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  1. EnviXR8 added a post in a topic pictures of 1983-85 Thunderbird interiors, seats etc   

    Thanks for those pics Tommy - it is one of the most difficult things to find, is reference photos of old NASCARs.. cheers mate

    Hi Vernon, the build has become a much bigger project than I expected, or honestly, wanted, but as with most modelling things, we seem to get easily carried away! I have now opened the boot (or the trunk) and I am working on scratch-building some new springs for the suspension; I am waiting for plastic stock to arrive from Hobbylinc. Then I need to find a 4mm & 5mm hollow punch.
    I will post pics. I am trying to take progress shots, so I might post those up.
  2. EnviXR8 added a post in a topic For the Children of the RUST   

    ok thanks Doc - I thought it sounded like him. all good. Cheers.

    cool - I wasn't sure - don't see enough of those in Australia to really know the difference! thanks mate, cheers.
  3. EnviXR8 added a post in a topic 71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi   

    HI Bill,

    I have just gone through the entire thread and I have to say that there are real cars on the road and on race tracks that are not built with this level of engineering, precision and detail. I am in complete awe of your work.

    That engine freakin awesome. Does it start? It looks like it would.
  4. EnviXR8 added a post in a topic For the Children of the RUST   

    thanks Doc for the video!

    talk about diorama possibilities! Loved the front clip (Chevy or maybe a Dodge, not too sure) sitting in the back of a pick up at 1.56!

    Is that vid from Rocket Silo Doc?
  5. EnviXR8 added a topic in NASCAR   

    '85 Tbird NASCAR wip
    hi everyone,

    some pics of my wip - Ken Schrader's 85 Tbird Rookie of the year car.

    hope you like, comments and suggestions welcome of course.

    Cheers Chris
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  6. EnviXR8 added a topic in NASCAR   

    pictures of 1983-85 Thunderbird interiors, seats etc
    Hi everyone,

    I am building a 1985 Sunny King Ford NASCAR.

    I would like to check any available interior pictures as reference. I was particularly interested in the seat, and what they looked like in the real thing. I'm not sure that the kit seat is a true representation of what a seat in one of those NASCARs looked like.

    thanks in advance, everyone.

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  7. EnviXR8 added a post in a topic 1/16th 69 Camaro ProMod 7/22/14 motor painted   

    mate, that is absolutely amazing. Hat's off to you.
  8. EnviXR8 added a post in a topic THE TESLA CHARGE(R) (1968 Dodge Charger by Revell)   

    Love it DC. love the colour, the graphics - everything. Can't wait to see it done,
  9. EnviXR8 added a post in a topic New member introduction   

    thanks guys.
  10. EnviXR8 added a topic in General   

    New member introduction
    Hi everyone,

    I did a quick search to see if there was a pinned thread for introductions but didn't see one, so I thought I would say hi. Apologies if there is and I have missed it.

    I'm Chris, 38 from Brisbane Australia. I thought I would check this forum out after watching some of Dr Cranky YouTube videos.

    Being an eager student and builder of all types of modelling, the skill sets in this hobby of ours is so diverse that I find building different things is the best way to learn stuff. I love looking at worn model cars, but I also love the look of a nice drag car or NASCAR. I would dearly love to learn how to fabricate chassis etc, that stuff is awesome to see come to life. I hope to mesh my diorama building with some cars one day. I also have an Italeri Australian Road train Prime mover in my stash that I want to build.

    I also have a 1/1 scale passion for cars and motor racing which I think almost goes hand in hand with model cars.

    Anyway, just saying Gday. I hopefully have posted the pics properly below.
    cheers Chris

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