four years ago. This Hound program makes Siri look pretty primitive. What will be coming in another three or four years? These devices are mind blowing. If you would have told me about this back when I was high school, back in the 1970's, I would have had a hard time believing it. This is cool!
  9. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Thanks Revell !   

    Despite the criticism one often reads here, I completely agree Wayne. Revell has done a great job with the new kits they've designed over the last 20 years or so. I like the subjects they've picked. And I've found most of their new kits are fairly easy to build, with very few problems. So yea. Thanks Revell.
  10. unclescott58 added a post in a topic 1967 Ford Custom sedan or coupe   

    A '67 Custom? If there is one, it has to be a resin. The only regular full size Ford model kits, or promos, that I know of are the XL hardtops and convertibles offered by AMT.
  11. unclescott58 added a post in a topic AMC Modelers   

    I like and build just about anything. Buicks and Thunderbirds are my favorite, but I've build several AMCs over the years. My AMT '75 Matador is one of my favorites. I have a JoHan SC/Rambler waiting to be built. Bought aftermarket decals to avoid using the originals that don't look too be in too good of shape.
    There is nothing wrong with AMCs, other than there is not enough of them out there.
  12. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Is there any decent kit of 1956 Continental MK II?   

    Me too.
  13. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Delta Wing Street/road car   

    Ish! Ugly.
  14. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    Glad to finally see what comes in the box this kit. Thanks.
  15. unclescott58 added a post in a topic Partial special bonus in kits   

    Whoopee cushions are okay with me. It's a fun little extra in Curly's Gasser. But, I really want the go kart. That and the canoe, paddles, and roof rack at came with MPC's '69 Bonneville hardtop kit. I really like those type extra bonuses.