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  1. So are you going for it? I hope so, its really a fun little kit.
  2. Oh oh! A bit of a fly in ointment. My kit is missing both outer front wheels. Parts number 48. Everything else is there. I wonder why these two part missing? And only these two? I’ve never had to get replacement parts from Atlantis before. I’m curious to see how they handle those problems.
  3. Thank you for the advice on fixing the motor problem. I’ll give it a try.
  4. I got one, I believe the Christmas of 1970. I wish I had one today. Come on Atlantis, if you have the molds, bring this one back!
  5. My problem with building a Gee Bee too. Paint them is a pain in you know what.
  6. Thank you for kind words. Hub Hobby, locally, still sells those old baking powder subs. I bought one new at their Richfield, MN store a few years back.
  7. Thank you. The kit is not that hard to find, since Atlantis reissued it just recently.
  8. Ex submariner. Thank you both your kind words, and service to our country.
  9. Cool! I’ve thought about purchasing one of these kits from time to time. In the long run, other kits have attracted my money more. I probably will never buy one. But, sure is cool to see two of them built.
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