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  1. I got one, I believe the Christmas of 1970. I wish I had one today. Come on Atlantis, if you have the molds, bring this one back!
  2. My problem with building a Gee Bee too. Paint them is a pain in you know what.
  3. Thank you for kind words. Hub Hobby, locally, still sells those old baking powder subs. I bought one new at their Richfield, MN store a few years back.
  4. Thank you. The kit is not that hard to find, since Atlantis reissued it just recently.
  5. Ex submariner. Thank you both your kind words, and service to our country.
  6. Cool! I’ve thought about purchasing one of these kits from time to time. In the long run, other kits have attracted my money more. I probably will never buy one. But, sure is cool to see two of them built.
  7. Underglass is normally an area for showing off finished models. I’d love to see anyone of these kits built and displayed here. I sincerely hope you post them here after you build them.
  8. Another Snoopy kit built. Less than 24 hour after the last, “Snoopy with his Bugatti.” This one is Snoopy is Joe Cool. A cute kit, that looks pretty good when finished. But, a bit of a disappointment in someways. Very little painting is required on this kit. Only sunglasses need to be painted. And this brought up in an addendum sheet to the original instructions. The original instructions tell us to “Attach green self-stick sunglass pieces to sunglasses.” The new ones say, “Attach White self-stick sunglass pieces to sunglasses.” And then goes on to say, “We recommend to paint sunglass frames black or any color you like so the white self-stick lens will show.” My question is why the White sunglass lens? The Green makes more sense to me. I don’t understand why Atlantis changed this one little thing from the original Monogram kit? Printing the sticker lenses in White and adding a whole addendum sheet was cheaper than printing the sticker lenses Green? Or did the original kit also have White lens? I don’t know. If it wasn’t for painting the sunglasses, this may have been well before the “Snoopy with his Race Car” kit. One other slight disappointment. The motor to operate the mechanism to rock Snoopy’s surf board just does not want to work right. Especially when the front of the board is down with the wheel to spin Snoopy is on the motor shaft. The electric motor seems to just not have enough power to do the job and stops. And yes. I did use fresh batteries. And I did lubricant the gears with a little Vaseline. Like as recommended on Snoopy’s Bugatti. Minor issues. I have no real plans to play with the kit. So, it really doesn’t matter that it does not rock well up and down. The painting of the sunglasses is also not a big deal. Though green lens, make more sense than white ones to me. Despite these two points, I like the kits. It looks “Cool.” And is fun build.
  9. Dembrudders is one of my favorite plastic model websites. They don’t do a lot of model car stuff there. But, their info on other types of models is great. One thing I like, is they tend to give great info on the real items the models are based on. They also have a great sense of humor. Especially seen in their videos. Not a great source for model cars stuff. There is some. But, mainly its on other things. Which is okay. We have sites like this, with very knowledgeable people on here to tell us about the cars. Thanks for telling about, and posting the link to their web site/review, Alan.
  10. Knowing more, I’m even more impressed. Good job.
  11. Here it is. Less than 24 hours after receiving it, I have Atlantis’ reissue of Mongram’s Snoopy and his Classic Race Car (a.k.a. Snoopy and his Bugatti) built. A fun and easy kit. Built straight out of the box, except I had to paint a few things. Using Tamiya’s TS-30 Silver Leaf spray paint, I painted the grille, exhaust pipe, and the wheel spokes. These items just didn’t look right, being left in the white plastic they were molded in. Other than that, I used a black Sharpie for Snoopy’s eyes and eye brows. Like I said, a fun and easy kit. The electric motor works fine. Propelling the car forward and moving his head from side side. I like that the back of the box tell us, that Snoopy is heading off to race at Le Mans. I hope he wins.
  12. Neat looking truck. I have the one release a few years back. The Daytona Transport Truck version. It built into look a nice model. But it’s bed is not big enough to hold anything other than a rail style dragster. I was a little disappointed with that.
  13. Very nice. Can you tell us more about it?
  14. She did. Didn’t she. A great kid, and almost as cool as having the real Ferrari. Maybe cooler?
  15. I forgot to thank you guys for the kind words on this build. Thank you.
  16. A little late getting back to you guys. But, thanks for all the kind words.
  17. Both are cool. But, given the choice i would never buy the Superfly version. But, I’d jump at a chance to buy a stock GP. How about it Round 2?
  18. I’d love to the contents of each box. To see the differences. Flash wasn’t bad on my copy. But, the chrome left a lot a be desired.
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