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  1. Very kool. What scale? And what kit(s) is this based on? Tell us more.
  2. A good job. I especially like the shoebox Ford.
  3. Wow! I really like the Thunderbird. Very nice.
  4. I’m disappointed to see no new news here on Revell’s ‘71 Mustang. Just more arguments about how good or bad the old MPC, now AMT ‘71/‘73 kit is.
  5. A beautiful job. Very nice. I love the subject. A kit I wish Round 2 would bring back.
  6. Not my style. But, I can appreciate the work that went into them. From that perspective, very nice models, indeed.
  7. A nice looking group of models. Take each one separately, and show us more.
  8. Wow! A stunning model in every way. I’ll very impressed.
  9. I’m not a big Challenger T/A fan. I prefer the R/T versions better. But, I love your model. A beautiful job. It looks great.
  10. I too like the paint. Very nice.
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