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  1. 67 Mercury Cyclone

    I agree with Snake. "Very nice!"
  2. Slingster

    Very nice. Still one of my favorite dragster kits.
  3. 72 Goat

    Mine was molded in orange. And is the early Round 2 reissue.

    Not a model kit. But, I'd really like to find one of these.
  5. First 57 chevy

    Looks good. I like it.
  6. Porsche 914-6

    Looks great! I built a stock one years ago. I like both the car and the kit. 914s are cool to me.
  7. Comic Book Ads

    What's the above kid doing with that glue (I the term "glue" loosely with MPC's Notox)? Just pouring it in, and hoping something sticks? I also see he forgot to put the glass in. And last. Another kid with perfect hair! Did we all have perfect hair as teens back in the early 70's? I don't remember. (Maybe if I used more MPC Notox, I could remember?)
  8. Jim Jard's 1955 "Bird of Prey" T-Bird

    Very kool. Mean looking bird.
  9. Myers Manx

    Another nice Manx. Some beautiful ones have been showing up here lately.
  10. BUCKY'S Meyers Manx

    Very nice. I like it.
  11. 1976 Dodge Dart Spirit of '76

    Very nice. A couple of years ago, I built the MPC '76 Dart Sport with Keith Marks decals to make the Hang 10 version. The Hang 10 was basically the same car as the Sprit of '76 version. Same interior. Just different side stripes.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I'd love to see a review of this ☝️.
  13. Revell Hemi - Hydro

    Very nice 👍. I like it.

    I got the latest Johnson Smith's catalog in the mail yesterday. Sad to say, they carry none of the cool stuff like the above anymore. They mostly carry political stuff, tee shirts and other things. Seen on TV stuff. New age books. And one page of adult stuff that I was a bit offended by. Stuff I would not want a minor to see. The innocence of my youth is gone! So is the fun of the Johnson Smith's catalog.
  15. AMT '65 Buick Riviera George Barris News

    It just arrived! And it looks great! A Vulcan and a Buick Riviera. Tough to beat. Man am I a geek 🤓! And proud of it.