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  1. Optical illusion

    Ah.... Sweet.
  2. Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing

    I had to paint it. It was molded in yellow plastic.
  3. Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing

    Just finished building AMT's 1/48 scale model of my all time favorite airplane. The Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing. I like the way it turned out. I hope you do too.
  4. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Yea, I've seen that kit online. It seems to me the price is a little on the high side. I think I may have enough Gee Bee R-1s for now. I also have Model Power's 1/75 scale R-1 die cast in my collection. In fact, I've had that one in my collection for a few years now. So maybe I do have enough Gee Bee R-1s?
  5. Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing

    Just finished building AMT's 1/48 scale model of my all time favorite airplane. The Beechcraft G17S Staggerwing. I like the way it turned out. I hope you do too.
  6. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Zacherley is the all time "Cool Ghoul". I really didn't know anything about him until I got the DVD below about a year ago. It's a cool video hosted by Mr. Zacherle. He was over 90 years old when they did this video, and he's still great in it. I have now since seen other videos on YouTube showing him in his earlier days as Roland and/or Zacherley. Seeing the little I've seen of him, and what I've read, I can see why he is still fondly remembered. Svengoolie is good. But, he's no Zacherley. By the way, the video shown below is well worth picking up, beyond it being hosted by Zacherley. A great history on the Aurora Monster kits. With interviews with James Bama, Ray Meyers, and others. Plus I love the two Frankenstein model kits that Zacherley supposably builds. And his sidekick Gorgo, the Gargoyle showing us why we should not sniff Model glue.
  7. Polish Ford FT-B (Tfc) Armored Car 1/35th Scale

    Great model. Very nicely done.
  8. What non-auto model did you get today?

    People may crucify me for placing this review here. For its about a book that is not really meant to be model related. But, at the same time it has chapters on model kits. It's a new book I received this afternoon, Monster Mash, The Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze in America 1957-1972. By Mark Voger. The book does an excellent job of looking at all aspects of the 60's monster craze. TV, magazines, music, toys, and model kits. Of coarse there is a whole chapter the Aurora horror kits. But, there is also a chapter on monster related car kits and other memorabilia. There are interviews with "Big Daddy" Ed Roth and George Barris. Plus one with Tom Daniel discussing his designing of the Munster Koach and the Drag-U-La. Which are two cars Barris liked to take credit for (amongst others). This is a very fun and well written book. Priced under $40. And worthwhile addition to my collection. I'm glad I bought it.
  9. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Ditto. I subscribe and watch most of them. Hpiguy's video reviews on models are the best out there. He's seems like a down to earth guy, with a sense of humor I can relate to. Chris, don't ever let the naysayers get you down. Your one of the good ones.
  10. Ghost Of The Red Baron

    Looks great!
  11. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Doing some research on-line, it looks like I'm mistaken on what version of the Schwinn Stingray was offer in the MPC kit. It was the Pea Picker. Not the Apple Krate.
  12. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    On the above list, the thing I'm interested in is the Schwinn Stingray. Everything else has basically been repoped so many times, and not all that rare. I hear the Stingray bike is not an easy build. And if I remember correctly it came with decals to build it as the Apple Crate version? I'm hoping they offer us more choices in decals this time, so we can build other versions.
  13. Cool video. And a cool story. Yet I was confused at first seeing this posting. I thought the car as dragged up several years back? And as I watched video I saw my memory was right. For the car was pulled out of the lake 10 years ago, in 2009. Kind of old news in someways. But, still it's interesting to see what's happened to the car since that time, and story about it.
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Good question. After seeing your question, I quickly opened up the box to check. It's maybe a yes? Maybe a no? I'm not sure? I'd have to dig up my '69 Chevelle convertible kit to compare it to. But, by my memory I don't think it's the same as the convertible kit. As you can see from the instructions, they are showing separate chrome taillight pieces. Doesn't the convertible have the taillights as part of the bumper? So did they fix? I'm not sure.
  15. AMT 93 Firebird

    AMT 93 Firebird? What is really? Any more photos?
  16. BRAT comes out ahead - so in we go!

    Still wondering what Speedtrack Racing Sets are, as noted in the add above.
  17. Lost in Space Robot

    Just finished building my Polar Lights Lost in Space Robot kit. And I'm pretty pleased with how it turned. Other than the Robot's power pack has gone missing. I was just painting it a couple of days ago. Without it, how am I going to give the Robot orders to cease and desist with his firing of his electrical bolts from his right claw? For that matter, I wonder how he's doing that without his power pack? Speaking of the power pack missing. Where is Dr. Smith?
  18. What non-auto model did you get today?

