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  1. Coast to Coast’s Art Bell

    I was a fan. I had a love hate relationship with him and his show. It was a lot of fun at times. But, there was also a lot fear mongering going on. Too much end of the world stuff. The show has not been as good since he left. But, I've been getting a lot more sleep after he left. Thanks Art, for the many years of entertainment.
  2. Slot car track...WITH NO SLOT !

    Slotless racing? Doesn't look like all that much fun to me. At least not in the way the guy in the first video made it look. The way it's set up with steering on the speed controller like that, looks to me like it could be part of the problem. Slotless vs slotted racing? Slotless more realistic? Yes. But more fun? I'm not so sure? It would be interesting to try it and see.
  3. Yep. Still less difference than between '62 and '63.
  4. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I agree. I have no head for business. And have no understanding, even after reading everything here, what's going to happen to Revell/Monogram. I can't imagine that the market for their models is not healthy enough that we'll be seeing end of the company in the near future?
  5. Going back and rereading comments. Rob, you need to take look closer at the "A" pillars on the '62s vs the '63s. There was a big change in the windshields on the full-size GM "B" and "C" body cars in '63 that require major changes to the "A" pillars on both the real and the model cars that year. Then look at the lower body lines. They look somewhat similar, but again different enough to need a new die to produce an accurate model of a '63. Modifications between '63 and '64 were a lot less. Allowing AMT to reuse the molds with fewer modifications. Basically just new front and rear ends. The '65s were again different enough to require another all new tool. So this brings up the question, we're is AMT's molds for the '64 Bonneville? Another kit I'd love to see reissued.
  6. AMT New Releases April 2018

    Especially look at those headlamp bezels, I assumed it had to be photoshopped. I guess I was wrong.
  7. Starting in the 1962, the Ventura became an interior trim option for certain Catalina models. Rather than a seperate model line like it had been in '60 and '61. I find it interesting to see that stock interior in AMT's '62 Catalina kit, is the optional Ventura interior. Makes for a more interesting comparison with Moebuis' '61 Ventura kit. '61 Ventura model vs. '62 Ventura interior trim package.
  8. Help with math problem

    Did you know 4 out of 3 people have trouble with factions?
  9. Got mine last night at the MCCM meeting. I'm very happy with what I found in the box. I forgot how nice of a kit this is. The Mueller era AMT kits were some of the best. Looking forward to building the "stock" (street) version this time.
  10. Help with math problem

    I still carry a slide rule around in my car. About a month ago a 2nd grade class I was working with was being read a children's book based on the story of the movie Hidden Figures. One page showed one the characters holding a slide rule. I mentioned to the kids and the teacher that I had one out in my car. The teacher asked if I could bring it in and show it to the kids during their math time. So I did. It was a little tough trying explain to 2nd graders how to use a slide rule, when it's use is for math beyond what they've seen up to this point. Still they found it interesting. Several times I've shown slide rules to middle and high school kids. If they take a real interest in it, I will go on eBay and buy them one. Over the 11 years I've been doing this job, I have probably given away only about a half a dozen of them. But, still it interesting to see at least that many kids take an interest in them. By the way, I could not have made it through junior high and high school math without a slide rule. Portable electronic calculators didn't come out until about time I entered high school. And even then, they were too expensive for me for a couple more years.
  11. 1980 Plymouth Duster

    I'm one of those people who like Volares. Even to the point of buying one new in 1977. And I still think they are cool. As your Volare Duster proves.
  12. Cotton Werksman Tee Bucket

    I love T buckets. But some how, these take it just a little too far for me. It's not that I dislike them. They just don't turn me on.
  13. AMT New Releases April 2018

    The above looks a little photo shop work was done on the above Edsel.
  14. '57 Chevy 150 Utility Sedan

  15. Camper for the 66 Suburban

    Looks good so far. Looking forward to seeing the end result.