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  1. MD528 added a post in a topic what does everyone do for a living?   

    Mechanical designer 20+yrs (HVAC and piping systems) and mechanical engineering student for a second time around so I can actually finish! Never chased my automotive engineering dreams fully and now is the time, life is short. Performance engineering/tuning/fabrication is where I'd like to be someday, but until then model building keeps me in that dreamy state!
  2. MD528 added a post in a topic joined today new member from Colorado   

    Hey Mike, welcome to the forum! Good to see you're local, I'm in Aurora! Like you, I used to build models all the time as a kid, in the past 15 years been trying to get back into it and get some stashed models completed but it's just so hard to find the time. Now at 44, it's still a challenge but I will soon figure out how to fit it in! I don't know any other local modelers yet but I'm sure there are plenty and the content on this site is very informative and absolutely top-notch!!! Again, welcome!!
  3. MD528 added a post in a topic Civic Si Coupe   

    Hey guys, I'm back! It's been a good while since my last post, I apologize to any and everyone who was following my post. With school and both jobs, my hobby table hasn't seen much action until a few weeks ago.

    There's been a little progress, mostly working on shaving the engine bay and the trunk area, getting the decklid, bumper, and tailight sections worked out. The more and more I work on these areas make me realize how much the body was messed up during all the transformations and/or storage periods. But I'll do my best to push on!!

    Had to cut the rear bumper in half and shorten a bit, it was sticking out from the rear quarters a bit.

    I also sanded off all the old primer and cleaned up the body a little bit. The arch in the bottom of the picture will become the new wheel arches. In previous builds, I was going with a larger wheel/tire combo and fender flares and enlarged them too much. In an effort to bring the arch radius back to original, these pieces will be added and flared tastefully.

    As for the engine, had a tough time using aluminum tube for the turbo piping, a lot of tight bends, the glue wouldn't hold past my handling, and marring the piping here and there during fabrication frustrated me too much and decided I need to just start making progress so I can get this car built! So, I used plastic tubing, a combo of 45's and 90's and straights, I came up with this. It's not equal length like I really wanted but it came out ok so far. Need to do some finish sanding and add weld marks but it should be ok I guess.

    You may notice the cam gears gone, decided to remake them. So much more work, one day at a time!!!! Thanks for watching!
  4. MD528 added a post in a topic Civic Si Coupe   

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement, I appreciate it! Progress has been slower than expected but here is a little more work done

  5. MD528 added a post in a topic Civic Si Coupe   

    Thanks for the comments! I was able to get a little more work done this weekend with the engine bay and frame. Didn't get a chance to throw the pics on the computer but I will try to get some posted tonight. No slicks up front on this one, that was the plan years ago however in the future I may build a drag hatch. The doors, thanks but I'm going to change them to swing them outwards as normal!
  6. MD528 added a post in a topic Civic EK hatchback   

    Well my friend, I managed to post my Civic. It's nowhere near your level yet, I have a long way to go, but you've provided inspiration for me to get it in gear! Nice to see another import fan:)
  7. MD528 added a post in a topic Civic Si Coupe   

    Some more pics, the B16... this is as it sits now but I have taken off the cam gears and attempting to make better ones.

    Thankfully I didn't destroy the engine bay and was able to reattach it. It's still in the process of being shaved, and I'm adding some frame, radiator support, and wheelwell work.

    The drag racing route..

    Thanks to the awesome build from Jamiko and his Civic EK hatch, it's inspired me to stop slackin' and take the quality of this build up a notch or two!!!
  8. MD528 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Civic Si Coupe
    Hey Modelers, I managed to successfully post pics again and thought I'd share my WIP. Some of you may have seen this about 6 months ago before I accidentally deleted everything, so I won't into a lengthy history again. Basically, I've been at this Civic for about 9 years, off and on, building it one way, taking a break, building it another way, break, etc. About 2 years ago I decided to try and dedicate more time to the hobby and get it done as I have a number of other kits waiting for some attention. The car started out mild, then unfortunately took a "Fast N Furious" style turn, which led to an import 1/4 mile drag build, when then led to it sitting in the box for about 4 years. Now I've challenged myself to resurrect the mess I've made into a JDM style clean build with a few custom touches. A challenge it is as I've made the front/rear suspension, and front sub-frame un-useable. But that's okay as it leaves room for aftermarket go-fast goodies! The first four pics are from the beginning to about 2 years ago.

    The past 4 or 5 months I've been able to begin the restoration back to stock, starting with the trunk area. I'm getting rid of the Altezza lights and putting the OEM's back in. Over the years I broke the part of the body below the rear window, so I had to replace that and began the trunk detailing.

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  9. MD528 added a post in a topic Civic EK hatchback   

    It is crazy the "mess" that I made with my Civic over the years, I was recently contemplating buying a new coupe kit and starting over. The front and rear suspension is unsalvageable as is the front subframe/engine cradle so all of that will be scratchbuilt. I'm probably halfway with the shaved bay and was just starting work on the front-end chassis rails, framework, and wheel wells. It's a lot of work no doubt! And now that I destroyed the kit engine subframe, I plan on building Hasport or similar type engine mounnts with hopes that I can have it realistic enough and sitting in the proper location without a ton of cursing! I admire your patience working with your K swap! That's awesome! I will add some more pics to my computer of the tiny amount of work I've been able to do so far this year and try again to get a post going. So how far are you away from completion?
  10. MD528 added a post in a topic Civic EK hatchback   

    Lookin nice! Love the story as it matches mine too! I've been "working on" a detailed Si Coupe for about 8+ years, going from one interation to another and back again, seems to never get done! I thought about swapping in the K from the RSX kit that I also have, but decided to keep the b18 and slap a turbo on it. I had WIP pics up but with some of the forum changes, they're gone and I wasn't able to post again so I gave up. I'll have to try again soon. I'm really diggin your exhaust piping, came out really nice! Is it painted with Alcad or is it just aluminum tubing? I'm currently having a difficult time routing my alum. piping the way I want and keeping it one piece. I'm now fabbing up various elbows and straights with the welded together look to see if that comes out ok. You've done an outstanding job so far, gotta step my game up now!
  11. MD528 added a post in a topic Honda Civic aka Grape Soda   

    Nice job on the hatch, I'm liking the rims and stance! I am in the process (8 yrs off and on) of building the Si Coupe and hope to get it done by the end of next year. I had the post in the workbench section but it's gone and I'm having problems posting photos. Keep up the good work!!
  12. MD528 added a post in a topic Aoshima Skyline!   

    Simply awesome!
  13. MD528 added a post in a topic Audi R8   

    I also have an R8 on the bench with planned detailing that might be a touch over my head and I hope it turns out half as well as yours too! Excellent job on the paint!
  14. MD528 added a post in a topic New Member-New WIPs   

    Thanks for the welcome everyone, I'll definitely work on my commitment to getting these built, not only do I want some completed models to display but I have an Enzo, (2) 67 Vettes, a 69 Baldwin Motion Camaro, a Cobra, an RSX, and the Mustang that I can't wait to get my mitts on!
  15. MD528 added a post in a topic Audi R8 Spyder project!   

    Awesome paintwork on the interior and exterior, job well done!!