    In today's mail, number three in my Gee Bee R-1 model kit collection. This time, the Testors'/old Hawk 1/48 scale version. How does it compare to my other two Gee Bee R-1 kits? On the basic level with the Lindberg kit detail wise. Of course it's smaller than either the Lindberg or Williams Bros. kits. The engine cowling in the Testors/Hawk kit, to my eye looks a bit more like the R-2's cowling, rather than the R-1's. Yet the kit only comes with decals for building the R-1. So the cowling might be my only complaint. But, it's not much of a complaint at that. Over all it looks like a nice kit.
  19. That's not Jungle Pam

    Ditto. And yet... I work as a sub at the same high school I went to as a kid. A few years back, some kids wanted to see my picture from an old yearbook they had in the library (now called the media center). I open the book to my picture, and showed the kids. One young lady looks at it and says, "That's not you." I say, "Yes it is." She says, "No." I point out that it has to be me, because my name is with the picture. She still says, "No." I then asked her why she thought that was not me? She pointed at the picture and said, "That guy is hot." So I guess maybe I wasn't always old and homely. As I am now.
  20. That's not Jungle Pam

    I finally got my Jungle Pam!
  21. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Tonight was our local monthly model car club meeting. So I picked another three kits for my collection. Round 2's reissue of the AMT 1/32 scale '60 Thunderbird. Their reissue of the AMT 1/25 scale '69 Chevelle sport coupe. And an old Revell kit of Jungle Jim's Monza funny car, with Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam figures.
  22. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Look what came in today's mail. It's not an airplane kit. This is another one of those kits I've wanted to own for about 50 years, after seeing it as kid. And one I'm sure my mother would never have approved of. So I never got one until now. It's the Polar Lights repop of the Aurora Chamber of Horrors Guillotine. With both a normal and "glow in the dark" victim. Cool! I love it.
  23. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Nice. 👆👍
  24. What Did You Get Today? (Not Model Related)

    "Grandma. I am seven months old today. Clayton"? Wow! That's incredible handwriting for a seven month old! 😄
  25. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Yesterday I showed my latest acquisition, the Williams Bros. 1/32 scale Gee Bee R-1 Racer. I also showed one picture showing how it compared the Lindberg 1/32 scale Gee Bee R-1. If you go back a page or two, you will see that right around two weeks ago, I also acquired the Williams Bros. 1/32 scale Gee Bee "Z" Racer. I thought it might be interesting to see how the two Williams Bros. Gee Bees compare to each other. In real life the Gee Bee Z came first in 1931. The very similar Gee Bee R-1 and R-2 came along a year later. The big difference, other than paint colors, that stands out between the Z and the two Rs is the location of the cockpit. The R's cockpits sat right in front of the tail of plane. The Z's cockpit is a little forward of that. The difference between the R-1 and R-2? Basically the engine and engine cowling. R-1 raced under the number 11. R-2, 7. Beyond that, they are pretty close. The Williams Bros. R-1 kit comes with the parts and decals to build it as the R-2. As a side note. For those of you who love the Rocketeer movie, like I do. The plane that Howard Hughes gives Cliff at the end of the movie, is a replica of The Gee Bee Z. As dangerous as the Gee Bees could be to fly, neither the original Z, or either R racers still exist. All three being wrecked in accidents. They were very fast planes. But, tough to handle, and killed several of their pilots. And that goes for all Gee Bee models. My question, is why Howard didn't give Cliff a Hughes H-1 in the movie, rather than a Gee Bee built by someone else? Back to the Williams Bros. Gee Bee kits. The Gee Bee R-1 is the one molded in the white plastic. The Gee Bee Z, in gray. You can tell these are of for sure the same scale. They compare size wise, very close. The level of detail between the kits is fairly close too. Both easily beating Lindberg Gee Bee in size and detail. Though again, other than being too big for 1/32 scale, looks pretty good. One last thing. Last night I decided I needed to add the old Hawk, later Testors 1/48 scale Gee Bee R-1 to my collection. So I ordered one on eBay. If people are interested, I'm willing to show photos comparing that kit to the Williams Bros. and Lindberg R-1 kits, after I get it.