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  1. Lovely. Still the coolest (IMO) bicycle, in real life or miniature ever designed.
  2. Just picked up my copy today. A very nice kit. But, the decals even make it nicer. The factory "Sport Truck" striping is really cool. I love it. I'm glad to see this kit back.
  3. Yea, the C-300 is considered a true "letter car" by the "300 Letter Car Club." Chrysler openly admitted that they skipped "I" because it could be too easily mistaken for the number "one." Never underestimate the stupidity of the general buying public. Even back then. So "I" was out. Again, great pictures Stephen. Thanks for sharing them.
  4. Steve, can we see the rest of your '62 300? Your work is always the best.. The last time I had one of these kits, was sometime back in early 80's. It's been a long time. I seem to remember that car had the 300H markings on the trunk, but really represented a non-letter car in other details. Am I remembering that correctly? I can't remember why I thought the kit did not correctly represent a true letter car? Maybe it was the interior that tipped me into thinking that. I'd love to see photos of what came in the USA Oldies kit. Especially the interior and dashboard.
  5. Beautiful. I can't wait to get mine.
  6. Thank you. It was a work of love.
  7. Very nice. Though, the face in that kit reminds me more of astronaut Dave Bowman, than Neil Armstrong. Still, you did a very nice job on the kit.
  8. Kool! That I'd like to see.
  9. Yes, I did build all of kits in the display. And yes, that is at the Mississippi branch library in Fridley, MN.
  10. The car model displays our club has done in the past has been a big hit. Especially with the kids. Our club has, and is again participating with the library in their STEM summer program. And will be doing a model building demonstration there in late August. Now if we could just get kids to join the club. Despite our past displays being done with other members of our local model car club. This Apollo display was done by me personally. As some of you may have noticed, I like to build other things, besides cars. Though car will always be number to me. Thanks to you and Ray above for the kind words.
  11. unclescott58

    AMT 56 T-Bird

    Roofs with and without portholes were available both in '56 and '57. Only no portholes in '55. Rarely do you see a '56 or '57 without the portholes. But it could be had. And I like the looks better, despite the advantages of seeing things better with the holes.
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