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  1. What is your favorite year for American automobiles?

    1967. There was not an American car offered that year that I didn't like. And most foreign cars too. The ugliest American car for 1967 maybe the Rambler American. But... Thats a tough one. I even like those. Below is a list of the 1967 highlights for me: AMC Ambassador and Marlin Buick Wildcat and Riviera Chrysler 300 Chevrolet Corvette and Corvair Dodge Dart and Coronet Ford Falcon, Mustang, XL, and Thunderbird Mercury Cougar, Cyclone GT, and S55 Oldsmobile 442 and Toronado Plymouth Sport Fury Pontiac 2+2 and Grand Prix Other years? I like both 1959 and '60. 1970 through '74 are favorite years too (heavy on '72). 1941, GM cars in general. 1965 GM B-body cars ('65 was a pretty good year in general). The 1937 and '38 Cord 810/812 is still in my opinion the prettiest car ever made. Pre-war Packards, anything from 1936 through '42, except the Clipper. Post-war Packard, 1956. Ford, pre-war, 1932 and '36. 1973 GM Collonade A-body cars. Studebaker Avanti 1963. Other Studebakers, 1964. I really like most everything built from 1930 through 1980. There are a few cars before and after that I do like. But, in general, it was over after 1980. The combination of rubber bumpers and transverse front wheel drive ruined it in general for me.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I'm not surprise. That Galaxie and your four '60 Mopars are all beautiful cars. Great job. It was good to see you and your wife at the show again. It was also fun to finally meet MoparFarmer and a see other old and new friends. A great show, great models, and great guys and gals. I always love the NNL North shows. And I'm always impressed and enjoy see your models in the flesh. Wow!
  3. What non-auto model did you get today?

    I don't know what's going on on? But, for some reason I have not been able to load any new pictures here in the last few days. So, the three models I got Monday, and tried to show are: 1. Atlantis' repop of Linndberg's old UFO Flying Saucer kit. 2. Atlantis' Glow In The Dark UFO Encounters "Sighting Over Monument Valley" kit. And 3. another 4D Master Human Anatomy model kit. This time the Eyeball.
  4. What non-auto model did you get today?

    May not be automotive related. But, it will be fun.
  5. Cortina

    I've never seen the above before. Very cool. Any idea when they were produced? Scale? And how hard are they to find today?
  6. Cortina

    Some Cortinas would be cool. I love the mk IIs. What I have never understood, is why no one (that I know of) has ever made a kit of the mk I Capri?
  7. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    So many cool kits I doubt we'll ever see again. The AMT '32 Ford Sedan that came with the '40 Willys is still one of my big "holy grail" kits. And it's sad to think we may never see those classic JoHans kits ever again.
  8. Will we ever see any of these kits again ?

    If you see something your remotely interested and can afford it now, by it now. I'm glad I bought and built Revell's '29 and '30 Fords as soon as they came out. I was a bit on the fence about the Blue Bandito. But, I picked one up with the thought that someday I may want to build one. And there is no guarantee the kit will be available (at reasonable price) down the road. So I bought one. I have more kits than I maybe ever be able to build before I die. But, I'm glad I got them for when I'm ready to build them. If ever.
  9. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Cool! I wonder how safe it was for the guys using the gun? They look like they're a little close to the end results.
  10. My Matchbox 1/72 Airplanes--By Request

    Fun stuff Snake.
  11. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Guess what? There are delivery people who can not, do not, or will not read. Today a package was put right in front of my door. Right under the above note. Making it not only impossible for me see it right away from inside. But, nearly tripping me as I opened the door! I'm a little ticked, to say the least. What was in that package? Well, as of last Saturday night, MeTV started showing reruns of the old Invaders TV series. I forgot how much I liked that show. So, since Atlantis Models is again putting out a copy of the old Aurora Invaders UFO kit, I decided I needed one. A simple kit. Not a lot of detail. I have ordered a TSDS decal set to liven the kit up a bit. Hopefully that will be coming soon. (And not left on the front step where it can be stolen, damaged by weather, or trip me.)
  12. What non-auto model did you get today?

