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  1. Thank you. And are you talking about AMT's 1/32 Vette? If so, I can tell it builds out beautifully. As hopefully you can see from the pictures below. In fact, all of AMT's 1/32 "Scale Star" kit build up very nicely. As you can see, I've build whole series so far. I'm now waiting for them to reissue the '40 Ford Tudor Sedan.
  2. Thank you. It is a nice kit. The Tamiya paint? TS-15 Blue spray paint.
  3. Your human and make mistakes? How dare you! 😝
  4. Very cool. I really like it. It's got the right vibe.
  5. Again, thank you. And I agree. The color does work well on that car.
  6. Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate your kind comments.
  7. Sadly magazines are dying. I only subscribe to three any more myself. One is the other model car magazine. Two, Collectable Automobile. And three, one I just started getting, and most likely will not be renewing, N-Scale. Years ago, I use to read Motor Trend, Car & Driver, and Road & Track all of the time. But, as time moved on, I got less and less interested in the cars they were reviewing. I did try all three online at some point. Didn't like the format, and still disliked the cars. A magazine I really liked for years was Special Intrest Autos. But, then the publisher, Hemming's decided to make it "better." They expanded the content, broke into three separate magazines, and started publishing it monthly. The three magazines, for those who don't know, are Hemming's Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, and Foreign Cars (the last title I may not be exactly correct on). I started with all all three. And I maintained subscriptions to Classic Cars for several years. But, between storage space, and the difficulty going back and finding and re-reading articles. Which was fairly well indexed with Special Interest Auto, and very well indexed with Collectable Automobile. I finally gave up. I do love and have quite a collection of old car magazines. Mainly Car Life and Motor Trends from the 1960's through the early 70's. And I have a few Car & Drivers and Road & Tracks from the same era. Plus a sprinkling the Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, etc. And I'm a big fan of Tom McChill, so I have quite a collection of Mechanixs Illustrated from the late 40's through the mid 70's, when old Uncle Tom passed away. Plus, I have a ton of Brooklands Books that reprint old magazine articles on different cars I'm interested in. I miss magazines in general. I grew up in an era when magazines and comic books were a big part of keeping oneself entertained and/or informed. But, like everything else, time moves on. Whether I want to go with it or not.
  8. It got Batman in about 20. Fone Bone took it a bit more. And the original Bat-Girl, Betty Kane, from the comics it could not figure out at all.
  9. Ho-Ho-Ho! Despite being in the state where Green Giant canned vegetables started, I've got one '65 I built a few years back I'm happy with. So, I'm be passing on this one.
  10. Never heard of this one before. Any idea when it was on the market? Box art makes me think 1970's or 80's? Even though I was a kid of the 1960's, this one looks pretty cool to me.
  11. Interesting. I didn't know that anybody made a kit of the 360. Just in last couple of days I've been reading about Malcom Bricklin and his Bricklin SV1. And there is no way one can talk about Bricklin without someone bring up his importing of Subaru 360s into the US in the late 1960's. An odd little car. It would fun to drive one, just to see if they are as bad as everybody said they were.
  12. Just finished her this evening. AMT's 1/32 Scale, "Scale Stars," '32 Ford V-8 Coupe. A fun kit. Nice and easy to build. Details are good for the scale and time when AMT originally tooled up this kit back in the mid-60's. Painted with Tamiya paints. And yes, I know I did not paint the center of roof black like I should. That was a conscious decision on my part. I like the way it looks with the top blue. The wheels are painted blue, though it is tuff to see. Plus I painted the rear inner fender wells on the body black. The blue stood out too much in that area for me. I like that this portrays a three-window coupe, rather than the same five-window as AMT's 1/25 scale version. The roofline looks a little odd. But for some reason, I notice it less after the car was painted. Overall I'm pleased with this one. Like I am of the kits I've built so far in AMT's reissued "Scale Star" series. They're all nice kits, that look pretty nice when they're done.
  13. It's fair. You can see for yourself hopefully, with the pictures below. No chrome plated parts. The tree that could/should be plated is molded in a grayish silver plastic. The chassis is very generic. Looks nothing like a real Corvette's at all. Interior is okay, but shallow. The body is pretty good. (Other than the bent right "A" pillar on my example. Which was easy to fix.) The decals that are give with this kit are pretty interesting. A lot of small details can be enhanced with the use of the decals included. It's almost too much in this scale on this model. This kit was originally tooled up in the late 60's. It's better than a Pyro kit. But, in my opinion, not as good as AMT's old 1/32 scale All Star (now Scale Star) kits.
  14. A new kit I received in today's mail. I like the box art on this one a lot.
  15. Hey, even if the interior from the AMT Monte is not correct, if you like it, use it. I'm sorry that I don't have an extra Revell '77 Monte laying around to help you out.
  16. Your still on top of it Snake. I love the Murder Hornets wrapped in bacon.
  17. Aurora did pump out some good box art. Here are two, that I just love the stories they tell.
  18. The above will not give you a "correct" interior for a Laguna. Two different generations of mid-size Chevrolets.
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