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  1. I love AMT's '32 Fords. Despite what everybody says is wrong with them. I think they look great. And they are a major part of hobby's history. I have several build. And several waiting to be built. As of today, for the first time, I've added AMT's 1/32 scale '32 Ford to my collection. The modern Revell '32s are great too. And I love Monogram's Little Deuce too. MPC's I only "like," because I'm a big '32 Ford fan. I personally have never been unhappy with an AMT '32. Now if could just find the Custom '32 Sedan that came with the Willys Coupe years ago. I'd be a very happy man.
  2. Speaking of things being incorrect for AMT's 1/32 scale '32 Ford coupe. Check out the old comic book ad from the time the original kit came out. That second panel in the ad is very interesting. It shows a modified five window coupe with an exposed engine. And the ad goes on to talk about swapping parts between other kits in the series. Even the Avanti in panel one shows a headlamp setup not offered in the 1/32 version. The AMT 1/25 scale Avanti offered those headlamps as an option. But, not the 1/32 one. The first two panels seen to be mixing up the 1/25 scale kits with the 1/32. The panel showing the eight kits in the series, is interesting and correct. I love that Round 2 has now offered 6 of the 8. We're only missing the '40 Ford and "Indy "500" Winner". As I noted before, I hope Round 2 continues reissuing the whole series. Again, I especially want the '40. The Indy car doesn't thrill me. But, if they release it, I'll buy and build one. Got to have the complete collection after all. One last thing. I love the prices quoted for the kits in this ad. They are only 50 cents each. Back then, a regular 1/25 scale AMT kit went for anywhere from about $1.50 to $2.00. So these kits were quite a deal. In general they are still cheaper than the 1/25 scale kits. But, not by that much of a difference! It kind of makes wonder how they are determining how to set the prices on them? Though I'm not going to complain too much. I'm just happy to have these back and available.
  3. It is a little off. Maybe more than little. The kit in the box looks more correct than the box art shows. But, it's still not right. Mainly in the roof area. I can't pin down where I've seen the roofline before. I have seen on something, just not a '32 Ford. Even if it's not 100% correct, I still like the looks it. Maybe not as much I like the real '32 Ford roof. But, it ain't bad.
  4. In today's mail, AMT's 1/32 scale '32 Ford V-8 Coupe. A three window coupe no less. Which I like better than the five windows. Which with few exceptions, most '32 Ford coupe model kits are. I also like these AMT 1/32 scale, "Scale Star" kits in general. True they are simple, and not 1/25 scale. But, I like the subjects they picked back in mid-60's for this series. I hope Round 2 keeps going with them. I especially want to see the '40 Ford Sedan come back.
  5. I have the above book. I'm going to have to take another look at it. I didn't remember the modeling of Parnelli Jones Mercury being in that book. I was sure it was in some other model car book. You more than likely have solved a mystery. Thanks Jose.
  6. I sorry. I guess I misunderstood what this thread was suppose to be about. I thought by the title it was about non model related things we bought.
  7. Ahh! Ancient virgin plastic. Man is that cool. Time to sit down with the instructions and see what it's going to take to build this beauty.
  8. Boy! Posty Claus has been so generous to me lately. Look what she (yes, she) left me today! And here I thought I wasn't that good over this last. One is the Entex Ford Turbine Engine. Still wrapped in its original plastic. I've been wanting one of these for at least 45 years now. There are the two other kits you see. Plus, two cans of Tamiya spray paint. (Posty Claus guessed that I was getting spray paint. And she warned me that I should not go around tagging things just because I'm off work. I warned her not keep that white van parked in front of my house for too long. It was too much or a temptation. I better be careful. Or Posty Claus may quit bringing me goodies to my house.)
  9. Oh, the other outfit is called UGears. Not UGear as I stated above. They are out of the Ukraine. Where I believe Rokr is out of China. At least that were their kits are made. Back to UGears. Here are two of their kits/puzzles I'm considering. One is their Dream Cabriolet. A somewhat cool looking generic late 50's Cadillac like thing. The other is their Tanker Truck. That as you can see, can hold and hide a soda can. Both look pretty cool. If you go to YouTube, there is great video showing how to build the Cabriolet. Very impressive! That kit has a lot of detail. And with many impressive working features. Also with an impressive price tag. It seems to go for around $80.00! Is it worth it? I like, and yet don't like the looks of it. It's a little too generic, toy looking for me. The Tanker Truck is also generic and toy like, looks wise. Somehow it's less of a problem with me in this case. There is no logic to my thinking there. It's just the way it is. Plus I like the fact it can hide a can of pop. Many people know I'm addicted to Mountain Dew. This maybe perfect for carrying that point to the next level. I know, I'm weird and illogical. I believe the truck is about the same price, as the Cabriolet? So, which do I go with? Reading my above arguments, I'm thinking the truck. But, the Cabriolet is so cool and impressive on many levels. And the question is, do they build up as well as my Rokr marble coaster kit/puzzle did? The Rokr coaster was about half the price of the two UGears vehicles. And a lot less complicated. I feel it was a bit easier to take the risk at the price the Rokr puzzle. Then again, the UGear stuff looks like it might be worth the price being asked. So which do you folks out there think should be my next puzzle project? And is their anybody out there who have any experience with UGears stuff?
  10. This took me about 4 1/2 hours to complete this last night. It was a lot of fun to build, and it turned out great. It fascinating to watch the steel marbles they give, run the course(s). There are two of different paths they can take at one point. Both pretty satisfying to watch. This seems to be one of those modern hobby kits/puzzles that are well worth the money. With modern technology and design they go together well, and give one pretty good bank for the buck. I remember the old days. When things like this would be overly complicated. Where parts would not fit well. And in the end one was lucky if they got them completed it. This went together with few problems if you took your time and followed the well illustrated instructions included. My first wood kit/puzzle, by Rokr, impressed me. There is another outfit out there, call UGear, that makes similar wood puzzles/kits. From what I've seen online, and on YouTube, I may have to try one of theirs next.
  11. Amazing kit, isn't it Brett? I had so much fun building mine. And I'm enjoying watching you build your's. Again, this kit is expensive. But, I'm sure as you would agree Brett, it's such a nice kit it's well worth the price one has to pay. Their 289 Mustang engine is just as nice. And again, well worth the price. It's been a long time since I've so surprisingly satisfied with a model kit like the two Franzis' engine kits I've built so far. In fact I'm so satisfied, that I keep thinking about buying their Porsche Carrera RS and BMW bike motors. Even though I have very low interest in either engine in real life. The one I'd really like to see them do is the old air cooled Volkswagen Beatle engine. Such a classic icon, I hope they would consider doing that one soon. Franzis is a German company. It would seem like a natural fit to me. The other one they could for sure sell a copy to me, would be the Honda 750 bike engine. I know Entex use to make one. But, it wasn't transparent. And I'm sure it was no where near as good as Franzis would do. Franzis, if you want my more of money, there are two to consider.
  12. So are you telling us that recently bought so toilet paper?
  13. Kind of a model? More of a puzzle? I'm not sure how to classify it. It does look like fun from what I've seen on YouTube.
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