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  1. Thank guys. It was a very quick and fun build. I’ll have it, and other recent builds, at our MCCM (Model Car Club of Minnesota) meet tonight. The meeting has moved recently by the way, for those who are interested. For years we meet at the library in Fridley, MN. Because of a changes in the library hour since Covid, we’ve had to move to the library in Circle Pines, MN.
  2. Pickup this kit up this afternoon. A few hours later it is finished. A very nice kit. I’m normally not a fan of stickers like this kit uses. But, these were very nice, and go down fairly well. I liked the results. What you see here, other than the use of glue, is what came in the box. No paint was used what so ever. The local hobby store I purchased this kit from, had several kits from this Aoshima “The Snap Kit” series. All were kit of more modern Japanese cars, other than this one. If they have other kits in this series based on cars from the era of the Toyota 2000GT, I’ll be purchasing and building more.
  3. I’m not a big fan of stickers. But, the one’s for the kit above, seem to be pretty darn nice. So far I’m impressed.
  4. Found at a local hobby shop. A decent looking 1/32 scale model of my all time favorite Japanese car.
  5. In today’s mail, all the way from Russia. Three late 1930’s Opels. A Kadett, a Kapitan, and an Admiral. In 1/35th, the popular military model scale.
  6. Again, thank you for the kind words.
  7. The more I look at it. And start to work with it. I think it’s worth the price. The bottle and brush holders. The recessed trough around the main work area. It’s all very well thought out. I’m glad I bought it.
  8. Never mind my little rant about not being able to not edition posts after the fact. I just found out what happens if you click on the three dots in the upper right corner of each post. You get an option to edit your posts. Good! As noted, I need it!
  9. Cutting above means “cutting pad.” I hate that they took the feature away from us, so can make quick corrections to our post, like we use to be able to. I make enough mistakes, mainly missing word right above, that I could still use it.
  10. So far so good. A little spendy. Around $120 U.S. But, quality like most Tamiya products is top notch. The size and weight is right. The lamp and magnifying glass seemed to be very well thought out. Not in the way. But handy when one needs it. Over all, I’m both pleased and impressed. They have a cutting that you can buy separately, designed to fit the main work area. I have that on order, and according to tracking, should arrive in today’s mail.
  11. I collect ALL and EVERYTHING! In fact, I collect way too much! I’m addicted to collecting stuff. Mainly books and models. It’s so bad, in my living room there is one place to sit. I haven’t seen my dining room table in twenty years. And don’t even ask me about my basement. It’s bad! My whole house is full of BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH (I mean high quality stuff).
  12. I now have a place I can stay near Atlanta, for some old friends just moved down there. I’m afraid I just can’t go down this November for your NNL. But, thank you for the invite.
  13. Thank you guys for your kind comments.
  14. I’m not a big fan of modern drag racing. But, I’ve always had a soft spot for the late 50’s, early 60’s stuff. Especially dragsters like the cars included in AMT’s classic 3-in-1 Double Dragster Kit. A few years back, I built the Streamliner and Fiat Altered Coupe. I wanted to build the Twin Engine Open Rail Dragster too. But not another Fiat. So what to do? Then a few years ago Round 2 reissued AMT’s old Parts Pack Ford Model T Roadster Racing Body. This was designed to fit right on the Fiat Altered Coupe’s chassis. There was my answer. Adding some paint and a few Gopher Racing decals, and I got the results you see below.
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