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  1. I do want to make an amendment to my comment above. The only reason I’m not planning buying any of the kits put out this month, is not that kits aren’t interesting or good. But, I already have the ones that really interest me. The ‘49 and ‘56 Fords, ‘34 Ford truck, the Avanti, the ‘57 Chevy, Opel GT, and ‘68 El Camino are all great kits. But I have them, and I don’t need another. I am glad they are back out there, and available for others to enjoy.
  2. About 46 hours after ordering it, I got my Diamond In The Rough kit delivered to my front porch. That was quick service both by the seller, and postal service. I’m pleased. Looking in the box, I’m also pleased with what I found inside. I really liked the damaged ‘40 Ford. Especially the broken and shot glass. And the bend bumpers. Very Kool! The kit also includes a real metal chain. I’m not sure what that’s for? I see nothing in the instructions indicating its use. Still it’s kool anyway. I love this kit. I’m surprised it’s only been released the one time. And that has been 36 years ago already! The ‘53 truck and the trailer look like pretty straight forward, standard releases of those two kits. Nothing special. But, good kits and always welcome to the collection. I’m also pleased to say, that despite the tires just being thrown in box loosely where they could damage other parts. Especially the glass, also in the box unprotected. There was no tire burn that I could see on anything!
  3. Been thinking about picking this one up ever since Ertl issued it back in 1986 (36 years ago!?). Well, I finally got it. Ordered from a vendor on eBay Monday afternoon. Less than 48 later, the postal carrier has it on my front porch. Not bad.
  4. Thank you Tim. This is exactly what I was hoping to see. I figured if anybody really knew anything about this kit, it would be you.
  5. Thanks Tim. I’ll be looking forward to that.
  6. Great photos. But none showing the chassis. And so called movable parts. Still, a nice looking model from the photos.
  7. The first one I built past in 1971 looked no where as good as this one does. The kits may not have changed much, but my modeling skills have thankfully. I too am a sucker for those old kits everybody else love to hate. So your not alone.
  8. Everybody is talking about the Multi-Maverick. But, again nobody is showing us one built up.
  9. Thank you Tim. You confirmed what I suspected from looking the kit’s instructions on line. I don’t know if I’ll pick this up or not if it ever becomes available again. I like Mavericks, but… From reading online, it sounds like the real full-size Multi-Maverick was not much of a winner overall. It was built for “Ohio” George Montgomery, through MPC just to sell model kits. And was not a practical race car in real life.
  10. I saw online COBI makes two different P-38s. Both looked a little “blocky” to me. I’m going to be passing on those two.
  11. I’m with you, on your view of early second generation Camaros. In fact, the older I get, the more I appreciate the 1970 1/2 - 1973 Camaros. One of General Motors best styled cars ever, in my opinion. I like them with the standard full-bumper front end, or with the RS split-bumper front end almost equally. (I still lean a little more towards the RS front end.) Those early second gen Camaros are just so smooth and clean. Starting in ‘74, things started going down hill fast in my opinion. Though even those appeal to me more and more as time goes on. I like the first gen Camaros too. Though not as much as early second gen. The third and forth gen do little to nothing for me. I again like the later fifth and sixth generations. But no where near the first two. Bill Mitchell and crew just had the golden touch for the most part.
  12. Oh, oh! COBI maybe taking another victim to the “Dark Side.” I’m sorry I exposed you to them. 😝 They make a P-38? I’m going to have to check that out. One of my all time favorite airplanes. I didn’t see at Brickmania’s store.
  13. Thank you for your kind comment on my build. I did not try to see if the AMT Camaro would work with this kits chassis. The kit is not only infamous for its “bad” body, but its “bad” chassis too. Plus I like the “wonky” body in this case. No matter how inaccurate the kit is. It holds a certain charm to me.
  14. Not a single thing I want this month. That’s a first in long time for me.
  15. I’d love to know how this kit builds out. Looking at the instructions online, I’m skeptical about how well this kits builds and how it works as far as the changing features go after it’s built. I can find no built examples online. Which raises a lot of flags for me.
  16. Looking at the instructions on line, the model does too. Though I wonder how well that works in real life? I can’t seem to find any reviews of this kit online. Which worries me. Is there anybody out there who has built MPC’s Multi-Maverick funny car model? And is it any good?
  17. Wasn’t the Multi-Maverick the one that could be built with two different wheelbases? I remember a Maverick funny car kit like that. If that’s the one, one I may consider buying one.
  18. Since I use spent a fortune purchasing one, it’s going to be the damaged ‘40 Ford from the “Diamond In The Rough” kit. Without the ‘53 Ford pickup, because that can built “stock.”
  19. Thank you too for words of encouragement. Between yours and Rusty’s comments, if I do build another, I will post picture here.
  20. Because of the above photo, I went on eBay a purchased a new, sealed “Diamond In The Rough” kit. Jason I thank you for your kind offer. But, I wanted to make sure all the parts are there. And Allen, I guess I’m “stuck” with another trailer. Though that’s okay. I guess I can build another one. (So others, out there, do not ask if I will be willing to give up the trailer.) (Or the truck for that matter.)
  21. Now that is cool. It maybe worth adding one to my collection. I like the damage I’m seeing in these parts.
  22. Can the kit be built with left-hand drive? That will make a difference in me considering buy this kit.
  23. Thank you for your encouragement Rusty. Many on these threads have complained about not seeing young people coming into our hobby. I work with high school kids, and I know of a lot of them build lego models. Rather than the traditional kits that we do. I’m interested in the idea that we’ve seen both Revell and Airfix (as you noted) offering kits that are basically a cross between traditional kits and these lego, “block” style kits. Will these kits be the future for getting kids into our hobby? It was fun seeing the built up models on display at the Brickmania store. They are interesting. But, between the not quite right to my eyes look of detail because of the brick type construction. Plus the price of the Lego brand kits. I will not be going in that direction in general. I may buy one or two more of the COBI kits, because of both price and looking more like traditional models than the Lego kits when they are done. Still, for me, I don’t like the lack of detail and brick like look of even with COBI kits in the end. I’ll be mainly sticking with traditional model kits. But again, I hope these brick kits eventually lead kids into our hobby.
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