    I'm hoping he/she can read. Though I do question that at times. Saturday I got a catalog in the mail that was meant for a house with the same house number, but two streets over. Bryant vs Dupont. But it back in my mailbox hoping the postal carrier will get it to the correct address.
  13. Must be fake.

    I don't see why it has to be fake? If it is, it's a very good one.
  14. 66 Country Squire

    Lovely Ford wagons posted here. One can see why Ford sold more wagons than anybody else during that time. The other models looks great too.
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Beautiful ☝️
  16. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Anatomy kit number 3 made it safely to my porch a couple hours after number 2.
  17. What non-auto model did you get today?

    The second of my anatomical models arrived today. Supposably one was left on my front step this last Monday morning. But, it wasn't there when I got home from work. I immediately contacted Amazon and they sent me another one. Giving the delivery person instructions to put it in my front porch, instead of front step were anybody can see it. I also posted a note on the front window requesting the same. On my porch it's not only out direct line of sight, but is also protected from the elements. Like the rain we are getting today. Which has been a problem with other deliveries.
  18. some corny jokes

    I'm not a big fan of nesting dolls. Theyre so full of themselves.
  19. some corny jokes

    How do you keep bacon from curling in your pan? You take away their little brooms.
  20. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    As noted a few pages back, I recently added an AMT/Matchbox 1/32 scale Porsche 917-10 kit to my collection. A lovely kit. The only thing I was not excited about, is that I'm not a big fan of the Martini Racing livery/sponsorship. Martini is okay. But, I use to have an Aurora AFX HO slot car with RC Cola markings that I really liked the looks of back in the day. That got me thinking. I wonder if anybody makes RC Cola decals for a 1/32 scale Porsche 917-10 kit? A little searching on the web, and I was happy to see that Indycals does. I've never purchased or used any of their decals before this. But, I've heard good things about them. Their service in getting the decals to me was pretty quick. And the decals look great. I'm now looking forward to building George Fuller's RC Cola Porsche 917. I hope the decals are as good as they look.
  21. What Did You Get Today? (Not Model Related)

    I love to read. And Stirling Moss has always been one of my favorite race car drivers. It should be a very interesting read.
  22. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Something a little different came in today's mail. The first of three 4D Master anatomy models I've recently ordered.
  23. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Today? Another airplane. This time Academy's 1/72 scale F-4J Phantom. I've read and seen some very positive reviews on this kit. It's a fairly new tool. And it's part of Academy's MCP (Multi Color Parts) series of kits. Academy's MCP kits are designed in a way that they do not need to be painted. I've build a couple of their MCP kits in the past, including three different scale R.M.S. Titanics, with very satisfactory results. In this kit's case, some smaller details are done through a choice of decals or stickers. I'm looking forward to building this one, and to getting as good of results as the other MCP kits I've built. I also hope Academy continues with this concept. It's nice to build a good looking, yet detailed kit, without painting.
  24. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    I loved the video. I too have had several cats over the years. Beside cardboard boxes, mine always loved plain old brown paper grocery bags. It would fun to see a big cat's reaction to a paper bag that is just big enough to barely hold it. Besides amusing the house cats in the past with such simple "toys." The cats gave me many hours of amusement watching then have their fun. Because of present circumstances, videos like this are the only I can still enjoy such simple pleasures. Thank you.
  25. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Wow! I don't follow modern racing. Sports car or otherwise. No offense to David. Being by Tamiya, the above I'm sure is a very nice kit. But, I'm personally shocked by how ugly the car itself is. This is strictly a matter of personal taste. But, I was shocked seeing this car here for the first time. It's not like the beautiful Ford GT-40s or Porche 917s of 50 years ago. I hope no one takes this comment too personal. Like I said, being Tamiya, I'm sure it's a very nice kit. And if David and others like the looks of the car. That's okay too. To me it looks way too futuristic and way too robotic. I know it's probably a better car than the ones raced 50 years ago. But, it just doesn't look right too me.