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  1. It was not a good seller? Try to pick one up now. It's impossible to find one at a reasonable price.
  2. I've been wanting the Super 7 for a while now. I'm glad to see it coming back.
  3. Just ordered one these off of eBay tonight. I'm hoping mine turns half as nice yours did, Clifford.
  4. The Coke decals don't bother me one way or other. The basic kit is what sells me. At the same time I like the little extras, like the Coke vending machine in their latest '60 Ranchero kit. It has got me think about picking up another Ranchero just for that reason. I really don't need another '60 Ranchero. But, I really do like that old style Coke vending machine.
  5. I'm not really all that happy to see that Round 2 is reissuing the the Esci Rabbit, rather than the old AMT version. The Esci Rabbit can not be built as any Rabbit ever offered here in the United States. It builds into a fine European spec Golf. But not as a US spec Rabbit. And Round 2 throwing in a set of US spec bumpers and Rabbit decals, does not make it into a "true" Rabbit still. The Esci kit represents a Golf GTI with round headlamps. We did not get a GTI version of the Golf/Rabbit until 1982 or '83. And by then the Rabbits built for this market had square headlamps. The old AMT kit also represented a round headlamp version of a Rabbit. Which was correct for early US spec Rabbits. But, the AMT kit did not represent their kit as a GTI version of the Rabbit. This has me leaning towards buying a Revell Golf GTI instead. It's at least closer to the Mk I Golf/Rabbits GTIs we actually got in this country. I'm sad that Round 2 was unable to reissue the original AMT kit. I don't need my Rabbit to be a GTI version. Don't get me wrong. I liked the Rabbit GTI. But, I liked the Rabbits with round headlamps better than square ones. But, if I'm forced to take a kit that can only be built as a GTI, I'll take one with correct square headlamps instead. So it looks like I'll be buying the Revell kit instead. Another point against the AMT/Esci "Rabbit". Where are the side marker lights that US spec Rabbits were required to have in this country? This kit does not represent a true Volkswagen Rabbit. Again, it's a fine European spec Golf. But it is not a Rabbit.
  6. A while back, there was talk of Round 2 reissuing AMT's Volkswagen Rabbit kit. Has anybody heard anything more on this?
  7. Cool photos. 👆Sleeping outside like the one guy above, does not look fun to me. Interesting vehicle to pick for desert trip.
  8. A Charger VH. The one car where you can claim to have a Hemi and a Six-Pack in same car, and be right.
  9. I think a bunch of us here have already mentioned that. If you go back and read the other posts here, you'll see that the bumper is not the only problem.
  10. I'd love to have any MGB kit in 1/25 or 1/24 scale. I'm surprised that kits of these cars are very common from what I've seen.
  11. I like what I'm seeing. Is it perfect? I don't know? But, I like the way it looks, and planning on adding one to my collection.
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